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March 11, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, the Repliblithugs, in their desperation to find a candidate that works - never mind that the only real alternative among them is Ron Paul, and I question some of his policies, though surely do not question his scrutiny of the Fed nor his call for an end to the Amerikan Empire - may be set to dish up more of the same. Consider this disturbing scenario outlined here:

The Jeb Scenario: Can You Say “President Bush” again? read that correctly:

"Well, one solution is to forget about the entire bunch.

"Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage, elected in 2010 with heavy Tea Party support, thinks the circular firing squad scenario might open things up for someone else. The Associated Press quoted LePage the other day on this:

 “'I would love to see a good old-fashioned convention and a dark horse come out and do it in the fall,' LePage said, adding that he didn’t have a particular alternative candidate in mind.

Uh huh, yea, right...we believe you, we really do, Governor LePage (cough hack wheeze barf hurl).

"Whoever this is, it doesn’t need to be a “dark horse,” a term signifying a generally unknown prospect who surges to prominence. Instead, as in racing, this competitor out of nowhere could be the progeny of a previous winner. Maybe even a sibling of another.

"In other words, he—and it will be a he—could be what Donald Rumsfeld might call a “known unknown”—a major brand name that has not been sullied by the current non-stop mud wrestling. For one has been  hanging out at the steps to the arena all this time. His name is Jeb Bush."

Now, if the thought of that repulses you as much as it does me, good. And I cannot agree more heartily with Russ Baker, the author of this article, and with these sentiments:

"No, the Bush clan is the ultimate representative of the game plan of the one percent of the one percent. What they stand for in private is much, much more troubling than most Americans know. What I learned in the five years I spent investigating them—as they were going out of power the last time—shook me to my core."

Nevermind about that easy propensity of the Bushes to make friends with their ostensible political enemies, like that recent secret visit of Jeb and Father to B.O. And don't forget this:

"To be sure, this is one family with a lot of weird little coincidences, and famous excuses for happening to have to be somewhere. Examples: George H.W. Bush said he couldn’t remember where he was the day JFK was shot, but documents show that he was right there in… Dallas. Working covertly for the CIA. Before publicly not remembering, he went to the trouble of creating a hodgepodge of competing scenarios for where he was—and why.

"Another oddity: George H.W. Bush ran against Ronald Reagan in 1980, lost, and, barely suppressing his disgust and disappointment, became Reagan’s veep. Like Lyndon Johnson a decade earlier, he faced an eight-year wait for another chance at the top. Two months after the inauguration, Reagan was shot by John Hinckley—son of a family that had been close with the Bushes for decades. Of course, this was so very bizarre and statistically improbable (and chilling), that virtually no media organization even mentioned the connection."

Yea...forget about all that, it's just coincidence and memory lapses, right?

Never mind too all that nasty stuff about Senator Prescott Bush and the dealings with Union Bank and Fritz Thyssen ...and Adolf Hitler...just another coincidence. Just so long as we can have the Repiblithug "candidates" continue to tear each other, B.O. will be elected, and then into the ring can step, once again, another New World Order Bush, with yet more of the same: graft, crony "capitalism," war, broken promises (remember "Read my lips, no new taxes!"?), and conveniently lapsed memories. Funny isn't it, that another family dynasty which, for whatever faults it may have had, was trying to do something to stem the rot, ended up with an assassinated President and Senator, and yet another Senator who "got the message", became rabidly pro-choice (reversing his own previous stance), and yet another clone in the cog of the Amerikan empire. The shots at Dallas on November 23, 1963, echo still...

...See you on the flip side.