March 19, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Rolling Stone has run an interesting blog and I am grateful to my friend Mr. V.T. for bringing this to my attention. Read this one carefully, folks, it's an eye-opener:

J.P. Morgan Chase's Ugly Family Secrets Revealed

Yes you read that correctly: this bank allegedly committed - not a couple of random acts of fraud perpetrated by one or two rogue managers - but, if the article is true and the allegations are correct, systematic fraud; it was, if the allegations are true, part of its "business plan." That plan included:

(1) fraudulent or high risk mortgages,

(2) robo-signing,

(3) overbilling customers,

(4) pressure on employees to go along with the fraud, indicating intent

...well, you get the picture. But then, added to this, was the government regulators' complicity in going on with all this nonsense, nonsense which led to the current meltdown.

Now I'm just about the last person to think all this was deliberate, but the problem is, JP Morgan Chase (and let's not forget that this is a Rockefailure bank) is not the only one (remember Goldman Sachs?). The problem is, this thuggery is systemic, and representative of the corruption tolerated - and practiced - by the same family associated with it. Let's not forget for a moment that that family's patriarchal founder literally did hire thugs to beat the competition into submission, that another scion of that family was involved in WW2 intelligence and afterwards allegedly helped prepare death lists for dissidents in Latin America...and on and on we could go. It is time to hold these people accountable...

...I have a modest proposal on what to do about it... How about rounding the major shareholders of that bank, along with all the managers and executives involved in this, allow them to pack one bag, and buy them all a one way ticket.... Athens....

See you on the flip side...