Rolling Stone has run an interesting blog and I am grateful to my friend Mr. V.T. for bringing this to my attention. Read this one carefully, folks, it's an eye-opener:

J.P. Morgan Chase's Ugly Family Secrets Revealed

Yes you read that correctly: this bank allegedly committed - not a couple of random acts of fraud perpetrated by one or two rogue managers - but, if the article is true and the allegations are correct, systematic fraud; it was, if the allegations are true, part of its "business plan." That plan included:

(1) fraudulent or high risk mortgages,

(2) robo-signing,

(3) overbilling customers,

(4) pressure on employees to go along with the fraud, indicating intent

...well, you get the picture. But then, added to this, was the government regulators' complicity in going on with all this nonsense, nonsense which led to the current meltdown.

Now I'm just about the last person to think all this was deliberate, but the problem is, JP Morgan Chase (and let's not forget that this is a Rockefailure bank) is not the only one (remember Goldman Sachs?). The problem is, this thuggery is systemic, and representative of the corruption tolerated - and practiced - by the same family associated with it. Let's not forget for a moment that that family's patriarchal founder literally did hire thugs to beat the competition into submission, that another scion of that family was involved in WW2 intelligence and afterwards allegedly helped prepare death lists for dissidents in Latin America...and on and on we could go. It is time to hold these people accountable...

...I have a modest proposal on what to do about it... How about rounding the major shareholders of that bank, along with all the managers and executives involved in this, allow them to pack one bag, and buy them all a one way ticket.... Athens....

See you on the flip side...

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. HAL838 on March 19, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Holy Moly, Batman, what a surprise !

  2. Robert Barricklow on March 19, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    The system is structurally compromised by the oil/money that greases its workings. Their GOD is Gold, Oil, & Drugs. The only thing that truly upset the apple cart was Louis XIV’s head falling into it. The result was the First Coalition against France. The alliances involved included Austria(already at war with France), Prussia, Britain, Spain, Portugal, the Dutch Republic, and several of Italy’s many principalities. France responded by forming the first truly national army of the modern era swelling the French army from 290,000 to 700,000 conscripted from the people of France. When Napoleon came to power, in just 4 years the force had grown to 1 million. Thanks to the peoples’ revolution having swept the aristocracy out of the leadership of the military, France’s army made broad reformsto the military that was now part of the social & political structure. This was basically the germline of the nation state. Unfortunately it took alot of money to run this military machine of the nation state. Enter the villian, and the purpose of this long prelude to the problem’s metaphor: The Rothchild’s germline.

    • Jay on March 20, 2012 at 6:07 am

      Check that Louis number.

      Also these are a bit more than drug monies sums. (Not that opium and the like have never been used to finance small wars).

      • Robert Barricklow on March 20, 2012 at 7:47 am

        East India Company Still Practicing Under Radar.

        Banksters are currently in process of (another) worldwide coup d’etat.

        My head count may be off. But all those countries going against the new peoples’ government had nothing but kings & queens whose heads were spinning.

  3. marcos anthony toledo on March 19, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Yes a one way ticket to Greece where they will be welcome with open arms. A fitting place to send this reckless heartless gamblers.

  4. Jay on March 19, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Surprised that someone thinking about the abuses of banking in the US would regularly automatically read Taibbbi at Rolling Stone, he’s been doing these stories for years. Though admittedly he gets stuck on the point of where exactly the Fed gets trillions to lend and who gets the interest on that lending.

    Also Chase was bought by Chemical then Chemical changed its name to Chase, then the ibank JP Morgan bought the newly renamed “Chase”, so not clear that Chase could be called a Rockafailuer bank.

    • Jay on March 19, 2012 at 12:53 pm

      Correction: Surprised that someone thinking about the abuses of banking in the US would not regularly and automatically…

  5. SSNaga on March 19, 2012 at 8:41 am

    The derogatory attitude you display for these thug-uglies is truly enlightening to observe… would be nice if you could convert the “white scum” of the capitalist world to your insightful viewpoints re their “see no evil” programmed “minds” (ahem). … Unfortunately, JF, you’re a savant without a soul,ution. Sad, but So… and don’t feel bad… THE Solution is a PILL toooooooooo Big to Take for the gibber-jabbering mon-keys. So. just continue with the sans-puissance detractions. … PS – No insult intended here, but What? term generally accompanies/precedes the “savant” appellation? (Starts with “idio_.”) Duality of eXpression (but entertaining, like a trained/programmed mon-key’s antics often are (huemans are monkeys)). “They” Use “the Big Stick.” Get a (Bigger) stick. But you don’t understand that, being an inherent “conformist” (pacifist with a Mouth). Dance for your $ … everybody ‘else’ does, huh? Talk-talk. (“But we’re ejicatin’ people!” That DON’T work against the UltraPowerFull Elite… Duh!)

    • paul degagne on March 20, 2012 at 6:27 am


      Yeah right —no insult intended?

      What an old hat trick — I am not really saying what I just said — in this “savant” mention.

      It’s like when the ugly guy taking a bath in that clint eastward movie (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) — where this bandito standing above at the foot of a tub is telling him (the bad)—I am going to kill you you bastard! So the clever bad guy shoots him with the gun he’s holding beneath the soapy water. Afterwards he advises the dead body — If your going shoot someone just dam shoot him! (not this yack-yack)

      Considering the nature of Alien Investigations I am certain it isn’t the first or last time someone refers to Farrell or tells him he is an IDIOT! Farrell is a big boy and probably like a Duck first coming out of the Water onto the land — shakes the water off his back. No big deal! (that is if he doesn’t have a few complexes. Some authors are neurotics! Some authors are haughty aristocratic wanna-be Frenchpersons. In fact some French authors enjoy abusing their readers just like readers sometimes enjoy socking it to authors (such is the price of fame) – take LACAN for example, he actually stated somewhere – So let them wrack their brains out getting headaches trying to read or understand what I just wrote. It’s good for them to learn what effort is. Bull shit on that! A Frenchman’s Vanity knows no Bounds!)

      I do like your term —-SOUL -ution. Kind of reminds me or gives me second thoughts about the Alchemical Process but then again I was never much good trying it out because as Jung Stated — “The alchemical container or Vessel or Crucible MUST BE tightly sealed for great pressure is needed in the heating process.”

      My Vessel springs leaks here and there! (I have holes in my head, ha, ha!) Probably a few neurological holes in my greatly EXPANDED head (ha,ha! I can hear some wise-ass saying that crown on his head is from BURGER-KING! smurk, smurk!)

      I blown out a few empty-spaces (or shown up black-matter in a Brain-Scan) in the top of my Chakra Brain during those psychedelic trips I use to take once upon a time!

      My one cell left does have memories?

      You remind me of this or should I say when I thought about you “Who the hell is this behind this NAGA handle?

      A n image immediately came to this steppenwolf-like MAGIC THEATER of a head of mine, this Naga fellow is like—- A giant MOTH with a very large wing-span flapping his wings (think air) flying around a giant book-burning barnfire at HALF-PAST-MIDNIGHT!

      A second image immediately came to me — he plays with his “joystick” a little too much! I he thinks his superb eye-finger dexterity is going to get him where he ( that is if he’s a he — the internet is an excellent place to try out identity-formulation) wants to go and that is HOME he is probably in for a few shocks? Then again maybe home was a lousy place so he’s a runaway renegade but I am going a little to far here and not minding my own business just like some of these80 year old busibodies

      I know.

      Shame on me if that is the case and and please please FORGIVE ME
      for what I just didn’t say, wink , wink! (I grew up with Orwell. He was just one of the flatbush guys slick greased up hair, hanging around the corner whistling at the girls in New Jersey! yeah – right! Just like that logic fanatic who insisted this Ann something or other knew the only way and that he lives next to the square where kennedy lives and shortly later he lives in Oklahoma when the bombing occured. Get the STEAMS-HOVELS folks!)

      Yeah — Naga, please forgive me for what I just didn’t say, ha, ha!

      If I wasn’t such a silly person then I would just say “Naga’s are just ancient hindu serpent people. Is “People” the right word. I heard some native americans consider animals people or there is or once was people who believe there were parrots or kangaroos or at least they descended from them.


      Have a good day Naga and please flap your wings a little harder because it’s getting unseasonably warm out where I live.

      I could use a COOL BREEZE now and then?

      Have a good day — this very day — today!

      • SSNaga on March 20, 2012 at 8:24 am

        Yes, your Container has Too Many Auric Black Holes. Try Again — NeXt life. … Kindly google, “savant.” Read several selections. Mankind is in it’s youth. Ever see an intellectual child (you were in the ‘other’ cliques)? JF is such… This always achieves its Greatly Polarized state At The EXpense of SomeThing Else in the sSelf-EXpression. Hence, the fusion of “the idiot” & “the genius” (e.g., Einstein) in An ImBalanced Container. The CORE A-L-ONE EnAbles Achievement of Equilibrium, where there is No “Greater & lesser,” or “Higher & lower.” … A “materialist” Cannot Know these “Things” Due to Intelligent Creation… which Requires Proper “cooking” before “Readiness.” No shame in being an idiot mon-key: its like saying, “you’re on the perimeter.” It indicates Seperation EXtreme. JF has the Aeons to Correct ImBalance… But Current-LY, ever hear of the term, “Timed-Out?” KNow. … My wife had a childhood friend who got with a guy… she brought him over one day. I just looked at him, & he ‘knew’ instantly that I saw “distortion.” He quickly explained, he did too much lsd as a lad, & it left him a bit ‘burnt-out’ (not ‘a bit’). He was “a goner.” … You Cannot “read” About the Naga – one must Meet Them (FemiNine-Aspected Shining Ones). I Have… 1984, in the Mountain of CO, (near Pine). It spent 7-Days & 7-Nyghts with me, then left. I fortunately followed Its instructions & wrote down much (at ‘break-neck’ speed). Before It parted, it repeated one word three times, which, at the time, greatly perplexed me (no longer!): “FutureTense,” resounded strongly. The “moment” will come when the mon-keys will Aid one-another – Freely, Willingly. But not Yet. (Here is The UnFolding Process: Tension-Friction-Conflict. Conflict Has Two Stages/Half-Life EXpressions: “Destructive” & “Creative.” Hue-manity is still well below “Center” of the Pivot-Point. Obviously.) Thanks Much.

        • paul degagne on March 21, 2012 at 5:05 am


          ONE —I like the mention of this guy who came to your house. Too many times people lose sight of ordinary/evryday mundane life and fail to realize that with enough training ORDINARY LIFE can be very extra-ordinary during those ‘stop the clock moments’ where everything stands still (only appears to but so what?)

          It reminds me — Wasn’t one guy in Dante’s Inferno still alive on the surface of the Earth but his soul was already in hell ahead of time? (i wonder if this is similar to what your speaking of? (the dude who visited you at your place of residence.) I wonder what was in Dante’s Head when he wrote that part?

          TWO – many do say that mankind is in its youth or infancy. It’s still a very good way to perceive UNTIL one realizes in this Alternate HIS-STORY that humankind could have been around millions of years ago or even lived on Mars which I believe is a Stretch. Where there smoke there’s usually fire and where there Doubt their is usually some Truth hanging around so I am in Half agreement with you up to a limit on this one.

          THREE — I accept your mention of a fusion of idiocy.savant-ness as being a very legitimate way of going about explaining a weird form of subjectivism. I usually see things that way but my antenna’s also peek around corners.

          This Idiot fusion is a tough one to talk or write about! Being almost there is terrible but is it a lot better than being NOWHERE? I am not into AVIATA hinduism of IGNORANCE because they talk about it in a religious way but ….. always butts—– something valuable is associated with that way of ideation or non-ideation even if it is just an ABSENCE!

          Even have a lost LOVE? She’s gone and I SCREWED UP THE PERFECT MATCH! So in this ABSENCE of her PRESENCE I feel her thousands of times more than when I discarded her chasing other foolish desires I only thought were more worthwhile.

          It’s a good thing for plain old fashion SHIT LUCK or I would have jumped off the bridge a along time ago. Even Farrell knows about this when he posts (what’s this????? 12 yrs of SobiETy) on his facebood page. Sorry Joe! If you hadn’t open your big mouth then how the hell would I have known. Now if you only had a big mouth about a few other things but you hold back Joe! )

          I think when Joe is a very old and ancient like man (an not in Naga’s sense) he will be a little looser? (mythical cognition anyone instead of Quantum Cognition anyone — I am hungry!)

          What I am saying here before I almost DIGRESSED is I cant get pass the very last bit of ESSENCE perceiving into the PURE PROCESSORIAL.(even though I have a ‘white” face-mask I cant imitate that logical genius Lord (?)Whitehead,”)

          NAGA — maybe your have but I haven’t. I still like to know or feel I have TOES below me. Remember them?

          Now honestly tell me this

          —The second BEFORE you read this previous sentence WERE YOU AWARE YOU HAVE TOES DOWN UNDERNEATH THIS GOD-DAM COMPUTER? (you don’t have to for I already know the answer!)

          FOUR — it will take EONS to correct the imbalance. This is disappointing coming from you? It’s the old argument between Thomas Merton and the Dali Lama in which he says “it will take fourty years of arduous practice (whose kind = his kind, hint, hint) to reach a moment of heaven where Merton insists and stands by it that in once ‘MOMENT OF MON-KEY TIME (in other word GRACE or a BOOM from the gods) and YOU(or someone without personal pronouns who can talk) can experience it!

          Pox on this Eon business!

          Now will the NEW AGEY Transformation happen —- I wonder if the hindu idea of YUGAS has merit. If so it will happen!

          Until then =======FOOEY ON SUCH A THING!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I rather bite on or chew something of DUMB MATERIALISTIC substance like a good bowl of CHOP-FOOY at the local Chinese dinning facilities!

          I still like Al Pachino in that movie “The Devil’s Advocate” where he hams it up playing or tempting the good guy by shouting —- Wouldn’t you want to experience every Imaginable and Unimagible SENSATION in this WORLD!

          Very tempting (I am still vulnerable to the new Faustian Bargain) until one thinks of the author LOVECRAFT and his extra-terrestrial HORRORS. ( I like a good fright every now and then for it unclogs the arteries but again, NO THANK YOU!)


          Thank you Naga

          for your interesting feedback!

          Have a SENSATIONALLY DULL DAY (experience everything —- Even YOUR TOES, HA, HA!)- This day – today!

          and might I suggest a small night-lite for it’s an awful painful awareness when one stubs their non-existent non-materialistic walking around in the dark hallway of your house at night. An while your at it try opening one of those doors in your dreams? It doesn’t matter in the least bit – which door!)

          • SSNaga on March 21, 2012 at 10:44 am

            I eXplained BALANCE. it wasn’t Grasped. Energy-‘Matter.’ -101+. CORE (“Every Unity Is Also A Duality” – Yin-Yang). … ‘Matter’ (Precipitation) is Polarization. Period. Fractionated & Synthesized Lieght ELements (producing “views”). … The Animal (hu) & everything (focus on hue-man) IsIs A TAPROOT IN the 3-D Soil, $Oil, Soul, $oul… called “Consciousness” & “neg.awareness.” It UnFolds & Bursts INTO 4-D pos.awareness-Awareness-AWARENESS (CC), or Above Soil/Soul as Three-Stage: Bole, Flower, Fruit. 3 + 1. Matter Produces The Fruit of The Flower of Creation, which Reaches Ripeness. There Are THREE Consumers: Left, Right & Center (Three Serpents, Caduceus). EXODUS: Yul Brynner (Pharoah) calls his Two (Duality) Priests… they come before him & throw down their Rods (horizontal CrossBar, black/white) which become the Twin Serpents (of Duality, bad-good, black-white) … Charlton Heston (Moses) throws down his Staff (Vertical AXISIS, Center, Clear, ‘married’/Unified Oneness) which also turns into A Serpent that Immediately Swallows the Twin Serpents of Pharoah’s Priests… Pharoah says, “Your god Is god.” Caduceus. Three Serpents… The Three Spheres. Duality/Polarity – Action-ReAction = Secondary-cause & Effect. Blended Onenes – CAUSE (Causal). Invert the Caduceus: There Are TWO in a Circle Diameter: Radius – One InVisible (Net), One Visible (Effect). Moon-Sun ReFlection-ProJection. Center, CORE (Impermeable, Impenetrable). Is it Black in Space? Soil/Soul. 3-D Lieght Is Illusion. DreamTime. WithIN The CORE = (Prime) Archetype Principle – 3rd Serpent. … Man(un)kind has TWO Evolution Tracks: ‘material’ & ‘spiritual.’ It is Still A CHILD in Total. There Are Two Poles… HOT & COLD. Two Creative Poles: lower is Sacral (‘SeX’), Upper is SacRed (Head). Both are Creative Centers. Both ARE SeX Centers – One Bold, one Recessed… In Evolution, THIS FLIPS POSITIONS. The Sacred (Head) Center Becomes Bold (non-Atrophied) & the Sacral Center Become Recessed (Atrophied). Then, True Intelligence Becomes Activated, for this is Racial 2ND/3RD STAGE EXpression Initiation. The Fruit Appears, But is Green (UnRipe). Succulence for the 3 Serpents. Feed The Center Serpent (3rd). Beyond the mon-key without The KEY. *spits* Man is AT “physical/spiritual” Puberty (Total): A CHILD with Fire. (Mon-key is “stock in the pens of its Masters.” Snore.) … Yugas Are Duality/Polarity EXpresions of EL-ementAlls. Not 3rd Sphere CAUSE. “Don’t get eXcited.” You’ll Be Here ‘Now.’ Sooner or Too Late (“Timed Out” $/SSoOoN/Z).

  6. Dashiell Cabasa on March 19, 2012 at 8:30 am

    yes, as they did in Iceland…arrested some while the rest fled. No mention of their method of solving their seemingly intractable financial meltdown problems yet in the socalled free media lol

    • SSNaga on March 19, 2012 at 9:01 am

      Soulless “solutions” are not “gained,” they are Manipulated to appear with astro-sequences (seemingly unrelated). “You” will GET what “They” (Elite & Co.) WANT you to get. OPERATION EARTH-SYSTEM IS UNSTOPPABLE AT THIS “time.” Sit back, relaX, enjoy the FireWorks… meaning, the mon-key mind is INCAPABLE of Counter-Solving (DisSolving) the Intent of their Masters, slaves. Actually, the Struggling Fresh-Killed MEAT is preferable to “Them.” STRUGGLE (or at least wiggle).

      • paul degagne on March 23, 2012 at 5:48 am

        I am signing off for a little while from my ravings. (to tell you the truth it detracts from my morning readings and who really gives a shit about the “price of rice in china?” Who gives a shit when one is down here in hell whinning and complaining – acting like some shit-head oracle. It’s a natural for the place.” You natives ought to know a little about that?



        Speaking about – NAGS, HAGS, NAGAS,

        Your advice reminds me of one of the last interviews of George Carlin before he croaked or kicked the bucket!

        He said, “I love all this Destruction and Murder! It makes for great entertainment!”

        I thought in a way this is KINDA SICK until my wife told or informed me he was a practicing Buddhist Med-a-tater? (after all those tons of coke he blew up his nose one would think he wouldn’t still have nostrals or even a brain left! But then one can never keep a GOOD MAN down for very long! Especially one from Old Style Brooklyn —- that legendary spawning ground of Comedians!)

        I can see his point although in a less NECRO-PHOBIC way.

        I’m kind of old-fashion and not with it. I PREFER the BIOPHILA HYPOTHESIS even thought this belief makes not the least TWIT of a DIFFERENCE?

        I do believe in Herman Hesse’s MAGIC THEATER. I guess the ACTS performed sic —-THERE, WHERE, NO-WHERE, EMMINANT EVERYWHERE, EVEN HERE in NON-LOCAL SPACE

        can be a bore!

        Get the tomatoes ready FOLKS! I don care for I learn how to DUCK a long time ago!

        Tar-Tar Folks—- Loony-tunes are over!

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