Babylon's Bankers


March 26, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

The folks at The Daily Bell have an interesting take on the recent and continued pillorying of Goldman Sachs:

Is Goldman Resignation Part of an Elite Plot?

The central argument is contained here:

"You ask why this is so. Why is it bad to have a Congressional Hearing to punish Wall Street and "throw the crooks in jail"? That's not the REAL reason for these upcoming hearings.

"The real reason is to kill the last vestiges of the capital-raising mechanism in the US. Kill it. Kill it dead. After these new hearings take place, the ability for average people to raise capital – already doubtful – will be improbable indeed.

"The other thing these hearings will attempt to do is to provide legitimacy for the current US political system and the penal-industrial complex. Over and over certain people complain that the "crooks" have not yet gone to jail.

"But to put the "crooks in jail" will utilize the entire illegitimate structure of US power including the entirely corrupt US Congress, increasingly authoritarian law enforcement and murderous penal facilities themselves. The powers-that-be intend to capitalize on the righteous anger of US citizens to prop up the horrid system of US jurisprudence and Congress itself that only has about a 10 percent approval rating currently with the larger public.

"This is only a secondary point, however. The primary goal is even more malicious. The power elite intends to make damn sure that if people make money in the future, it won't be via formal capital raising mechanisms.

"The US has always been a nightmare for the elites that intend to run the world (and apparently control the world's central banks). One of the worst parts of the US system from a its standpoint is that average people have the capacity to make money. This isn't really the case in Europe where capital is doled out like royal titles: One needs, mostly, to be "connected" to get it."

All this is, I suspect, true. But what the good folks at the Daily Bell seem to me to be missing is the possibility that there is indeed some real knock-down drag0out infighting going on in the high circles of the financial elite. While I tend to agree with the Daily Bell that much of what we read and see going on in the media is indeed what The Daily Bell calls directed history. But that directed history is like all propaganda... every now and then events transpire that were not planning, or are indeed setbacks, and have to be spun accordingly. I'm thinking Stalingrad here, and how German propaganda spun the disaster (made all the easier by Field Marshal Von Manstein's breathtaking counter-offensive in early 1943). Well, we've seen a financial Stalingrad in the past few years, one of the banksters' own making... and if the forged bearer bonds scandals are any indicator, things are coming to light that those elites, I suspect, were not - pardoning the pun - banking on happening. Somebody else is on the playing field...they doesn't necessarily mean they're nice guys either. After all, look who they're playing against.

See you on the flip side...