9 thoughts on “YET ANOTHER OUTRAGE”

  1. Maxim K. Rice

    Democracy Now had a 45 minute program tonight that identified the killer cop, and his problems.

  2. I have been following this story on Democracy Now on my Google home page. I hope you will be reading the Hunger Games books and movie version which tie into these two related tragedies and the race of the victims is only the icing on the cake so to speak. This hides the fact we live live in a socially paranoid enginenered country and world that plays us off each other and do the work of our masters sowing division and chaos to keep us proles and outer party members at each others throats fearing and hating one another instead of forming a common front against our oppressors long live ignorance is strength.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Although I didn’t watch the “Hypocrisy Now” video, they typically frame it into a black/white with just a hints of greys/shadows.
    There is no doubt about the playing field being tilted, in favor of one class over another, especially in terms of ‘color’. Of course, the primary tool of oppression has been through their economic ‘structual adjustments’ and other Orwellian seriously funny open secret financial instruments.
    Another example of the endemic criminalities that a part & parcel to a sinisterally & purposely engineered ‘system’, that manifests itself in today’s word as a spit IN YOUR FACE video.
    Made all the more, daffy duck despicable, by mainstream outlet factory frames like “Hypocrisy Now’ & Her Majesty’s Rag(NYTimes).

  4. Concerned Friend

    I think we must recognize the underlying tragedy here. Not white police officers (assuming they were white) killing a black man, but the the law-enforcing branch of the state stepping beyond their boundaries with no respect to this man’s civil liberties, and then outright murdering him.

    It troubles me that the outrage that is so focused on the racial overtones of such events seems to not even acknowledge the implications for the relationship between the state and the citizen, namely that the former clearly holds no regard to the latter’s rights, and is acting upon that lack of respect.

    1. Those who cry loudest about racism always turn out to be the biggest racists. Just as the true motives of government are always what they say “it isn’t about”.

  5. bringing a knife to a gun fight has dire consequences.

    and he was mentally disturbed….

    of course it must be a race issue…….oh those crocodile tears

  6. I love how the “colorblind” and “compassionate” Liberals always go to such great lengths to seek out Black victims, and make it into a Black issue. It’s probably hard to find victims of police brutality these days though…LOL. I mean, it’s not like the police are just running around, brutalizing people of every color and race, in pretty much every city in the U.S. I’m very thankful though, for the stories that come from my public broadcasting services, even if they are nothing but a bunch of rich self loathing anti-White Communists, trying to stoke the fires of racial tension. As you say in your previous blog entry though, I remain skeptical, and I think “NPR” and “Democracy Now” are run by a bunch of elites, trying to steer the country in a particular direction, and I don’t think they care one little bit about that man who was victimized by the police.

  7. How do you propose to “stand up” to this when it is your door they decide to kick down? How did it do Gene Mallove?

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