April 22, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Brace yourself, because Jurassic Park is just around the corner. Check this out:

S.Korean, Russian scientists bid to clone mammoth

One notes that this cloning craze involves Russia, Japan, South Korea, and China. But what one should really note is that the new technologies, in a certain sense, are making a kind of resurrection possible.

We can easily speculate on the possible agenda here. If successful - and the article notes that a dog has already been cloned - this will mean that theoretically virtually any dead organism could be "resurrected", including dead humans is appropriate DNA samples could be obtained. The scenario of The Boys from Brazil comes to mind, and there are indeed persisting rumors - with as yet little substantiation - that "samples" were indeed taken from Der Fuehrer for precisely this purpose towards the end of the Second World War.

Other possibilities open up: including "virtual immortality." One can imagine a world in which there are corporations literally dedicated to the "resurrection" of a lost loved pet or loved one. Already transhumanists are positing and predicting such possibilities. One may go further: as I have pointed out in my books The Cosmic War and Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men, and in the forthcoming book with Dr. Scott D. de Hart, Transhumanism, one can envision the recreation or actualization of the chimerical creatures of ancient myths.

Add to this the possibility of "historical genetics" as has been undertaken by Dr. Sykes of Oxford University, and one might have a technique or tool to research the possibility of whether or not some of those ancient myths are in fact true, namely, that there is a DNA content in modern humans whose origins cannot be placed on this planet.

In short, the Brave New World is coming, like it or not. So when you see that wooly mammoth in your local zoo, remember that there are other, perhaps not so pleasant, possibilities that may be following closely behind....

See you on the flip side...