According to Wired magazine, a document has been leaked from the Russian Space Agency outlining a long range plan for unmanned probes to Mars and other planets, but most significantly, the Russian plans call for a manned base on the Moon by the year 2030:

Russia Plans Moon Base, Mars Network by 2030

Note that these plans include the development of an ultra-heavy lift capability able to launch a six-man crew. We should take these plans seriously, for as the article notes Russia is building a new space facility at Vostochny, and the recently re-elected President Vladimir Putin has consistently maintained -as did his predecessor Dmitri Medvedev - that Russia intends, in spite of all difficulties - to maintain a robust space program and presence.

I have noted elsewhere on this site that China, India, and Japan have already released some stunning images of the Moon, with some of these images suggesting structures that could be of an artificial nature. Indeed, Soviet scientists were among the first to suggest that the celebrated Blair Cuspids on the Moon were formed in an arrangement that was too rectilinear to be accounted for solely by natural explanations, and Russian scientists were also among the first to suggest, during the Soviet era, that the Moon itself may have been deliberately "parked" in its unusual orbit around the Earth, a theme echoed by American science fiction author Isaac Asimov. Given this, some would possibly argue that the Russians therefore know that the potential stakes for much more comprehensive Selene explorations are incalculable, and therewith, could rip the veil off of whatever NASA may, or may not, know about our sister planet.

But, as the following article notes, the fix is in:

Russia and NASA plan to COLONISE the Moon

See you on the flip side....

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. marina pratt on April 24, 2012 at 5:43 am

    Lots of luck Russia! You sure did not do well with your Mars explorations of the past. I do suggest that if the US has been warned off the Moon, the same would apply to Russia. At the same time, I am thrilled that there are others in the plantary game. Maybe we will get some unaltered data/photos as described in the article.

    I’ll be 100 and something before any of this happens…I will hang off in the shadows watching. Sincerely, Marina

  2. James on April 24, 2012 at 5:38 am

    Hmm? So lets see here “if money is power and power is money”! Does anybody besides me see a hidden source of money here?

    Ya meaning we can or could re-use the now toxic fuel rods that we have stored in some nuclear waste dumps! Have you never heard one mans garbage is another mans Gold!

    And begin to clean up this hazardous environmental Nuclear waste at the same time! As in every dark cloud has a silver lining and create more new jobs in a New industry as well?

    As in out of the darkness and into the light or turning Water into Wine!

  3. James on April 24, 2012 at 4:45 am

    This is off topic but since controvercey seems to be the norm. It is a good article!BUSTED!!!!

    “Federal government” BUSTED for forcing American nuclear industry to become a ticking time bomb

    I can guage how accurate a report is by how much it gets shilled in the blogs, while being defended by intelligent people. This report is getting it a LOT worse than the Fukushima report, which got nailed bad. This one REALLY hit a nerve. This is possibly the biggest scandal in American history, and it may well destroy your future if steps are not taken by the people to force the FED to overturn the mandated lunacy which now stands as a menace to us all.

    You have been told the nuclear waste must go somewhere. You have been told it needed to be stored inside a mountain in the desert, where it will sit as a threat and menace to the world for millions of years. You have been told there is nothing we can do about it. But what if you have been told a lie? What if that “spent fuel” was not spent at all? What if a technology existed which allowed the same fuel to be used over and over, twenty times in fact, and expended so fully that fuel rods would be safe enough to handle directly straight out of the reactor? Think any “spent fuel pools” would be full? And even if this never happened,

    What if foreign nations, (France was one) offered us hundreds of billions of dollars for our “spent fuel” only to have the U.S. Government refuse the offer for no reason at all? Would that not solve the problem of getting rid of it? And the final question, WHY would the Fed want so much nuclear material sitting around the country, only to become a menace? Could it be that we do not have a government, and instead have a band of usurpers in power who have intentionally set us up for a fall? After reading this report, I believe you will be inclined to think so.

    This report consists of hard scientific fact, and even harder answers.

    In my journey of discovery in my investigation into the Fukushima disaster, I interviewed an 85 year old nuclear engineer who worked in the nuclear industry during America’s glory days, and earned GE over 100 patents. He was one of the engineers who designed Fukushima, so naturally when conducting a real investigation into such a disaster a responsible journalist would want that type of reference. I was surprised when my prior study of the reactor systems there was so thorough that he had no information about Fukushima I did not already dig up, and he was very surprised when I told him details about the inner workings of the reactor he never expected anyone in the media to know.

    When I started to think I was going to walk away with nothing, he dropped a bombshell on a totally different subject. He opened his new direction of the discussion with the phrase “My team succeeded in closing the nuclear loop, and Carter banned our miracle with an executive order

    Here is what followed that introductory line, and the reason why we need to oust the FED and start over.
    The following is what he said in the interview

    I started in the American nuclear program all the way back at the time of the Manhattan project, and have been involved in reactor design and nuclear engineering my whole life. There was one answer we all searched for, and it was how to close the nuclear loop.

    When a reactor such as a boiling water reactor uses fuel, the waste products, which are highly radioactive isotopes that have a different fission characteristic than the fuel, build up in the fuel and poison the nuclear reaction. A reactor such as a boiling water reactor can only use the fuel until it gets contaminated by these isotopes enough to change the nature of the nuclear reactions taking place. The reaction environment inside a boiling water reactor is only one such environment that will work to trigger a chain reaction, and if that spent fuel is put into a reactor made from different materials, those materials can favor the burning of the poisonous isotopes, and use the isotopes as fuel until the fuel is purified of them, and therefore had it’s original radiological characteristics restored. Once that is accomplished, the fuel can go back into the boiling water reactor, and used as new.

    We perfected the second reactor design, which used liquid sodium as a coolant, and the reactor ran much hotter – 1100 farenheit as opposed to 550 in a boiling water reactor. The liquid sodium circulated inside the reactor in lieu of water, with the heat of the reaction being removed from the system by a heat exchanger which boiled the water outside the reactor for use in producing electricity. The temperature difference and coolant characteristics facilitated the burning of the isotopes, and you got to use both sides of the reaction – one side produced electricity while poisoning the fuel, and the other side produced electricity while burning the poisons out. This process can be repeated 20 times, and when it is finished the fuel is DEAD and no longer hazardous because all of it’s radiological potential has been used up. It was a dream come true, and Carter banned it by executive order!

    He specifically stated that the burn down was so complete that the spent fuel was safe to handle directly with bare hands, and needed no special care or maintenance at all.

    He then went on to lament about what a waste of money it was, because the fuel is expensive, and they were only using it to about five percent of its total potential. He lamented the fact that his life’s greatest accomplishment got banned for no good reason, and it was a tremendous waste of money to not use the technology his team developed. Electricity would have been cheap. REAL CHEAP. So cheap that homes would not have been heated with oil or natural gas, electricity would have been the only sensible choice. Furthermore, with a reduction in the price of electricity by at least 10X, electric cars would have been a no brainer.

    This would have been America’s free energy future, with the only real cost being maintenance of infrastructure.

    His take on it was that we were now paying too much for electricity. I guess that’s how an engineer thinks. He had read my article on Fukushima and liked it, so one would guess his eyes were open to the global conspiracy. Even still I think he missed the obvious in what he said.

    Here is my take, and it has NOTHING to do with price, preservation of resources, or free energy.

    Nuclear reactors are HUGE. They have an enormous amount of nuclear material in them. One boiling water reactor core the size of the ones at Fukushima can easily hold enough fissionable material to make countless atomic bombs. And with the technology that makes re-using that fuel illegal, it builds up at a rate of 25 tons per gigawatt YEAR. This means that even small facilities like Fort Calhoun have approximately a million pounds of highly radioactive “poisoned” fuel sitting in their pools waiting for the right combination of problems to cause a disaster.

    When GE and others designed the nuclear facilities both here and abroad, they had calculated that they would indeed succeed in closing the nuclear loop. So they designed the nuclear facilities with approximately a 20X safety margin in the fuel pools, because they did not have a clear date on when the technology would be perfected. It was my impression from this engineer that they got it sooner than expected. So fortunately the fuel pools were over built. But they were never built to withstand the fuel burdens that would result from a political decision to destroy the technology altogether.

    So now, 40 years down the road, we have fuel pools around the country that are so full that they have exceeded even the extremely generous safety margins they were originally designed to have, and even modest pools often have over 400 tons of highly active isotope ridden “spent” fuel in them.

    Having functional fuel pool cooling systems was never intended to be necessary. GE and others wanted one or two cores worth of fuel sitting in a pool at any one time. This would make it so that even if all cooling failed, there would be no boiling of the water in the pool, no pending disaster possible from equipment failure no matter how severe. But the way it is now, if there is any sort of attack or disaster which prevents fuel pool maintenance at any of the facilities around the country for a period exceeding three days, all hell will break loose and a nuclear disaster of unimaginable magnitude just like Fukushima will take place. And it never needed to be this way, in fact, the situation is criminal.

    Upon recognizing the lunacy of America’s Federally mandated nuclear sabotage, countries like France and Germany stepped up to the plate offering to buy our 5% spent fuel for billions of dollars. Heck, they were not held political hostage by a hostile government, and could certainly use a “freebie”. But instead our government mandated NO transport of the fuel to foreign nations, NO FURTHER USE WHATSOEVER. Use it 5 percent, leaving 95 percent of the radiological hazard remaining, and please let it build up in a pool that needs maintenance. Shills have said it was the import/export restrictions which caused this, but since those are written by the same government that banned the closing of the “nuclear loop”, the restrictions are only a further indictment of the FED for causing this problem.

    Simultaneous with the intentional building of the threat from having so much nuclear material sitting around came all the government scandals and lies about needing to put the fuel somewhere. Inside a mountain in the desert. Inside a dry cask. Maybe in the ocean, all the while the general american public was kept oblivious to the obvious answer: If we are not allowed to use it because of a nonsensical piece of legislation, why not let someone else have it, when they are willing to EVEN PAY FOR IT?

    Here is what I believe is the answer. And this answer needs to be spread far and wide.

    Whatever you think of Kennedy, on the day of his death he was our last hope. No one since has been anything other than an enemy infiltrator, The enemy is not only inside the gates, it was getting a paycheck from you 40 years ago.

    Consider this. Our government intentionally put in place policies that de-industrialized America. That’s an act of war. Our government put in place policies that intentionally destroyed our schools. That’s an act of war. And I consider FORCING VIA MANDATE the buildup of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of nuclear warheads worth of perfectly good reactor fuel just waiting for a disaster around the country to be an act of war as well – Only an enemy would intentionally mandate the creation of such a threat, who on earth would, other than someone who hated this country? Not only did we lose a marvelous clean virtually free energy future, that future got converted into a threat that could very easily destroy us. All it would take to kill America, with our nuclear facilities drastically overloaded with spent fuel, is 150 smart bombs. ONE BOMBING RUN AND IT IS OVER.

    Here is something I posted in response to a shill, who is trolling the internet looking for any place my article on Fukushima and talk on this subject is posted, in an effort to back stab it out of the public eye. This was a tasty response, good enough to put here.

    Dear Shillery

    This is where I am going on this topic,

    Our nation, after Kennedy has not had a true representative government, especially starting with Carter. We got over-run by outsiders who hated our guts. Up until 1973, America was going NO WHERE but UP, and anyone who wanted to see us destroyed would NEVER permit us to get virtually free energy.

    So once enough legs of the “vampire squid” writhed and squirmed down our hallowed halls and meeting rooms, the death squeeze was on.

    The enemy from outside COULD NOT allow us to have a technology such as this, so they HAD TO shut it down. They would lose oil profits. They would potentially lose control of energy, leaving the financial system the only means of forced compliance outside of a hot war they had to use against us, and they wanted options. True clean energy HAD TO GO.

    This is a sinister enemy. It weaponizes EVERYTHING. It weaponizes sympathy, victim status, water systems, ANYTHING it can think of, and uses them to destroy. SO the nuclear industry, now blocked from a dream come true technology, could be used as a weapon.

    There is plenty of proof. No shill can stop people from checking out the history of other nations, such as Germany, France and Russia offering us BILLIONS for our not so “spent” fuel, which really needs to be gotten rid of after a political decision banning technologies which allow for it’s purification. It has been building up now, unnecessarily for years. To the tune of 25 tons of spent fuel per gigawatt year generated. That’s a lot of “waste”, and it’s nasty stuff. It’s the equivalent of keeping a 5,000 gallon gas tank in your bedroom. Better hope all is well with it.

    I honestly feel that banning this miracle technology; you should have heard the sparkle, the awe in the old man’s voice when he said they closed the “nuclear loop”, and the sadness, despair and anger expressed at it’s being banned; I feel it was an ACT OF WAR AGAINST AMERICA. There were never any accidents associated with this technology. NONE NADA ZIP. you can take that story and stuff it. If a problem occurred it was not related to this, and how can you prove said problem was not a “wag the dog”?

    This enemy wanted this fuel building up. 25 tons a gigawatt year. WOW. That means that lowly little Fort Calhoun must have no less than 400 tons of “SPENT” fuel sitting in it’s little pool by now. OUCH. Just what an enemy would want; you see –

    Now, all it will take is a smart bomb, a societal breakdown, a natural disaster and POOF, fuel pool goes up in smoke and AMERICA IS FINISHED. Multiply that by Browns Ferry, Prairie Island, and over 100 others all across America. Tyranny’s dream come true. Just what the enemy would want, and it NEVER NEEDED TO HAPPEN.

    The problem was not scientific, IT WAS POLITICAL.

    I feel that man opened up and passed me the baton because he knew I would “get it” and believe me pal, SHILL, HATE AMERICA SELLOUT TO BE HUNG FROM A TREE, I will carry that baton, I will not stop with this, I got a solid dose of light from America’s great past; Oh what a nation we were. Only after the likes of you are adequately flushed will we ever have hope for a future, I truly hope there is a chance;

    I am spreading the word, will do it quickly, and make good and sure that if anything does blow up the blame will land squarely ON YOU.

    The following text, which was posted on the Nuclear Engineering web site out at the University of Berkely California, led to the rip from a shill which follows it. They posted the picture Reference with the quote “Jim Stone – STILL STUNNING THE WORLD”

    This starts where I stepped into the conversation after finding them in my site stats.

    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2011-06-21 08:15.

    Hi, I found you in my site stats. Thanks for the support! Btw, 85 year old nuclear engineers with over 100 patents filed for GE does not constitute “teenager” let alone the (several) others in their 50’s who have sent me info that is going to blow you away in the next report.

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate this post.

    Jim Stone

    • paul degagne on April 26, 2012 at 3:26 am


      I am not going to comment on the content of this post you wrote.

      I am just going to CONGRADUATE YOU for your involvement. ( this days the most people have time for is a few show buzz words in which they “think’ says it all when in face IT SAYS NOTHING!

      Again, Congraduations!

  4. Lee on April 24, 2012 at 3:27 am

    Joseph, what do you make of the following review of your latest book left on amazon?

    As a UFO researcher, Author & International Lecturer, with 45 years of personal experience, and 75 years of Institutional History, and who’s previous Director was invited to address NASA, The Pentagon and a select committee of Britain’s House of Lords on this very subject, I found this book a dangerous composition of nothing more than rampant theory & biased personal opinion.
    Not only has Farrell & his publisher conducted in the violation of copyrights, but has also “conveniently forgotten” to add the existence of UFO photographs over Europe as early as 1918, a minimum of a full 20 years BEFORE the Nazi scientists attempted to “Replicate” what they had witnessed flying overhead. And remember Hitler took power in 1933. Yes later German scientists became successful in copying some outward hull designs, NEVER to perfection and NEVER in mastering the Electro Magnetic / Static propulsion system. Nations around the world have been copying each other’s technology for hundreds of years, no surprise there. Also, no mention or account is taken into the numerous Historical references dating back through the Middle Ages, plus Archeological & Biblical references dating back many millennium. Basic research of any Chronology of sightings by maritime crews in the 1800s and 1900s, and observation of a 20-mile long oblong craft between the Earth and Moon by the Royal Astronomical Society clearly contradict Farrell’s “suppositions” too. In my opinion, Farrel’s, & others recent attempts to “reinvent” the tangible earlier History of this subject and the source of these crafts, including their documented visitations, to a sole German or Terrestrial source represents nothing more than a dedicated and purposeful effort to further confuse & misdirect this most critical subject – One effecting the education and opportunities of every person on this planet …. And once again, giving fodder to the support of the same old Official Agenda & Status Quo. One has to wonder why!!??
    G. S. Steckling

    • SSNaga on April 24, 2012 at 5:29 am

      There are many men & women who waste their lives with the obsession of a Delusional belief, as Farrell has done. Nazism is such lure for many. The reviewer is correct – Farrell’s misguided conclusions are restrictive to any unsuspecting readers, especially the gullible. He does work well on one level, that of reinforcing the ignorance & confusion developed by the elite of the world. Intellectuals are oft made dupes by the very powers they seek to investigate; its called glamour of the self. In the old west days, you’d find his kind in the pulpit or drawing a wagon town-to-town with the word “snakeoil” writ on the side. To “see” clearly, you must be able to Rise – not remain in the vale of mists, where faces & forms become “old friends.”

      • Daniel Jones on April 24, 2012 at 12:47 pm

        What is this ‘delusional’ belief? Farrell doesn’t think Nazi’s had UFO’s, but he does think they were teasing out some technological antecedents to the technology all based on the climate of academic research that was being written about (and conducted) previously from the late 19th century up to the Reich.

        What do you think is the alternative?

      • paul degagne on April 25, 2012 at 4:31 am


        About your comment on Farrell’s misguided conclusions,

        I started to comment on this yesterday but erased what I wrote for it was kind of an impulsive burst of first impressions. I am glad I waited.

        I had a dream last night where Farrell was skiing on top of the roof of some very large mansion. (I don’t know if there was also snow on the ground but there was enough snow to ski on the roof.)

        i got afraid for Farrell fearing he is going to fall off the roof but no — he circled the roof a few times like he was having some fun and then stopped as if he was going to the lower level of the mansion. (I realized to some people height does not produce vertigo so it’s not a danger to them — skiing on a roof!)

        I am glad I waited to post for I really do appreciate ‘these CRAZY DREAMS because I realize from experience the dream is trying to communicate “something’ in a more profound or “out of the box’ way. The difficulty is in the INTERPRETATING?

        At first I thought the person on the roof was Rodney MacDowall (the actor from the movie Planet of the Apes) but then saw or “imagined I saw a representation of Farrell in his place in this dream.)

        Now (a) Planet of the Apes — 1st clue?

        Why roof (b) skiing is normally done on a mountain? (clue?)

        Reference from evening reading (c) I was reading a biography of Vincent Price by his daughter and in one of the pictures he was photographed with Rodney Macdowall.)

        Why (d) Subject of Horror movies? (big clue?)

        (A) Farrell may be misguided but he is certainly bringing needed attention to biological origins just as Planet of the Apes did in an off handed way. (so what if he’s off in a big way — in the future others that follow will correct side-issues)

        (B) A roof is tricky but when one finds themselves or others in certain parts of houses generally indicates time factors such as basements = the past or Attics as batty in the brain. The ROOF means over the top and one could really say SOME OF FARRELL’S CLAIMS are really over the top but that ISN’T proof of incorrectness only of a wild speculative imagination! (His Intuitiveness –I am guessing for who knows?)

        (C) Here’s a part that I find a bit interesting —- The Theologian is screaming out!. (I loved Vincent Price’s CAMPY Horror movies as a teenager but what could be more horrorable than what is now happening to the World! We live in a World of “CODIFIED ABSTRACTIONS’ and seldom see how the World really is. (our being-in-world)

        Farrel is a Jerramiah shouting but he too only gets occasional ‘GLIMPSES” into the horror. We dwell in the mundane, ordinary world most of the time whether we like it or not that’s the way it is. (You have to wipe your ass when your done doing certain business so WHY DENY IT and pretend you spend all your days in the CLOUDS! —- [ as for myself I stick with HOLOCAUST Studies as a way of looking at what’s really happening or fine tuning my empirical senses away from all this conditioning we meet with everyday. ])

        (D) I kind of breached together C & D or the subject of Horror. It does seem like we have to have some HORRIBLE REALIZATIONS before we wake up to our critical faculties.

        Extra (E)

        This hasn’t to do with Farrell specifically but with my short quick reading of Vincent Price. I loved his Acting in the Poe Movie Series but that was only a short part of his Life. He was such a WASPY fellow it turns me off but everywhere I look people who have met him in person say he was a decent kind of person and not a SNOB even though I think he was an ADVOCATE OF HIGH CULTURE.

        Here’s where we come to NAGA ‘s notion of Farrel’s so called DELUSIONAL NATURE. I think he’s not really delusional (if I have to say delusional I think Naga is — but delusional people often can see out of the box so it’s not as derrogative as it sounds?)

        I am beating around the bush here.

        My suggestion to Farrel is ‘GET OFF THIS HIGH CULTURE HORSE and write like your one of us COMMON PEOPLE (even if your not pretend you are) By high culture I mean this Scientific jazzy physics that sounds really smart. IT GETS IN THE WAY!—– IN THE END —Your not convincing many people for very long? They see through this phoney intellectual scientific hype and lose interest quickly after.

        Keep lower to the ground and be a popular-i-zer by using LAYMAN’S LANGUAGE normal people can understand! I bet you will sell more books that way and as a result you can do what you really want to do instead of being SIDETRACKED BY MONEY CONCERNS and commercializing something that really shouldn’t be reified!

        Farrell —-Take some real risks for a change? [ Professor Robert Koldewey didn’t get to where he’s at by playing it safe? ]


        (((( I was surprised to find out my wife had some dealings with Vincent Price. It seems he worked as a Governmental Sponsor for some Native American Art Group and use to make yearly visits for a few days with an Indian Association in Oregon that my wife once was interested in. She claims to have had long conversations with Vincent Price. She really surprises me sometimes!!!!!!

        I guess I am still a ‘CHILD’ because sometimes it seems like ——

        “IT’S SMALL WORLD!”

        • SSNaga on April 25, 2012 at 5:49 am

          Reply – Read JF’s books (Iv’e read 3: CW, BB, GGMM). His views are myopic & distorted, a common enough fault. Viewing his belief-patterns pointview of ‘friend’ partakes of the same shortsightedness, due to the resonating Nature of “The Net.” Look at how the skinheads are drawn to this view; perceive their aberration (polarization). His concepts & statements-of-belief re creation “theory” are laughable on every level. That is nearlly impossible to validate from a non-experiential state. It is as if he were writing “comedy,” but it is equally tragic in his delusion. … @ P – The “Roof” you dreamed is called “The Peak,” ReFlection of “King of The Mountain.” JP is one Side of the I-C-Y Slope, circling, but Must Fall down. Polarization Overwhelms. This “Is(Is)” Polarity Realm (Duality Field “Precipitate,” called Density-Focus). … “Living” in The Work or “Matter” State Is(Is) “being in the Illusion” – Partaking (“To Take Part Of”) of which causes Delusional “beliefs,” or Pattern Distortions, an InEscapable corollary of said State (Be In the World, but Not Of the World). Order (Patterned Form) Is Illusion in this (Relative, Temporal) Field-Realm, the Ever-Changing “Play of Images.” ImBalance is “Life.” Seeking Balance is The InFluxForce of ChaoS (DownFlow, Absorb, Entropic), which Drives The LifeForce (UpFlow, Impetus, Energy) Into Ordered Condition (Forms). These Are Dual CORE EXtensions, or ReFlection (Yoni) Projection (Lingam), Not Real “moving images” (Information Pattens). The CORE IsIs DUAL (“Every UnitY Is Also A Duality,” Eloise Franco; Yin-Yang). … As for your perennial fiXation, your “real” A$$, “The Physical Is The Most Significant State,” called “the LittLe more.” You cannot Gain ReLease via Attachment – Detach(ment). Its A Looong Process. “Luck” (The Norns: study the term). Aid IsIs Found WithIn (not WithOut). N-One can Escape The Norns. 0 Into O (Non-Zero Into Perfect O). CORE (Center: Dualed Into One). Achieve True CC, then you Will “C” (C-UP).

          • paul degagne on April 25, 2012 at 7:37 am


            Thank you for responding.

            A roof as a ‘Peak? That’s an interesting and possibly an accurate reflection or portrayal of This image?

            I’ll have to dwell on it a bit longer? (right off the top of my head I don’t like peaks because if I got my Taoism (yin/yang) correct – a peak means an end. The bottom would be the place to be for then you could say your heading upwards while in a peak where do you go from there – DOWN?

            Kind of like a Hegelian – Master/Slave Dialogue where the Slave still has freedom to Move because a Slave hasn’t ARRIVED!

            I cant see it as a ‘KING OF A MOUNTAIN THING.” It Could very well be for in the long run or long haul I am biased toward Farrell in a favorable way.(there are some things I don’t like about him such as his faked transparency which isn’t transparency at all but a “hiding” behind the idea of transparency when we both know HE’S HOLDING BACK SOMETHING and this something is an ABSENCE he does not possess or know about but by holding back or hiding it – it gives the gullible an impression or the idea he KNOWS or is in on some kind of BIG SECRET = sells books!

            Ah — Interpreting/Analyzing Dreams?

            Usually what makes people quit writing dream diaries is the MASSIVE amount of good interpretations Dreams can often evoke. So much information can be very CONFUSING. The Subtle trick is organizing them — the interpretations – into some kind of coherent whole which I will immediately contradict because in many dreams “incoherence and cognitive- dissonance” is the message the dream is making.

            I challenge you to find coherence in such ABSURDITY! Have Fun? ( there really is a method to madness but WOE to you who finds it, ha, ha!)

            I got sidetracked —

            What I really want to post is this: Naga, THE LANGUAGE you go about using? I remember an English Composition Teacher of mine telling the class “Always be aware that someone will be reading what you write.” If he wasn’t such a kindly fellow he would have stated this “Remember, someone has to read this Shit!”

            The way you write, Naga, does a disservice to your ideas . (You probably could give a ‘rat’s ass’ about appearances but that’s besides the point.)

            i know you had much to say to me in that post of yours and I do appreciate it but it leaves me feeling dumb or like in that movie by Mel Brooks called “YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN’ to where the monster is going wild or besserk up on top of the roof so someone decides to play sweet violin music in which – THE MONSTER IMMEDIATELY LOOKS ABOUT HIM AND TRIES TO GRASP THE NOTES AS IT THEY WERE PHYSICAL OBJECTS.”

            I FIND MYSELF —grasping into THIN AIR much of your ideas.

            WHERE’S THE BEEF?

            HA, HA!

            I just thought I might return the favor of your post by letting you in on a little Psychotherapist’s trade secret about dreams?

            Just imagine your a therapist and you have a client sitting opposite you who is like a DAM CLAM! Wont or cant open up to you? How can you find out what is the matter if he’s not talking?

            The trick is ask her/him about a dream and PRESTO — he will yack and yack until he totally bends your ear, ha, ha!

            I don’t know what is it about Dreams and DREAMING but it breaks down WALLS OF SILENCE!

            9Xs out of 10 they start yacking and little do they know their SQUEALING ON THEMSELVES! They could be the kind of reserved person who wont even tell you the littlest thing about themselves ( I hate that kind of uncharitable nature) but get them started on one odd dream of theirs and it’s off to the races!


          • Daniel Jones on April 25, 2012 at 9:08 am

            I really wish you guys could give more details and write your ideas in a coherent and sober Aristotelian non-contradictory form. You guys rake Farrell over here about layman’s language but neither of you are comprehensible, at all.

            For those who are interested, can you please write out some specific ideas that you find profoundly objectionable in his book, and I mean actually quote from his books. I’m not here to be a defensor fidei for Farrell, as he certainly doesn’t need it, but for the sake of those who would like to understand what in the world the objections are it would go a long way if you could give actual, quotable details.

            Thank you.

          • paul degagne on April 26, 2012 at 3:53 am

            Daniel Jones,

            I recognize your voiced concerns as having validity or legitimacy. In the interest of time-saving constraints I avoid the specificity you would like for things would be a lot clearer that way.

            At the same time I recognize we don’t live in a UTOPIA — for this is the world we live in?

            Have a thoughtful day which I IMAGINE YOU WILL HAVE.

      • paul degagne on April 25, 2012 at 4:51 am


        I am currently studying from a book called “Social Theory After the Holocaust.’ It is quite good. ( the book only cost me 5 bucks used – not bad!)

        This mention of an Obsession over Nazis —In chapter two called “Hannah Arendt; Politics and Understanding after the Holocaust” there is something written by a Robert Fine which caught my eye?

        In this very difficult essay he speaks of a “Satanic Greatness” or the Mystification of the Holocaust and Nazis.

        Instead of sweeping the whole affair under the rug and letting time forget or heal he advocates the Level of Difficulty of coming to terms with the Holocaust and states that new Sociological Terms and Methods need to be improvised in order to deal with such a horrendous event as the holocaust. (by this he means the old way of Instrumental Reasoning or Utilitarian Thinking cannot explain the Death Camps in any satisfying way!)

        He claims Making Sense is a Human Condition we shouldn’t give up? He is sort of trying to make ‘sense of the senseless or the idea of the ANTI-HUMAN?”

        It makes sense to me?

        So in a way even though it is Understandable — it is ‘delusional’ when one mystifies the Holocaust along with the Nazis!

        • SSNaga on April 25, 2012 at 5:55 am

          Correct. But it runs much Deeper than that. What does the Term designate?

          • paul degagne on April 25, 2012 at 7:43 am

            Designate is a ‘directional’ sign like a ONE WAY ARROW you may see while driving.

            One short cut to the word designate garanteed to take you to the FLIP-SIDE is the word = LUCIDITY!

          • SSNaga on April 25, 2012 at 7:40 pm

            I wasn’t point toward “lucidity.” “Designate – Indicate.” Its abit abstruse, so let it be. … As far as the “where to go” in the roof scene – Its called “The Final Maneuver.” The Sistine Chapel fresco, “Creation of Adam,” Hides This In Plain Sight. It doesn’t unveil itself to Reason or Intuition (Left-Right brain; body reversed). You were so Close. So Close. The mundane Hydes A Deep Truth… but the slave won’t go There.

          • paul degagne on April 26, 2012 at 3:46 am

            I like your Sistine Chapel mention. Also this Left-Right Brain mention. David Icke makes a strong mention of it? ( I think there was this French scholar or follower of Foucault who wrote a very short essay on this L?R business but he died very young. I think one woman picked up on it when she mentioned how the (or) body is regulated or conditioned. I think the example she used is “When parents shout to their children —“Mustn’t place our Elbows on the dinner table?”)

            This elbow example is a very good CONCRETE example for it shows how we are led into a bodily state of mind. IT’S TOO BAD this wasn’t followed through showing us exactly how this conditioning (thousands of times ) works itself out!

            Pierre Bourdieu followed through on this by calling it something like a Habitus but he spoils it with his IMPOSSIBLE INTELLECTUAL LANGUAGE! ( These people wont come down from their academic CLOUDS to speak to us MERE MORTALS! I guess they don’t Love us enough?)

          • SSNaga on April 26, 2012 at 4:58 am

            The Sloped (Roof) Peak (study Giza) has Two Sides – Order & Chaos. When Aligned, A KEY Is Discerned! … Order is Icy (why they call the Diamond, “ice”). Inside Chaos, Is The KeyLock.

    • paul degagne on April 26, 2012 at 3:30 am

      I welcome a post like this just as I like all the dirty-mud-slinging political ads for they tell us a lot!

      Somehow I have learned to listen to my DETRACTORS. ( it was not an easy lesson to learn and I really don’t know how I did it except to say ” I sometimes Hang on to WORDS as if my Life Depended On IT?)

    • Karl on April 26, 2012 at 10:01 am

      Looks like the guys at amazon really should read what they’re preaching against. Not only has Joseph taken the wind out of their sails by stating that he does not think that all observed non-referenced targets can be categorized as having (earthly) Nazi origins. Trying to reduce his work to a side note which cannot be heard over the choirs of UFO evangelicals spreading the gospel of the unproven extraterrestrial theory doesn’t work.

      It is UFOlogists’ right to believe whatever they want. But to coopt the holy realm of ”science” and impose on all those believers their ”scientifically proven” suppositions and religious interpretations of feints within feints, smacks of a certain agenda. Self-appointed ”gurus” are always noticed.

      I learned that if you really want to pass on information, you use language clearly understood by the persons addressed. Children usually will tell you when you say things they cannot understand. You reformulate until they understand. After this degree of sincerity has been trained out of them, most will let ”gurus” ramble on for different reasons. This does not mean that, just because nobody will follow on a Grand Diversionary Tour by discussing words somebody redefined for himself without telling anyone, the convoluted meaning is being considered, or accepted.

      The way the Church of Ufology has been attacking Roswell and The Reich from day one is very, very revealing. But just because they choose to accept only information – real or not – passing through their narrow lens, doesn’t automatically mean everybody is to behave similarly.

      Joseph did not return the blatant ad hominem attacks directed at him. Real class doesn’t stoop to such levels. Hats off to Dr Farrell. There is a lot we can learn from him.

      • Joseph P. Farrell on April 26, 2012 at 10:10 am

        Thanks for the kind words Karl…

        • paul degagne on April 27, 2012 at 4:57 am

          Kind Words?

          I think in the long run or the long haul your contribution to alternate history is helpful.

          I often think of what Jung once mentioned of the Philosopher’s Stone and how in the beginning it is thrown away as something that is useless.

          How many times have I looked at some tiny, little thing and considered it inconseguencial only to realize days, months or even years later how vital it was after all. (Life knows how to play tricks on us?)

          I came across this quotation from a Sociologist on a Leeds University Website associated with some Program that wishes to add a decrease of Violence in our World.

          I think you would like it? It’s as follows:

          “As Baudelaire
          suggested the crux
          of the ( artistic ) matter
          is how to discover, and
          uncover, the lasting in
          the transitory —
          eternity in a fleeting
          In recording a one-off
          happening it is not its uniqueness
          that matters, but the effort
          to excavate and salvage
          the DURABLE
          from the transient”

          (Z. B.)

      • paul degagne on April 27, 2012 at 3:23 am


        Grand Diversity Tour — Good Label to use. I like that.

        We badly need diversity or the acceptance of difference! (if we didn’t there would be no need for refugee camps?)

        The trouble with this is the Elites or the Masters or Managers or Social Engineers or Comminsars know this is an Archiles heel so they go about – shrewing forth thousands of sic “so-called” diverse opinions which in reality when one deconstructs them turn out to be the same thing with just slightly different outward FORMS. ( put a beautiful dress on a stinking corpse — it’s still stinks!)

        The same thing with the idea of MULTICULTURALISM. A beautiful idea or ideal corrupted because in actuality or practice — the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR (the worst negatives) of each Culture is added to the POT. We end up worst than before!

  5. Concerned on April 23, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Could this also be because the Russians are scared that the NWO is so crazy that the planet might be uninhabitable by nuclear radiation in the next few decades?!

    I read this article on Fukushima, which says that the entire northern hemisphere may soon be uninhabitable, but I don’t know if it is accurate (I hope not!):

    • Concerned on April 23, 2012 at 11:43 pm

      I just saw that Jim Stone has written a technical and direct reply to the above-linked article.

      He writes, ‘Yes, it is Fear Mongering’

      ‘You are hearing an enormous amount of lies coming out of Japan right now because those who perpetrated the crime know they have been exposed and that the high resolution photos totally blew it for them. They were NOT supposed to be released.

      The explosion at #4 was caused by explosives, just like the WTC. Reactor 4 is building 7.

      In the classified photos, you can look straight down the throat of the empty reactor, you can see the dome sitting in the service area, and you can clearly see that the service attachment the crane hooks onto, which will NOT be on the dome when the reactor is in operation, is ON THE DOME. Furthermore, in other not classified photos that are captures from live drone video feed, you can clearly see reactor 4′s dome is in perfect shape, with the bolts removed and hanging, as they would be during normal service.

      It is highly unlikely that reactor 4′s containment is in a condition that would cause it to collapse, and if the reactor itself is going to fall over it’s meaningless, it’s just a shell with no core in it. If the structure itself fell over, it would not contribute to the disaster significantly, because the fuel rods will fall in solid pieces, and at #3 the explosion totally blew a real functioning core out of the reactor, and also blew the fuel pools away, while atomizing them to dust – the worst possible scenario.

      All this hoopla about #4 is to cover what happened at #3. The worst possible disaster has already happened, which I reported a year ago and the classified photos PROVE IT.

      Don’t let new lies cover up an old truth, Fukushima was sabotaged and destroyed with nuclear weapons, it’s especially obvious at #4, where evidence remains and was not totally blown away like it was at #3. These were low output nukes in the single digit kiloton range,

      Here are the photos that prove everything I have said here; please ask detractors to present similar evidence DIRECTLY FROM THE SCENE rather than pretty hand drawn graphics and animations’

      For the photos and an excerpt of Jim Stone’s article go to Henry Makow’s website: savethemales(dot)ca
      or for the full article at Jim Stone’s website:

      • Jedi on April 24, 2012 at 4:13 am

        another parlor game…..ever seen salt water burn?

  6. marcos anthony toledo on April 23, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    I wonder what the Russians take on the Martian Cydonia structures are and have you been following the Mars monolith photo story by the way. What new ambrassments for NASA awaits revealing.

    • Jedi on April 23, 2012 at 5:03 pm

      Carl Munck has done some nice work with those monuments.

  7. Awake on April 23, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Hope they don’t plan on mineing the Moon. Likely be the death of the planet when the mass changes to a crittical degree. Unless the Moon is threatening to leave us as it slowly is then perhaps a strategic adjustment of its mass will keep it in orbit a few more billion years. They better bewary of mucking with the solar ballance. Like messing with the internal mass of atoms in nuclear reactions destroy the ballance and everything will change in a dramatic and destructive way.

  8. Jedi on April 23, 2012 at 5:44 am

    like they would tell us anything involving exploration. Unless they need some canon fodder if local inhabitants are discovered.

    Remember “they” use to tell us serfs the world was flat to keep us in our cages.

    • HAL838 on April 23, 2012 at 6:16 am

      And you think YOUR government [USA ? ]
      ever speaks with one tongue?

      Cutting only one tongue would leave THEM / IT

      Except for Israel [no more apologies]
      THEY WANT you to HATE the rest of the world.

      We are surfs to THE CHOSEN, after all.

      • Jedi on April 23, 2012 at 5:01 pm

        revelations 2.9,,,,,I am a Jedi through and through.

        Knowing is freedom.

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