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April 23, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

According to Wired magazine, a document has been leaked from the Russian Space Agency outlining a long range plan for unmanned probes to Mars and other planets, but most significantly, the Russian plans call for a manned base on the Moon by the year 2030:

Russia Plans Moon Base, Mars Network by 2030

Note that these plans include the development of an ultra-heavy lift capability able to launch a six-man crew. We should take these plans seriously, for as the article notes Russia is building a new space facility at Vostochny, and the recently re-elected President Vladimir Putin has consistently maintained -as did his predecessor Dmitri Medvedev - that Russia intends, in spite of all difficulties - to maintain a robust space program and presence.

I have noted elsewhere on this site that China, India, and Japan have already released some stunning images of the Moon, with some of these images suggesting structures that could be of an artificial nature. Indeed, Soviet scientists were among the first to suggest that the celebrated Blair Cuspids on the Moon were formed in an arrangement that was too rectilinear to be accounted for solely by natural explanations, and Russian scientists were also among the first to suggest, during the Soviet era, that the Moon itself may have been deliberately "parked" in its unusual orbit around the Earth, a theme echoed by American science fiction author Isaac Asimov. Given this, some would possibly argue that the Russians therefore know that the potential stakes for much more comprehensive Selene explorations are incalculable, and therewith, could rip the veil off of whatever NASA may, or may not, know about our sister planet.

But, as the following article notes, the fix is in:

Russia and NASA plan to COLONISE the Moon

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