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  1. John on April 11, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Hey folks,

    First time leaving a comment here. Please let me know if I’m too off topic, but I just wanted to get a temperature check. I’m an amateur researcher spanning a broad diversity of subjects and I’m wondering if Dr. Farrel’s work and community discussion crosses disciplines with some of my other sources(prominent figures within their respective fields). I’ve listed a couple of videos wondering if they find context within some of the research here. I’ll continue to engage Dr. Farrel’s research myself as well. If this post is off topic, please feel free to ignore!



    Anthropology of the Body/Philosophy MInd/Science of Consciousness:
    Ingo Swann lecturing on his Government funded Stanford Research (i.e. PsyOps/Parapsychology/Sanskrit terminology)

    Carol Rosin on Deweaponization of Space as critical effort towards transforming Military Industrial Complex/War Economy and preserving the frontier of outer space development – based on her “continuation of the mission Wernher von Braun”

    Dr. C.B. Scott Jones (Veritas Radio interview of Navy Intelligence Insider: Metaphysical/Cosmic Top Secret)

  2. Charles Frith on April 10, 2012 at 7:14 am

    Let me see. The consensus from the crowd who are wearing knee pads fellating every word of the good Dr is don’t criticize him.

    I don’t have to. I know when a researcher has jumped the shark. You take comfort in the group and I move on when the group becomes self serving. If you don’t respond I wont be back. Surely that’s too good a deal to turn down? Ball in your court.


  3. James Dempsey on April 8, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Oh gosh I just watched a Red Ice radio where you mentioned the building of the tower of babble in the old testament and there is a connection in the new. As in fact it is an invisible book and you will never find it if you look. Because it must be revealed by God through his spirit too you over time it will become clearer and clearer the further you go along this invisible faith walk! Actually it took me several years and was as though I walked past it sat down to have a cigarette and looked back over my shoulder and it hit me like a ton of bricks or rocks if you prefer. First off the book should be called or the title page. “The Book of The Upper Room”? and then all you would see is 20-30 blank or empty pages! And what is this? A note book of sorts perhaps? Yep It would be located approximately the end of the 4 gospels and the book of Acts! Without it this hidden book of revelations to you or me or anyone there will be no book of Acts for you to enter ever! For that matter the bible as well will only be a book of fairy tales or legallist terminology and endless arguments.

    In Genesis we have a group of men or people in “one accord” in the physical or natural world or common goal building stone upon stone or rock upon rock to try to build a tower up to or unto heaven.

    And if you can imagine or believe it the 12 and 120 gathered together in “one accord” in the Upper Room were building a wall or structure not in the natural but instead in the spiritual realm an invisible tower through their combined efforts of fasting and prayer and waiting and hearing seeing from God various revelations and sharing what they each began to hear or see from God. Only in this case the speaking in other languages was a benefit to preach to all nations! How else could you do that if the only language you knew was Hebrew?

    This was the equivalent 132 anointed high priests all at one time a new revelation every 3 days this was also how the reapers overtake the sowers as my word is Seed! (Yes it is like a time space element or alternate universe) And since there was no bible at that time to read or “blind them”, they tapped into the higher realm of revelation through dreams and visions! (As in a picture is worth a 1000 words sort of a divine telepathy) You are talking serious spiritual growth and or fire power probably much quicker time period then the time it took me to reach my 2 growth spurts but I am not complaining just glad to be here!

    These were not priests just average ordinary people but through Jesus given the Holy Spirit and right to follow the same path as the Kings and High Priests of the past over Israel! Why the same reason today knowledge over hearing from a supreme being directly! So how much power or influence in say square miles do we have? Well God asked Abraham how far can you see? that is how much land was blessed where ever he walked! Or consider Adam and the Garden of Eden in the Tigress Euphrates region of Where? Or Israel not a very big country but to understand the limits of this sort of for lack of a better word spiritual “Force shield”: that surrounds us prophets high priests apostles sort of walking planetariums.So a math physic guy ah me? No! Somebody else is going to have to do the math or probability on this one!

    For those worried about some natural disaster I think we got some friends in higher places who are quite capable of handling cosmic things. If we start to take care of things more closer to home! Perhaps they are emissaries of God winged beings or flying anti gravity craft! Way ahead of us technologically speaking? Or not too far ahead! Either way it is good to know we may have some help out there! I heard recently one of them chem trail spraying planes was seen being brought down by some type of angel alien craft.

    So as not to allow these more Terestrial sci or black op types stir up trouble to say start another war. There is a lot of benevolent type things going on all over the world!

    But as I say I believe Jubalee is on its way in this country and wether we want it or not or believe it or not around the world! When you see more and more banksters and CEO’s resigning times may be tough on us all for a while but the benefits of ousting the Fed well need I say more. Be a good start! It is the only way we can clear the books unilaterally and begin to start over! But indeed is this not a form of Jubalee? But if and only if safe gards are put in place to keep these legalized thugs out of our country for good so we don’t tend to forget and let these shit heads back in and take control again.

    We still got some freedoms to take back and or fight for as well to me the night of the long what? Knives! Could be an interesting 4th of July this year!

  4. Hammer on April 7, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    I think anyone who says,”and I won`t be comming back here” …”so there!” is a liar. He`s going to want to know if his little comments have created a response. Any lazy bumb can post a comment and criticize. But then it takes much more time and discipline and research to write an article, let alone a book. Dr. Farrell is truely one of the best invetigators, truth tellers, and most interesting speakers, of all those I have been lucky enough to run accross. Bravo Dr. Farrell.

  5. Michael on April 5, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Wow, Charlie. Wow. Let’s see you attempt to cover that same subject matter with something other than your verbal ejaculate and then we’ll let you talk about what a dim-wit the good professor is.

  6. Michael D. on April 5, 2012 at 8:32 am

    Ufo nazi guyyou say Mr. Firth. I have heard tsay thesehis and a couple others like “The nazis on the moon guy”. This is the first I have even commented on this as all you people who these things about Mr. Farrell have not read his books. I do not ever remember reading where Dr. Farrell has said he bealives there is nazis on the moon or nazis are flying ufos to take over the world. If I am wrong please correct me asI have read all his books to date. Also your going to be hardpressed to find a harder working more devoted researcher to the people who read his books. I myself have asked Dr. Farrell many questions on FB, here, and in his members area and have alwayd recieved an answer above and beyond what a lot of “researchers” out there could give. Mr. Firth I bealive you have every right to choose who you like and who you read but please have your facts straight. Dr. Farrell is not the “nazi ufo guy”, that is what is known as an ad hominem attack. One more thing I would like to address Mr. Firth, Dr. Farrell did not say he took two decades to write The two faced god, rather it was a complation of two decades of research and private taljs between him and Dr. Dehart.

  7. Maria on April 5, 2012 at 7:43 am

    In the latest “The Byte Show” Dr. Farrell was excellent, erudite and very precise in his remarks. Its is very clear that His Most Illustrous Mr. Dr. Charles Frith (above) has not, at all, listened to ALL the lectures by Dr. Farrell, neither read ALL his books from 5 to 8 times, as I and other Dr. Farrell´s students have done, and so failed to give this outstanding works it true value. Its a pity for you, His Highness Charles Frith, but NOBODY will miss you!

  8. Charles Frith on April 5, 2012 at 4:32 am

    I just listened to the opening of your latest byte show. What a stunning lack of imagination and courage on your part Farrell. You come across as a status quo coward with little clue of what to do other than tar alternative thinkers as ‘tin foil hatters’ Yes they may be bonkers but we don’t stoop to that level in this field.. Coming from UFO Nazi guy I say that’s the highest of hypocrisy and I wont be coming back here. It took you two decades for you to write two faced Yaweh and it’s fair to state that your intellectual and courage trajectory has shot its load to make light of a sexual metaphor.

    Joseph P Farrell?

    Had it….. Lost it. Status quo bunny.

    • LSM on April 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm

      Hi Charles,

      although I don’t have member status on this wonderful website I feel compelled to answer to your very, very disappointingly egregious posting-

      what bit you?- you were previously a champion of Dr. Farrell’s work on your (former) website- what happened? (what happened to your website?)-

      any real truth seeker has neither the time nor interest to verbally disparage anyone else- they just go their own way, come what may- it’s why I have such respect for Dr. Farrell: he researches meticulously, documents impeccably and remains a very modest gentleman who very tactfully manages never to verbally attack anyone (even though I think he has a nuclear arsenal of orthography that would detonate anybody beyond the blue)-

      if you are truly a truth seeker (which I thought you were- am not sure anymore, very much to my own disappointment), then go beyond useless vitriole and reach for the stars-

      “and I wont be coming back here”- why did you come here in the first place?- I just think you need to finally figure out what/who makes you tick- obviously not who/what you thought- someone/something is yanking you big-time-

      you might want to research that-


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