Joseph continues his examination of the hypothesis that Operation Bernhard continued after the end of World War Two:

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Greg Parent on May 1, 2012 at 5:47 am

    Is there any relation to all this and the recent appearance of fake bars of gold that actually have tungsten cores and have been traced to German banks?

  2. HAL838 on April 30, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    I don’t have to agree with you to appreciate your analytic skills, Joseph.
    Very good 🙂

  3. Mary linderman on April 30, 2012 at 9:12 am

    I’m so tired of degagme’s “I kew you when” comments.

    • paul degagne on May 1, 2012 at 2:40 am


      I get tired too of FENCE-SITTERS trying to wear me out?

      I am so tired of this “the Elite is going to get your mama.”

      We all know the Story but fence-sitters go on pretending they don’t?

      In the Ancient Archaeological dig sites of small villages of that like — there usually is one clay house bigger than the rest of the dwellings?

      Mary — three guesses of why do you think this is so? So thousands of years ago the same ‘shit’ or power processes were at work —- the outward form makes not one ‘twit’ of a difference to me whether there’s a stick in one’s hand, a ray gun is in one’s hand or better yet a sneaky Bell Curve Brain in one’s hand.

      It’s all the freaking same shit since the dawn of history so all this —– it started in the 19th century or the french revolution or rome or even the neolithic revolutions is all PRE-PRIMARY OR KINDERGARDEN LEVEL SHIT!

      Yeah, some of us have to endure other people’s sudden realizations or what we learned 50 yrs ago growing up!

      OK —– ( Look at who says or is saying MARXISM IS DEAD! You can get a clue of what a FLUNKIE looks like by looking into their faces!)

      Those at the top of the DUNG HEAP don’t believe for one second the concept of revolt by the masses is dead! That’s one of the reasons why YOU continue eating your genetically modified food, etc, etc, etc until your grandchildren look like MUTANTS in a fu@king ZOO somewhere on the ISLE OF Dr. Moron they call the FUTURE!

      Have a Nice Day to You Too — Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, ha, ha!

      • Mary linderman on May 1, 2012 at 4:10 pm

        You are really quite well read and entertaining.I’ll bet you were quit the charmer back in the day.Kudos to you PD you made me laugh.

        • paul degagne on May 3, 2012 at 3:08 am


          Thank you very much for the compliment BUT I STOLE THE IDEA FROM A MEL BROOKS MOVIE CALLED BLAZZING SADDLES —-

          REMEMBER (???)=== That german DANCE HALL GIRL up on the stage in that SALOON singing and putting ” her palm to her forehead, singing in her kraut accent (which I cant for obvious reason imitate here?)

          OH, —- I’M SO TIRED!

          (and all those (sic) so called DROOLING FRONTIER-men IN THE AUDIENCE —–

          I can imagine how some plain or shy wall-flower would LOVED TO BE UP THERE ON THE STAGE — AND HAVE ALL THOSE “MEN’ as ADMIRORERS? ( in a way the shy wall flower is a 10X better WOMAN than having to bear with the QUEENIE WHO KNOWS IT?

          I am ruining the ‘effect’ of the tired worn out come-back nostalgic joke (aint that a riot?) joke with a serious after-mention but so what — MEL (BUDDIE BOY) has that fantastic ability to make one LAUGH AND CRY AT THE SAME TIME!!!! A skill this ‘pretender to the throne” wish he had?))

          Again, thank you for complimenting the ‘BORN PLAGERIST?” (to be a little more merciful to yours truely (my ego) — All knowledge is usually a copy?

          What You May Say?

          IF and only IF your a born ONTOLOGIST AND ARCHAETYPAL(IST!) or should I have ‘wrote ISM’ for that bunch takes themselves as ‘GOD’S GIFT” to CALIFORNICATE depth psychologists!

          Here I go again as the clown teacher—–

          It’s such a simple Platonic Example but it CUTS ME RITE TO THE HEART OR BON!. ==

          the ONE and the MANY?????


          Are there many different HORSES or is it the SAME HORSE looked at in different ways?

          How’s that for some HORSE-SHIT PHILOSOPHY ( and I don’t even wear those pointy “western boots” often referred to as organic fertilizer -SKI(es)S!!! ha, ha!)


  4. Robert Barricklow on April 29, 2012 at 9:46 am

    Althogh the instruments represent “wealth’, & then, once “accepted’, there is presumbly a transfer. Is it gold, information, betrayal? In other words, what is the objective?
    Obviousy a Deep Deception is in play.
    Or, at the very least, in appearance.
    And finially, what if they are “real”, what’s to keep someone at the acceptance end – honest/honorable?
    Tick …but no tack?

  5. Mary linderman on April 29, 2012 at 8:28 am

    I love the format and your discussions Dr Farrell. I hope you continue this practice.

    • paul degagne on April 30, 2012 at 3:45 am

      I second MARY’S MOTION!

      Please continue to find the time for these video appearances. ( for me the audio-visual is important because I know in print it’s difficult to get a double entendre across to the reader without being completely misunderstood but in A/V one sees body language which speaks or adds the extra ‘something (difference) that can over-ride a “lack of comprehension?” )

      This reminded me of that commercial in which a spoke-person with the voice box who held a high position SQUEALING on the Tobacco Industry who received training sessions on how to BOLD-FACE LIE in his PR Presentations to the public. I think most people don’t realize how difficult this is to do for the body will tweak in odd dead give-away ( almost miniscule but still detectable ways if one is trained in how to spot them?) motions.

      I liked the television series “Law and Order’ despite its propagandistic aspect or the myth that there is still a law being practiced on a daily basis. ( it’s just a garbage-disposal pluming problem in which Lawyers and Judges job is undo the blockages in the Pipes! The back – up is unbelievable!)

      One of the reasons is “I like the way they shown how the Detectives’ go about INTERROGATING suspects. ( something about Inquisitors that catch my eye? Probably a throw-back to my Catholic Elementary School Training?) It’s really very difficult to FOOL THEM unless one is a Psychopath for which to them Lying is a normal path of action and not a conscience inducing side-effect…. (of course we also have the BULLSHITTERS — their hopeless for they are so lost they couldn’t tell the difference between a lie and a truth because they believe their own falsehoods or like Descartes they can never doubt themselves.)

      The Bullshits are more like the professionals who know they better stop thinking a certain way or in a certain Fashion for it just might cost them their jobs so they NLP Program themselves into becoming PROFESSIONAL cultural-managers but many of them need prosaic to perform? Even a bull-SHIP-slinger shows those tweaks or should I say the UNCONSCIOUS reveals itself too in them. (only robots can lie and HUMANS aren’t mechanical-robot no matter who says what!)

      I imagine interrogaters have a different strategy when pumping Psychopathic perps that somewhat varies from us people who still remember ethics or have some sense of moral integrity? [I don’t know for certain because I haven’t been trained as a torturer but I have been tortured by NUNS (ha, ha—- it’s not really torture and I just watered down the concept a little bit to get a point across!)].

      It used to be professional associations expelled (excommunicated) its members who such as Anthropologists who aided in the Vietnam War Effort ( if they got found out or EXPOSED????) but today the APA just like the FDA IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR and it allows certain exceptions ( trust us we’re experts evasions of sound ethics) and allow psychologists to be present during TORTURE SESSIONS! ( trusts us we’re just observers and not doing anything! YOU SURE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING —- THAT’S EXACTLY THE PROBLEM).

      Oh well just another ten thousand victims of Collateral Damage! And, afterwards if their ever brought to trial (?????) they would be swearing on oath —We were just doing our job. Same old familiar bell dome ringing over our de—-sensitived heads or brains — over and over and over again until it stops registering or we don’t hear the RINGING ANYMORE? and I am not talking about tetinitus here or however you spell it?)

      Both my Parents only had eighth-grade EDUCATIONS but they were not so foolish to believe or accept that some forms of TORTURE are permissable? ( I say — what the hell is wrong with this picture????)

      Farrell — this is what I like about your video presentations.

      You seem to be saying – WAIT, no seems about it — YOU ARE SAYING ==== Lets not take at FACE-VALUE the Spiritual Claims of those UFO advocates coming out of the desert no matter how much we may like the person making the claims.

      When you added REASON to the mix Farrell —I twixed a little bit —–don’t forget to add or balance it out with INTUITION, IMAGINATION, HISTORY, ETHICS ETC like the author John Saul suggests for REASON ALONE HAS A WAY OF GETTING LOP-SIDED VERY FAST and turning or transforming itself into something pretty Ugly!

      I know you already know that but I still like to add it for good measure. ( much seasoning doesn’t always spot the receipe if one knows what they are doing or how to cook. It’s these others throwing everything into the pot (I do it sometimes when I hear a discussion ‘going south?” or sense this NOWHERE beginning to happen? So, I add my two-cents worth and hope it sticks in either the other person’s conscious mind or if not then their unconscious mind.)

      Hindsight seems like the best but what do we do in the meanwhile? (sit around and twiddle our thumbs?)

      LOOK BACK —Sometimes one never realizes what really good information one has just received until much later?

      I think this is because of all the disinformation thrown up and at us day in and day out?

      Anyway — so much for the ” Price of Rice in China?”

      Again I forward or second MARY’S MOTION for you to continue the way your going about it?

    • paul degagne on April 30, 2012 at 4:29 am

      I am also adding this second post because I know about people’s attention spans.

      I also know one of the reasons you continue carrying this web-site is not just to sell books or other ‘pragmatic’ purposes but as you mentioned about certain policies over at DARPA —-mining certain good ideas. ( I like to contribute but whether they are good ideas i don’t know? Think — of the past = the court jester had one of the most important jobs because he not only had to criticize the King’s Folly he also had to make the King Laugh when the King was getting MUCH TOO SERIOUS for his own good! ) i am not a jester JOE but I do like French Satire even though I am well aware of certain forms of ENVY. Very much so but this is not the case!

      If it’s good enough for the Opposition then it should be good enough for you as well. ( despite the fact the opposition APPROPRIATES every-single good or decent thing on earth and uses it in EVIL WAYS! Lets hope —–IT—– appropriates something they CANNOT DIGEST OR ASSIMILATE? Something I am sure ITTTT is NOT AWARE OF! (I can hear them now in their ‘backroom’ or over the other side of the small hill in the desert where no one else can see ( that was a good image to evoke Farrell)

      WHAT’S THIS? Even better they (IT) may say — “We already know about this. Psychopaths may be and they are accomplished artists in the Art of Lying (deception) but they have FEARS that can and will undo them.

      Lets hope history (????) or certain Myths don’t repeat them selves and the WORLD GETS BLOWN UP like in one of your HYPOTHESIS(es! I am reluctant to accept this explanation of yours Farrell for like Heroshema — if it happened once it most certainly can happen again in Cosmic Time. I wouldn’t like to see that happening? (wWho in their right minds would except some Necro-philiac like Hitler watching Germany being almost totally destroyed and getting his satanic like kinky sexual thrills in committing such a Horrendous CRIME!)

      Let us hope DARPA assimilates or EATS something it cant DIGEST OR CANT THROW (BACK) UP ON US. (although I am well aware of the consequences if they do — a lingering aftereffect of my in this Anti-Civilization or Technology debate well worth considering?)


      Here’s what I originally meant to say in this second post but wandered into ‘Dante’s Thicket’ a little ways. ( the burrs and the thorns are awful but I have learned to bleed a little even though I am no longer a Christian?)

      I may take ””SHOT(s)”” and some of them may be CHEAP but in the long haul I am still recognizing a certain something. ( OK—- I will spell it out for other reader’s sake for I think you already caught on to creative-play?

      Putting aside all this Quantum- Reasoning I do believe this Alternate-Explaining of a new history but I believe is a genuine search for a NEW MYTH to serve us HUMANS is worthwhile. Bringing something INTO THE WORLD that is vitally missing in OUR TIMES!

      [ this is not as Messeanic (spelling is wrong) as it sounds?)

      • paul degagne on April 30, 2012 at 5:02 am


        The internet grapevine is getting pretty ‘worked up.” Something is happening?

        I have been following all the slander between Mahow, Icke and Rense — throw in Alex for the hell of it! ( by the way i liked the mention of you — granting credence to that author’s you mentioned in the videocast on Jones’s website even though your not a sic follower of his. You need to make appearances to publisize something. That is understandable but more endorsements would do you a mis-favor.

        By the way I am a noisy, nosey buzz-body SNOOP — what was the story about your cancellation of an appearance or presentation in that event that was held in —-was it Indianna or was it Illinois?

        None of my business I believe?

        There’s nothing quite like being a FLY ON THE WALL? Anyway — I aint the papa-rot-zee JOE?

        They seem to be coming apart where YOU FARRELL seem to have staying power (even though the dissention is getting a little bit hectic on this web site — par for the course—- when one realizes the psychological nature of the topics you bring up? I think some of your members, advanced as they are, may still be ‘babes-in-the-woods when it comes to apprehending the repercusions or below the surface ruminations when contemplating the abstract points you make in your articles. The Articles are a bit too abstract for my taste but THE CONSEQUENCES are really awful to realize and would, could or does DRAG some down which is one of the reasons your not SHUT DOWN! (Like it or not — a side effect of your good-work is APATHY!!!!!!! a TIGAR’S TAIL?)

        I WONDER WHY THIS IS SO –besides the point of leading to dead-ends?

        I suspect small is beautiful and the POWERS-TO-BE are guessing or saying to IT-SELF (they’ll never believe it!)

        Once all these other web sites go the way of the proverbial bird — the DOE-DOE > you may still be around to pick up or recycle the pieces.

        Like us mental-midgets say< (now that is a funny, self-depreciating but much needed wisecrack if I must toot my own horn === and it is so VERY TRUE!) —-


        SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL! ha, ha!

        And so was thumb-ba-lena or are they the cabarinna ( I never did much studying (or learning how to spell) of those small but potent (are they of an Italian nature) characters for obvious reasons. Too scary!

        Think– I have a small container-like Hallmark box with a picture of a cute baby-like cherub on the cover.

        Why do you think one of the most powerful forces in the Universe (Eros) is presented as a sweet, lovable figure like a Cherub?

        I will leave you readers to figure out for them selves for the world is disenchanted enough without my adding to it the way I do ….?)

        Have a good MOON Day – THIS DAY == TODAY!

        • paul degagne on April 30, 2012 at 5:24 am

          Think Peter Lorre’s role or part in that Poe Movie — the tell-tail-heart. That LOW-CLASSE wino who knew his stuff (peter lorre) certainly FIXED Vincent Price’s (the HIGH CLASS DRUNK) ass along with his no-good cheating wife, ha, ha!

          There’s a lessen to be learned here. ( I sense it catches your eye for your 12 yr. sober if I remember right but AA or Sobriety is like a good college diploma nowdays —- good to have but not necessarily a ADMISSION TICKET TO Steppenwolf’s Magic theater?

          So don’t go the way of Mahof, Icke, Rense, Jones and the rest of the GENERIC GARDEN VARIETY TYPES!

    • legioXIV on April 30, 2012 at 2:35 pm

      I’ll second that too. Brilliantly done.

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