1. Sounds all to awfully, terribly, horribly plausible, Dr. Ferrell.

    Do continue to dig into this angle because the roots seem to go deep and may be embedded in some Gawd awful Plan.

  2. A breakaway civilization you say? How can I join them (where ever they are), because the West has third worlded itself, and is never coming back.

  3. We all know the Nazi’s are someway, somewhere, at the core of it. They even use smoke signals… “Lid’le Black Sypder sat down beside her…” (Sorry, I thought this dept. said, “brainzzz.” Where’s Raphael when ya want him? I see why they all like doc’s “snakeoil” – choice quality stuff.)

    1. as if the Germans needed anyone in a design capacity….the convenient scapegoat of false association….zzz zzz

      1. That’s Correct. Don’t bother disseminating the Word – the Bird On The Mountain Flys, and Is Neither Seen Nor Heard. It Will Find It’sS Prey…

  4. There are very, very few people that I want to hear “speculate” about anything, but you are definitely one of them.

    Love to hear you talk, as long as you put the material into a book sooner or later: gotta have :the book.” I’m guessing I’m not the only one who actually needs the ENTIRE Farrell corpus in hard copy on one shelf.

  5. Mary linderman

    Brilliant research Joseph. Thank you so much for pointing all of this out. If what you are saying is correct than we are only left with one conclusion.I will not be the one to say what that conclusion is. Many will say, “No, I can’t be true.” Indeed it is true.It has been an ongoing plan since the early 19th century and there are glimpses of it even before the American revolution.There were glimpses of it in the French revolution.A plan doesn’t need to be called “Nazi” to be correct. Just apply “The duck rule.” A rose by any other name still smells like a “Rose” or a Rosicrucian or whatever name these thought forms are going under now.The hidden hand has had many names and forms.

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