April 24, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

The Daily Bell reported a little over a month ago about a recent Congressional study detailing what everyone living in the elitist imperial culture that America has become already knows: there is growing social immobility, a shrinking middle class, and growing cynicism and unease:

Hush-Hush Congressional Research Report: The Myth of Social Mobility

In my opinion the critical paragraphs are these:

"The empire that the US has become is commonly seen by the bought-and-paid-for media as the apogee of sociopolitical and cultural achievement. But as we have pointed out, empire is nothing more than the last exhalation of a dying and corrupt culture.

"It is the time PRECEDING empire during which cultures achieve greatness, when people have social mobility and control over their own lives, inspirations and inventions. Empire is inevitably a military excrescence that takes each positive enumeration of civil society and weaponizes it.

"Pre-empire cultures are great places to live. But cultures that celebrate empire are miserable ones, full of hate, fear, paranoia and socio-economic and political control."

True enough: America is hopelessly Balkanized by a variety of federal "policies" that have stressed this group or that group, and denuded the school system of anything approaching an adequate grounding in American History (or European History for that matter). Civics courses in the constitution and the basic precepts of American jurisprudence and fundamental law have all but disappeared from the curriculum; science and mathematics and English language and literature - the essentials for any meaningful communication and analysis - have fallen by the wayside.

The prices of decent housing and vehicles are skyrocketed while, in the meantime, the corporate elites have fostered policies of "free trade" that have all but gutted the once mighty American manufacturing base. The cynicism of most Americans towards the engineered (s)elections that constitute the political "process" - with each party making promises of radical change, of dealing with the energy crisis, the education crisis, the financial crisis, the debt crisis, falling on increasingly deaf ears because nothing, fundamentally, ever changes.

That cynicism is reflected in the increasingly draconian measures coming out of Washington, for the power elite in this country realizes that in some hard-to-articulate fashion, it has lost the backing of the people; the enthusiasms as hollow, the platitudes are increasingly seen as just that. Some have simply given up trying to pursue the "American dream" and seek alternatives. That growing cynicism, that apathy, however, is a sign of something else...

The Daily Bell is correct in that the Internet has fostered some of this. Increasingly Americans turn to foreign sources of news and from the major media, and simply refuse to take part in a political process that is corrupt to the core. Increasingly there are the "institutional subversives" that refuse to follow the directed history narratives being advanced in the academy or in the media.

The elite has never learned one simple lesson: empires, no matter how technologically sophisticated, no matter how draconian the measures instituted against their own populace, always fail of their own over-extended dead weight. Unlike in previous ages, the elite cannot simply pick up shop and move from one swamp to another...

See you on the flip side...