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April 18, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you know, for the past fice days I've been talking about fraud, specifically the stories surrounding the alleged counterfeiting of billions of dollars in US Treasury and Federal Reserve bearer bonds in staggering sums of billions and trillions of dollars. Well, here's the latest news about the Missouri caucus a few weeks back (bearing in mind folks, that my schedule simply doesn't allow me to blog on the spot, but allows me only to pre-schedule blogs):

GOP Establishment Shuts Down Missouri Caucus to Avoid Paul Victory

As this article states, the caucus in Missouri was shut down by Rantorum insiders anxious to prevent Romney and Paul supporters from being able to record the proceedings, and ultimately, one suspects, to prevent a victory by the Texas Congressman well-known for his staunchly Libertarian views on the American empire and financial system. Paul has called repeatedly for a full audit of the Federal Reserve System.

Now permit me to engage in what I like to do, namely, wild speculation with a minimum investment of fact. Let us consider the context in which Congressman Paul has been calling for a full audit of the Federal Reserve's activities. It is well known that Paul would like to see a return to the gold standard, a move which could prove horribly deflationary, if one believes the official reports of gold reserves in the world. There simply isn't enough gold to back all the money (and forms of money) in circulation. It would require a drastic and in my opinion catastrophic revaluation across the board, with the resulting and ensuing chaos that would stem from it. Nonetheless, regular readers here will know that I have been occasionally following the stories - as exhibited by the previous five days' posts - of the bearer bonds scandals and the related story of Lord Blackheath in the United Kingdom, which implied the existence of gold reserves at least an order of magnitude above officially reported amounts.

Regular readers will also be aware that I have speculated at length on this site - not only in the previous five days' posts but also in previous serialized posts - on the bearer bonds scandals to the effect that regardless of whether or not one believes government explanations that these bonds are counterfeit or not, one is left with at least the implication that they are based upon a genuine though hidden system of finance, for whatever purpose. I even have implied in some of those blogs that that purpose may involve space, and may even involve the Moon as some sort of collateral, wild and wooly as that sounds.

This takes us back to Congressman Ron Paul, and his steady insistence upon a full audit of the Federal Reserve System. If we assume that there is such a secretive system of finance, one that may even be based upon intentional fraudulent securities issued by that system for whatever purpose, then the reason for the Establishment's opposition to the Congressman become painfully and patently evident: such an audit could expose the whole hidden system, its fraudulent basis, and the perpetrators of the fraud, not to mention the purpose for which that system was put into place, as system put into place - if the bearer bonds scandals are any indicator - in the 1930s.

It may be objected that of course Congressman Paul has no chance of winning the Republithug nomination, and hence, this cannot be a hidden motivation for the Establishment's opposition to him. But this is not the case at all. All the Congressman has to do is gain enough delegates to influence the outcome of a brokered convention and to extract a promise of an audit of the Fed, with appropriate guarantees. That threat alone would be enough for the Establishment, if any of this speculation and dot-connecting be valid, to want to make sure the Congressman does not get his audit, for that would mean an possible entire hidden system of finance, and its hidden purpose, could be exposed.

See you on the flip side....