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April 4, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well friends, it was inevitable and predictable, but in Egypt now there is a member of the Egyptian parliament, Adel Azzazy, calling for a return to Sharia law punishments for crimes, including the amputation of limbs, and crucifixion as a method of capital punishment:

MP proposes Sharia punishments for murder, theft crimes

In case you missed it:

"Policemen are entitled to treat felons with force after warning them, and are also entitled to shoot them dead. But if they surrender or are wounded, policemen are obliged not to hurt them, the proposed law says.

"Stolen possessions should be returned to their owners, the law says, but it stipulates that if their owners are unknown, they should be put in the state's treasury. For murders, citizens affected by the crime should be given the options of retribution, receiving compensation or granting amnesty.

"'This is God’s law and is not optional,' Azzazy said, commenting on his proposal. 'The current penalties are not deterrent enough.'

As if there were not enough barbarism in the world, policemen will have the right to shoot alleged felons dead after warning them, and, oh yes, if they surrender then we're informed that they are obliged not to hurt them (presumably meaning they're not already dead).

That's right folks, in the twenty-first century, barbarism and religious nuttiness have reached such a fever pitch that we are witnessing serious calls for the return of the Byzantine practice of amputations - literal corporal punishment - and crucifixions for punishments of crime. Notably, in Azzazy's bill, citizens who are the victim of such crimes are given the option of "retribution" or amnestying the perpetrator (that's presumably if the police have not already shot him or her dead).

Let's call this what it is: barbarism, and hope and pray that sane voices will prevail.... but the way things are going, I am not holding my breath!

See you on the flip side.