1. Robert Barricklow

    Made it the Jay Leno monologue, saying, in effect, that the Italian counterfeits were so real they looked just like the real worthless trillion dollar bonds.

  2. another one bites the dust……funny the ship that hit that Popes island, the Medici was the warning shot over the bow….. oh well.

    1. The power that use to be….that funny money could buy an awful lot of whores…incidently it was reported the captain of the ship …although incompetent was a real ladies man.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    The tip of the financially duplicitious iceberg keeps showing the skirts of a corrupted “closed” monopoly cancerous system that has virtual economies eating up the real economies. Look out, Titanic Ships of State.
    Usually, at tomes like these, they call on World War, to enter the global stage from the far right.
    Because when all else fails have the public fall on the elite’s grenade to save the status quo monopoly cancerous system. Sacriface the 99.99% to save the .01% who are the cause & problem.

    Let the numbers work in the peoples’ favor.
    Someway, somehow, we must:
    “Make it so”/Jean Luc Picard

    1. Sacrifice the 99.99% (nobodies) to save the .01% (somebodies) who are the cause % problem.

      Very interesting Robert— I find myself instinctively agreeing with you here but — ALWAYS A BIG BUTT (ha, ha) ===

      Without the 99% would there be a .01%? (what would happen then — the .01% IN THRALL of the .001%??????)

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