April 5, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

You have to hand it to Russia. Not only did they re-elect Vladimir Putin, but did so in a large majority, turning their backs on the nutcase Communist Party, Limonov's unusual combination of militant Bolshevism and Nazism (seriously folks, his party's symbol is a bizarre mix of Communist and Nazi symbols), and other extremist groups, to put back into office the man who helped end the demolition of Russia by Western-sponsored former apparatchiks.

Well, here's one that RT TV found, talking about The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness's release of a  a new document entitled “Terrorism Awareness and Prevention”. According to this document, one can recognize certain signs of a potential terrorist by noticing certain signs. As RT TV comments:

"So what are these suspicious behaviors? 'Look for signs of nervousness in the people you come in contact with.' This includes 'exaggerated yawning when in a conversation,' 'repetitive touching of face,' 'increased breathing rate,' 'unusual perspiration,' 'excessive fidgeting,' 'trembling' and 'goose bumps.'  Though some might say these are all completely natural body reactions, the document says otherwise.

"While pacing around and being jumpy is also listed as a potential indicator of malicious intent, standing still in a rigid posture also fits the bill of terrorist intent. So what should you do to avoid getting flagged as a potential enemy of the state? Stand still, or gesture profusely?" (see the entire article here: How to spot a terrorist?)

It's a bizarre turn of events, folks, for a few short decades ago, we looked to the Russian media as being inherently corrupt and nutty (and it was), and the compliant tool of a wretched totalitarian system. As you'll note, the list of yawning face-touching terrorists would now seem to include Chancellorin Angela Merkel, President Putin, Newt Gingrich, and a host of others.

The real problem is the inherent nuttiness that our banana republic has become, for now you could be conceivably arrested and detained (perhaps even killed) by our kinder gentler Gestapo for yawning or touching your face too much (guess I'll have to change my picture on this website).