May 16, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I am one of those people old enough, as I have written elsewhere on this website, to remember the Salk-Sabin polio vaccine controversies that began in the 1950s and continued into the early 1960s...I remember the hushed voices of my parents as they discussed which one to give me in response to our local school district's vaccination campaign against polio... well, in part, the debate was settled by local outcry. Only a few schools were willing, by that time, even to touch the controversial Salk vaccine and my parents had decided, no matter what, that that vaccine was getting nowhere near my body.

All that said, I am not one of those who views all vaccines as bad and dangerous, but I am one of the growing number who views the corruption of government agencies like the FDA, which increasingly functions as nothing but a rubber stamp agency for the large pharmaceutical companies, with a great deal of suspicion. Nor am I an Austrian economics Milton Friedman free market ideologue... free markets work, but only in the unreal stage of the economic ideologue's mind, where human corruption and evil are not considered. The bottom line for pharmaceutical companies is the bottom line: profits, and when necessary, they can and do falsify testing results to foist unsafe drugs - including vaccines - on to the public.

We need only look at the growth of commercials on television for this or that drug, which warn of side effects of everything from pancreatic, prostrate, breast or colon cancer, to hair loss (or growth), liver failure, uncontrollable bleeding, septic shock, kidney failure, brain hemorrhage, heart attack, stroke, or (to joke for a moment), terminal flatulence. But by golly, take this pill, and though you may expire in a cloud of methane gas, at least you'll be over your depression(one way or another). All praise the giant pharmaceuticals, for they have a pill-cure for everything (with apologies to W.H. Auden for such a lousy paraphrase).

All joking aside, there has been for a long time a growing correlation of certain vaccines with autism, and now, there is even more collaboration of the link:

Vaccine Bombshell: Baby Monkeys Given Standard Doses of Popular Vaccines Develop Autism Symptoms

It goes without saying that the drugged powers that be will probably counter with yet more laws and more commercials and assurances from their controlled puppet governments that their vaccines and drugs are safe... we must demand, in our several countries, that those government agencies do their job, and insist on genuinely rigorous testing of drugs and vaccines, and not the sham procedures that they have need only think of one word to understand the corruption, the sham, and the corruption of science that it all entails, from yet another quarter in the medical-genetic context....can we say genetically modified organisms? genetically modified crops and foods?