May 28, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's a bit of significant news from the world of science: the Chinese (go figure) have broken a record for the "teleportation" of qubits of information via the phenomenon of entanglement to an even greater distance, from 16to 97 kilometers:

Chinese group breaks distance record for teleporting qubits

I want to draw your attention to the paragraphs that caught my eye:

"In so doing the team showed that it might be possible to create a system using teleportation for communication purposes, based on communications through the air, to special satellites. Doing so would have two very significant advantages over conventional systems. The first, and most obvious would be to allow for nearly perfect cryptography applications. The second would be communications free from latency lags.

"There is still a long way to go however, as the Chinese team has also demonstrated - their efforts still required the use of a classical channel to measure the results. Having to do so nullifies the latency lag effect and doesn’t allow for teleporting whole messages, though it should allow for sending such messages through a classical channel while sending encryption keys via ."

In other words: (1) we're not at the stage that entire messages can be transmitted this way but (2) the cryptographic possibilities this afford are immense, for basically, one has to know the initial state of the entanglement itself in order to intercept, and decrypt the message.

It is the latter possibility that must have them burning a little midnight analytical oil in places like DARPA and similar agencies around the world. The first question they have to be asking is: What are the Chinese not saying? And the second one they will be contemplating is how to turn these advances into workable technologies, both for encryption and decryption...and the third question is: Oh my God what if someone is already doing it?

And on this list of nightmares conjured by that last question, that they may be contemplating, is surely this: What if workable quantum technologies, not only for information transfer, but encryption(and possibly, decryption), made it into the hands of the general public? This would spell an utter end to the efforts of certain parties to peer into everyone's email, and worse, it would allow information to flow freely, and securely, between private individuals: a godsend for criminal syndicates and, for that matter, to the private individual how simply wants to communicate with family, friends, relatives, without all the world's powers reading their mail.

Well, we're a long way off from that of course, but, the potential is there, and rest assured, the proverbial "they" are already contemplating that future and taking their "appropriate steps."

See you on the flip side.