1. This, in my opinion, is a startling find. The aspects that make it so intriguing are: Who erected these monuments, what type of technology and techniques were employed to carve these statues, what series of events took place that covered these statues, was it on purpose or caused by some natural phenomena, what substructure were these statues built upon. This is just the tip of the iceberg of questions that I have, another aspect of this find that is compelling is why has this site not been excavated sooner, or what impeded the progress of the archeologists form excavating it sooner? All in all, this is just plain weird, but then again so is this crazy world!

  2. Patterns on the torso look a little like electrical circuits or armour. They could simply be fabric patterns or tattoos as well.

  3. Enlil's a Dog

    I like how she mentions the discovery of the “stone tools” that were used to create these things!

    “Some” of the statues had what she refers to as “guide” holes for rope to stand these structures up, also fits very neatly into their paradigm of thinking lol…Bullshit I say!! lol….What about the statues that don’t???

    Lastly and most obvious, if anything was found at the site that doesn’t fit into their Dogma, we certainly won’t be told about it – same old, same old, same old…

    Yep, I’m having a cynical bad man day 🙂

  4. I first encountered them in a comic book, believe or not,
    where they rose up out of the ground and started
    talking to each other as they walked toward the sea,
    about plans to settle the Earth.

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