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May 8, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Those of you who've been following some of my books like Babylon's Banksters and more recently Grid of the Gods (with Dr. Scott D. de Hart) will know that one of the concerns I've had is the ancient rise and practice of bloody sacrifice, including in some cultures, human sacrifice. As I've outlined in those books, and will be doing so again in a future book, oftentimes this practice is justified in "financial" terms, as the payment of a debt (which, in most versions of the "reasoning", can never be repaid anyway, leading to the question, "Why bother then?").

I've long thought that various modern practices - the Holocaust, abortion, euthanasia in some cases, and even, in some cases, capital punishment (to which I am opposed incidentally) - are revivals, oftentimes but thinly disguised, of ritual sacrifices.  There are, indeed, aspects of ritual sacrifice that seem to hover on the edges even of some infamous serial murder cases, such as the notorious Zodiac murders.

Now, the Associated Press is reporting actual cases of an old cult reemerging in Mexico:

Mexican border family suspected of human sacrifice

Admittedly the article notes that the followers of the Santa Meurte cult do not all practice the barbaric practice, but that it is an aberration...

....but it is? In a society that is itself suffused with the influence of a religion that justified yet another sacrifice on a Cross as the payment of an infinite debt that mankind could not itself pay? That reduced the whole barbaric Gospel story to terms of a financial transaction with God an angry banker demaning payment to balance the books?

Don't get me wrong, that practice itself is barbaric, but equally barbaric are the consistent notions of debt, payment, and bloody sacrifice that suffuse our culture...that is the root of the problem; Santa Meurte is just the twigs on the branches growing from that root.