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May 23, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

While our attention has been inexorably focused on Greece, France, and Germany in recent months, there is another significant signal that not all is going so well for the European technocrats and banksters in Brussels and London, and it is, as it turns out, really bad news...

....that news comes from Italy. Let's pause before we get into too many details. Italy is not Greece, nor even Spain or Portugal. Italy's economy is far larger; its technological capability rivals the other big three in Europe: Great Britain, France, and Germany, and it is a key geopolitical and military factor in the security arrangements of NATO in the central Mediterranean.

We now have this bit of intriguing news, once again brought to our attention by the good folks at the Daily Bell:

Italian Voters Reject Austerity, Too

I hope you caught the significant admissions here, because they are, even for the Daily Bell, rather astounding:

"The results across the board, according to Reuters, involved a rejection of the "technocrat" Monti's austerity plans. Just as in France and Greece, recently, the voters have spoken.

"So where does that leave Europe?

"Something will have to give, yes? The big banks are underwater and the big PIGS governments are no better off. The ECB is NOT printing enough money to "fix" Europe – and the Germans wouldn't let that happen anyway ...

"The Germans have served notice on their leaders that they will not pay endlessly to salvage Europe, nor is it incumbent on them to do so."

Indeed, something has to give, and the Daily Bell at this juncture trots out the now familiar scenario that all this is being orchestrated by the banks to bring about general European-wide misery in an effort to further centralize and consolidate power:

"So ... as aficionados of directed history we return to the idea that what is being prepared for Europe is a special Hell in which nothing shall be resolved and everything shall grow steadily more miserable.

"That's one way to "cook a frog" – and to strengthen the EU and euro ultimately. When people have had their lives thoroughly shattered, they shall give up power to further centralizing facilities and cease to struggle."

But something has gone wrong:

"But in the age of what we call the Internet Reformation, we find that highly speculative as well. People don't seem in a surrendering mood to us – they seem increasingly angry and aware of their manipulation."

I concur, at least as far as the Daily Bell's analysis goes, for rather than being increasingly compliant, populations are increasingly restive, and, like it or not, they are aware in a way and in numbers never encountered before that it is the financial elites themselves that are to be held responsible. Only two decades ago, such views would have been confined to the "conspiracy theory fringe;" now, they are commonplace, and that is, indeed, a sweeping cultural expansion.

But as I've made clear in previous written and vidblogs on this site, and even in private more detailed discussions in the members' area videos, there is another factor at work, in my opinion. That factor is what I believe the bearer bonds scandals represent, namely, a vast hidden tier or system of finance, a system that began to be erected in the interwar period by western banks in conjunction with the Kuomintang government of Nationalist China. I hope to be writing extensively about this subject in a future book, but for our purposes here, there are three things or sets of dots, as it were, that I think need to be connected:

  1. The emergence of the bearer bonds scandals beginning with the Japanese Bearer Bond scandal of 2009;
  2. The increasing calls of various nations - Switzerland, India, Venezuela, and Germany - to repatriate their gold reserves currently held overseas in various central banks (the BIS, the Bank of England, and the Federal Reserve);
  3. The creation of a hidden tier of finance using plundered Nazi and Japanese bullion to fund various covert political and research operations.

In short folks, we may also be looking at some sort of conflict between the public institutions and this hidden system, representing very possibly a breakaway civilization.

As for Europe, Italy's move signals that the discontent is not going to go away, but grow.

See you on the flip side.