1. As one wag on Zero Hedge noted today, mergers, more often than not, are actually acquisitions. The red shield group funded the beginnings of Standard Oil, after all.

  2. To me –in the end — the structure of their ghoulish construct between themselves which has us question if they ARE in alliance or NOT, doesn’t matter until I see them arrested.

    THEN yes, those finer points may have some pertinence…
    I guess.

    HOWEVER, if they are put in front of a firing line or immediately hung from a tree like they have done to little black boys and men down South — then we needn’t concern ourselves at all with those finer details…eh?

  3. I doubt the Rockefellers would have risen to such heights without the Rolthchilds blessing and mentoring to begin with. And that kind of support doesn’t come free.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    I said to him: “I’ve come-but not for keeps.
    But who are you so horrible?”
    He answers: “Look. I am the one who weeps.”

    Dante, The Inferno, Canto 8 (ll. 34-36)

    1. Robert Barricklow

      The Rockefellers were a creature of t5he Rothschilds. And were the the Rothschilds a creature of the Venetians’s Black Nobility. And were the Venetian’s Black nobility a ?
      You get the idea of a sequential privatized monetary signature being embedded?

      1. you’re just so spot-on/ right on the money (so to speak) with your questions, Robert-

        the rabbit hole is just so incredibly deep and murky

        1. Robert Barricklow

          One key is this pattern replete throughout the empire($) of old & new, the privatized cancer metastasis ownership of “sequential” many meanings) “currencies”(many meanings).
          That is one nasty meme(like how it rhymes with mean). Also the one called “wetiko” is in the mix. The point being that these memes are endemic, signature/stamped not only in cultures, but perhaps in the fabric of our DNA, time/space. All the aforementioned are wild conjectures, as my mind spins the wheel of chance trying vainly, to get the right combination to open or close this enigma, of most profond & sinister implications.
          I know we’re being played at many levels, …and down the proverbial rabitt hole, …are the maddening answers.

          1. Hi Robert,

            “I know we’re being played at many levels, …and down the proverbial rabitt hole, …are the maddening answers”- totally agreed-

            but could you please translate the rest of your posting?- start with defining “wetiko”- on second thought, don’t bother- if you do I’m sure that either Dr. Farrell or his website master will draw the thin black lines with a missing “reply” button terminating a certain discussion-

            Dr. Farrell and his webmaster seem to be allergic to orthographic mumbo-jumbo (I also)- please either state something understandable to us non-psychics in clear text or you might want to consider contributing to a discussion among mutual telepathics on your level whose understanding goes waaay beyond the host and readers of this website- please ascend- move on and leave us morons in the dust- you owe it to yourself

          2. Robert Barricklow

            As the 3 Stooges attempted to teach Nuns, yes they were teaching nuns. Can’t remember if it was Moe or Curly(the bald guy)
            But the subject was success. He was at a black board spelling it.
            He was saying as spelled/
            You’ve got to keep, keep, succing, until you

          3. the 3 Ham (n moon made of chesse sandwiches) and the big bad wolf

            huff and puff and blow that thing down big bad wolf

            wasn’t Romulus and Remus mom a wolf.

            I wonder if Robin was hoodwinked and maid to marry anne. or does the early Ladybird get the worm?

            the ugly truth

          4. Robert Barricklow

            Ever here the story of the 3 pigs, where when they get to the older brother’s brick house he tells everyone to cool their jets as he rings up some friends.
            Soon the Big Bad Wolf is making bad w/the threats and they hear a screeching of tires and explosions of gunfire.
            The Big Bad Wolf is been offed to never never land.
            The litlle pig brothers ask who did the dirty deed.
            The Big Brother replies,
            His friends, the(drum roll)….

            Guinea Pigs.

          5. Robert Barricklow

            To really get to the down & dirty check-out The Nursery Crime Division in:
            The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime by Jasper Fforde.

            Warning It’s Hard Boiled Crime at it’s most foul.

          6. the lone assas..ham?

            The nursery rhymes is old hat, but I will go re check them out, ever since i added salt water to my orb of the box with in the box the necker cube doesnt seem as amusing
            which came first the chicken or the egg…elementary Mr Watt son….it was the McRooster

            I want to break free….by the Queen himself.
            The poor elite having to take care of us beasts of burden. trying to figure out neckers box.

          7. SilverSerpent

            Nothing like Polarity answering a Unity ParadoX. EL-emenTary – Which came first, chix or egg? Please. They Were/Are Simultaneous. “Every Unity Is Also A Duality.” Anything… else? (Be Fine; Keep The Secret of The SacRed~DiVine.)

          8. Well I just wiki that children book and it contains everything I know which aint much.

            Surprising that no one was sniffing that certain dope down a golden brick road.

            One thing for sure the Queen would not be amused.

          9. welcome aboard SS, the shemale came first…or rather the man.
            Genesis 1.27 The man was created in Gods image he created they them, male and female he created them…

            God is neither man or women, god lives for ever and ever, so doesnt need to reproduce…also machines live for ever and ever with battery power.
            Things go wrong when the lord shows up and eve figures out she is a hoe.

  5. I was always under the suspicion that the Rockefellers were always Rolthschild agents. Heard years ago that they financed the Rockefeller rise to power in the U.S.. What we may be witnessing is a strengthening of their Empire and protecting it from future devide and comquer strategies some of their family members may have shown past weakness towards listening to. Or it could be the collection of interest on this family debt before elder Rockefeller dies of old age. Likely the Rolthchilds will be becoming major land owners in the U.S. when the next financial crisis wave is let loose upon farmers and ranchers who are still in debt on their farms. Just speculation.

  6. What explain the Roths leaving the London Bullion Market in 2004?

    And what about the CEO of Rockefeller suicide?

    What of the LME sale to what looks like a HK front for the HSBC crowd? Between ICE and HK exchange?

    How does Asia fit into this Anglo feud equation what with China and Japan making good on threat to trade FX outside of dollar?

    This while the US congress just rejected funding for the base moving agreement inked on Okinawa

  7. lol chaos and order uniting….too late, funny thing is with murderers liars and thieves they can never see that it all comes to an end

    the 4th law will get you every time.

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