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  1. Sorry
    I think he did have a gun, probably not loaded
    since this guy was a brainwashed shmuck and
    NOT Hussein

    1. Hi Robert. Thank you for sharing your links. I didn’t know Fetzer and Tarpley neither. Interesting.

  2. Benazir Bhutto announced live on the David Frost show in Nov. of 2010 that a certain “Omar Scheich” (yeah, the dude that ‘supposedly’ transfered funds to Mohammed Atta shortly before 9/11) murdered Osama bin Deadawhile in Dec. 2001- the Cairo newspaper published his obituary shortly afterward-

    if my read sources are correct bin Deadawhile was suffering from Marfan’s Syndrome which severely affects the kidneys- he needed dialysis and was receiving it in a US military hospital in Dubai (after all, “Tim Osman” was originally a CIA asset to help tthe Taliban oust the Russians so Afghanistan’s inumerable poppy fields, among other things, could be exclusively controlled by western powers)-

    in any case, bin Laden probally knew too much and had to go one way or another, but his “spirit” lived on as a contrived “spook” to scare the Bejeezus out of people so public opinion would support the ever-expanding military complex- all under the pretense of protecting us from “tour-orists”-

    I apologize profusely if stating these concepts is preaching to the choir for some folks who are already aware of the scope of political theater

  3. Sounds like one of the sharks may be Operation Barnhard, the Nazi Counterfeiting Operation during World War Two, that made the News and Views from the Nefarium recently on April 26, 2012.

    To what extent is the recent gold, bearer bonds, audits, speculations, and really wild White Dragon speculations connected with Operation Barnhard?

    Is some kind of secret Bormann Bankster ‘real debt’ being called in now as ‘due’ now by some Bankster Breakaway Inc group?

    So many Gangster Elites, so little time.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Osama bin dead, again & again. The eveready presidential poll bunny-booster.

    Incidently, Jim Fetzer had a show recently featuting “Payday Monsanto” a “Truth Bop Musician”.
    I found his music videos stellar and the interview as well(which includes some of his music).
    Friday May 4, 2012.

  5. He was already dying by 9/11/01
    and I heard that it was shortly thereafter.

    It’s possible that he got a kidney, but was in regular
    dialysis and visited by a CIA [of course since they created al Quada,
    but didn’t tell us which way to spell it ] while in a Dubai hospital in
    the spring of that year.

    I guess he didn’t mind being given the ‘credit’

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Also “mission Accomplished” was the: in-real-time killing of Saddam Hussein.
      It’s getting to be that now, whenever you believe mainstream news, you know it’s time for a head realignment, …because something is seriously afoot!

      1. Both were CIA assets, but Saddam did not like the price.
        He was killed during the US initial attack on Iraq by another country
        to try to make an end run around the war right then and there.

        I guess you could say that bin Laden was a ‘passive asset’
        while Saddam learned all their dirty tricks so long as he was
        the one using them.
        The spidey hole photos were put up in such haste that a great
        many spotted the differences.

        The beard to hide the jaw, which was NOT dyed, while the hair was.
        Pretty dumb to dye his hair, whoever the poor, dumb guy was.
        Whatever you love to hate about the real Saddam, he was not the kind to run
        and hide in a spidey hole, stay there alone, unarmed, with no food
        or place to …you know…………..and then lie down next to it.
        He was either totally lacking in brains or, most likely put on
        psycho drugs, the most likely option.

        1. Enlil's a Dog


          As Jordan Maxwell said once in a radio interview – “These people DON’T runaway and HIDE, the only way they go away is when they’re DEAD”!!! (emphasis Maxwell’s)

          Whether one likes or loathes Mr Maxwell’s information or style of presentation, that comment was spot on absolute!!

          1. I think they kept them both alive in case they
            decided to use them for more blame, but decided not
            to for any major false flag ops.

            The world is a very unpleasant deception !

          2. Would you be surprised to find out that the original Gulf War was
            fabricated and started by the real head of the Multie-headed
            forked tongue snake-under-the-rock Bush the Elder [fool]
            to test all their ready exotic weapons up to that time ?

            I had pics, but a tech was paid more from someone else
            to completely erase and delete everything on my older PC.

            Nothing is ever really lost, but I don’t need them.

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