1. Does anyone else think this “invisable undetectable bomb” might be a perfect excuse for the TSA to insist on full body cavity searches on all airline passengers?

    You know, based on what I have seen in the past few years, I belirve it really could happen.

    Aren’t you glad to be an Amerikan, with all those wonderful “freedoms” they always talk about?

  2. “Ah, me, I thought there was a Pea.” … Sleep, sweet Princess, sleep. (“I luv the Sound of a humming battery; whoever invented them, is a genius. More sLobster?” … “Of course.”)

  3. Robert Barricklow

    The benefit of theses “invisibles”, is that now, the all improved new app for “unwashed thoughts” can weed out the undesirables simply by scanning them for: the desire for & justice and/or liberty.

    Mofaz sold out his party; our parties have sold out our country, but at a price they can live with.

    Israel had a good teacher, Hitler.

    “When finially you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not detroy the heretic because he resists us: so long as he resists us we never destroy him. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we shape himm… We bring him over to our side not in appearance, but genuinely, heart and soul.” – From Orwell’s 1984

    1. ” . . .to end, once and for all, any possibility of free and independent thought . . .”

  4. This is hard stuff. Thank you a lot Joseph Farrell for sharing this and all the other very interesting resources. Some comments:

    1. Getting out of the matrix: The matrix still is regional and not global.
    I visit this space since more or less two month. I’m a german, living in Spain. There are a lot of people, at least from England, Germany, Spain and other european countries I guess, and of course the american part. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand the american perspective of what’s going on, so I imagine it could be the same for americans to understand the european picture. But we meet here and can interchange our points of view. That’s the magic of internet. We are so close now that it is possible to communicate different realities and perceptions of what’s going on, across cultural borders. “They” can’t deal with that. The mass media manipulation focus on a certain target population with a determined characteristic, a kind of national or specific cultural discours.
    So what is happening here, in this space that we are sharing, is really dinamite to blow up the matrix. The so called “internet reformation” (Daily Bell) allows us to communicate nearly in real time information about our different realities and at the same time compare the different views on it, based on different believe systems and a different conditioning by the mainstream media and educational system. Doing this we get aware of each other and we can see beyond the matrix.

    2. “If you believe in murdering your opponents, not debating with them, dispossessing the powerless, creating a fictional world based on lies and paying the corporate media to uphold the lies and fictional world, you are part of what the rest of the world perceives as “The West.””
    – Today they killed 7 Al-Quaida members, in a house. They don’t speak about civilians. They just kill what they consider “terrorist”, without trial, without defense, without pity for “collateral damage”.
    – Have you ever heard a Tabilan- Interview? I mean: the taliban point of view of the conflict? This is the matrix. They control our minds, restricting the incoming information. If we’d hear the other part, maybe we could understand their point of view.
    – In Europe the medias and politicians bought in to the worst of all “conspiracy theories”, the oficial version of events. Maybe they think: “If the americans insist in their version, ok, why should we query it?” The people are lazy, if you question the official version, you really get in trouble. Only those, who are searching for truth, although it hurts, unveil the lies. It’s astonishing to which degree “they” are able to maintain these lies.
    – The “rest of the world” is the exploited world. The western worker is the beneficiant of third world exploitation. We like to believe, or not to know, certain realities in “third world” countries. That’s the reason why our syndicats are tied to capital. We are all bought and involved in exploitation.

    3. “People without valid information are helpless, and that is where Western peoples are. The new tyranny is arising in the West, not in Russia and China. The danger to humanity is in the nuclear button briefcase in the Oval Office and in the brainwashed and militant Amerikan population, the most totally disinformed and ignorant people on earth.”
    – There are three factors of domination:
    1. desinformation and ignorance: If you are not sure what’s going on, what could you do? You’ll be quiet and patient and you’ll think: “There are paid experts to know and to decide. That’s not my business.” They always will shut you up by their experts.
    2. military/police threat: If you think you know whats going on: what could you do, as an individual, against the powers to be. “They” compartementalize us in little house or apartment boxes, so we can’t organize a bigger movement of resistance. At work we have to be competitive and at home we don’t want to be the “black sheep” of conspiration. So we are isolated and it’s difficult to imagine a general movement.
    3. all day need: isn’ t it better to go to work, to feed your family, and shut up?

    – The last point is delicate. I never have been in America. I imagine a lot of ignorance regards to Europe or other parts of the world. My own knowledge of America consists mostly in Hollywood pictures. I think, Europe is not really better. Maybe there is more “information”, but without showing the whole picture, this “information” often works like disinformation.

    – “people without valid information are helpless”:
    that’s a huge frase. And it questions directly the assumption of “internet reformation”. The internet offers a lot of “narration”, a wide range of “pictures”. We can’t verify o falsify these narrations. We can say: I do believe it or I don’t. That’s why Joseph Farrell insists in documented research. I’m afraid that it needs a lot of education to know how to handle all this information. The normal case could be this one: “There are so many different opinons of allegedly experts, what shall I think?” And the people resign to the official version, or become fanatics and adherents to any believe system or event they “feel” right.
    The direct effect is: to feel helpless and therefore don’t act, or to act in a blind manner, without wider outlook.

    This is the best article I’ve read determining the actual situation. A voice in the desert, searching for water, food and human company.

    Thank you.

  5. Hating to sound redundant, I will anyway.
    There is not now and never has been a (true) democracy
    or even republic (representative democracy) anywhere, at any time.

    They are all “pseudo democracies” of capitalism and capitalists
    (the immortal [they think] lord gods of money, land and usary)
    not to be mistaken for “free enterprise.”
    [Yes, there’s a difference]

  6. Maxim K. Rice

    legio — socialism is not fascism.

    i think Iceland has found a way out of the CURRENT matrix. MSM won’t touch it!

    1. Maxim I didn’t say that it ‘is’ I said that there is very little difference between the two.

  7. That is a great article, I don’t think that there is a single thing there that I could disagree with. Well done Mr Roberts.

    1. On reflection there is only one thing that I have trouble accepting from what is otherwise a brilliant analysis from Paul Craig Roberts, and that is:

      “In truth Israel is a fascist state, one that has been in violation of international law and Christian morality during the entirety of its existence.”

      I have no problem with Israel as a fascist state, after all are not all western ‘democracies’ fascist/socialist states? There being very little difference between fascism and socialism to my mind. What I have trouble with is how can a ‘Jewish’ state be expected to follow ‘Christian morality’? That’s like expecting Iran to operate under the tenants of ‘Christian morality’.

      This leads, of course, to a Pandora’s box.
      Just what is ‘Christian morality’?
      Who decides what is ‘Christian morality’?
      How can ‘Christian morality’ be applied to such a diverse and highly individualistic species as the modern human race with its many different forms of religious beliefs?
      What makes ‘Christian morality’ so moral?

      1. Hey Legio:

        I suggest you read CAESAR’S MESSIAH by Joseph Atwill. Then you will understand the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

        The evidence Atwill lines up is pretty impressive, and of course, ignored by almost all New Testament academics.

      2. I understand when he says “christian morality” he means humanistic values shared by all americans (it doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong to connect it to christianity) and the statement that Israel doesn’t respect these values means that America shouldn’t be allied to this politic, for their own american values, regardless the Israel religious believe.

        1. With respect Robert, does that mean that America should not ally itself with any nation that does not follow ‘American values’?

          1. I meant it this way:
            It means that you ally to whom you agree in his deeds and doings. And if there is a big difference (in laws of sensibility), maybe you think about it and try to change the politic of your ally or you quit the alliance, at last.

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