May 26, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Henrik Palmgren and my friends at Red Ice Creations have posted an interesting article and I thought I'd pass it along:

Bayer CropScience and Bee Deaths

As I've blogged about numerous times on this website, GMO foods, in my opinion, pose as much of a health hazard as they do a boon for humanity. They have been, in my opinion, inadequately tested (as a little research into the subject will demonstrate), and when conscientious scientists have tried to sound a warning bell, the bast machinery of the elite's "directed science" swing into action.

What do I mean by "directed science"? For years I've talked and written about what I call "public consumption physics", a kind of elitist-driven and manipulated physics complete with the repression of inventions or patents threatening the reigning paradigm, a paradigm that, in my opinion, has been deliberately promoted because it is designed to "dead end", i.e., to lead to no practical and worthy investigations of things such as cold fusion, investigation of the means to tap into the zero point energy. The "science" is directed, top down. I've also speculated that one possible reason for this direction is thye need to keep the science and technology developed in black projects secret.

"Directed science" was suggested to me by The Daily Bell with its own concept of directed history, i.e., an historical narrative that goes out of its way to conceal the action of hidden elites and to relegate any investigation of such a notion to the "fringe", to "conspiracy theory", and so on. The problem is, with the advent of the internet, it isn't working so well any more, and hence, the military-industrial-financial-security complex (and we might also note, it is a pathology, a psychological syndrome or frame of mind of some very sick people) is clamping down with more overt acts of force, and the installation of new institutions of repression.

The same holds true with the corporate backed "science" behind GMOs and their effects: thousands of years of agronomy have produced wheat seeds and various other crops which farmers are increasingly prohibited from using, while corporations peddle their seeds and crops which, at best, have had only a few years of testing, and when even those look "fishy", their lackeys in government agencies step in to lobby and twist the organs of government to bend to their will. It isn't as bad in Europe, where a number of governments have banned various GMOS - France, Hungary, and a host of smaller countries - but in this country, directed science marches on, a measure perhaps, of the corruption of our institutions, bureaucrats, and politicians.

The folks at Red Ice have now informed us of yet another possible link in the unfolding destruction wrought by the bozos in "agribusiness" with their GMOs(and let's not forget, the very notion of "agribusiness" is an invention of the Rockefailure interests): the increasing decline in the number of bees, a phenomenon reported for many years. We may wait confidently for the latest "study" to be funded by the FDA and various "foundations" that will "prove" that no such link exists.

Well, the growing number of foreign governments banning their products, and the declining number of genuine customers that are not bought off with "loans" to buy their seeds, are telling the story: the market is turning against them.

See you on the flip side.