Babylon's Bankers


May 30, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Our friends at RT TV, Russian TV, have posted an article that, by the time this blog is scheduled and published, will be a little old, but it's worth taking note of:

Vatican slams new book of leaked documents as ‘criminal’

Now, let's draw attention to those final remarks about the Holy See's new "transparency" and read between the lines of the rest of the article a bit:

"In a bid to show it has mended its ways, the Institute for Religious Works this week invited ambassadors from 35 countries in for a tour and a chat with its managing director as part of a new transparency campaign. The tour came on the same day Holy See representatives were in Strasbourg discussing the first draft of a report from a Council of Europe committee on the Vatican's compliance with international norms to fight money laundering and terrorism financing.

"British Ambassador Nigel Baker, who went on the Institute for Religious Works tour, later blogged that the Vatican's reputation depends on showing that its institutions are transparent."

Money laundering...terrorism financing...and guided tours of the Vatican Bank: "See? We're transparent now. No scandals here. Nosirree. Nothing under our skirts here... Move along now..."

Well, the rest of the article says it all, and RT TV is quietly, in my opinion, inviting us to view this new "transparency" with a skeptical eye (and indeed, my own personal eye is not just skeptical, but jaundiced with respect to the Vatican's financial and political dealings).  How far back, RT TV is inviting us to ask, does this new "transparency" really go? Will the Vactican come clean on the relationships and dealings of former IOR head Archbishop Paul Marcinkus? Will it come forth with what it knows about the whole shady dealings of Michele Sindona, Roberto Calvi, the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano? With what it knows about the P2-G affair? of the possible (and in my opinion, probable) connections between them all? Will it tell us why Licio Gelli, notorious founder of the P2-G lodge fled to Argentina? What the connection might be to its own role in running the Nazi ratlines and Ustashi and Nazi loot out of Europe?

Well, to ask those questions is to answer them: no it will not, and this new "transparency" is mere window-dressing, with the British Ambassador to the Holy See brought in to give the banksters' seal of approval in this new effort to merge the Vatican's own financial misdealings more closely with those of the banksters of London.

Reading all this brought back to my mind how deeply rooted all this corruption - at least in the Vatican's case - may go. It was the late (Fr.) Malachi Martin, who, in his novel, Vatican, disclosed any number of little known facts and secrets about that institution, one of which he simply referred to as "the Bargain," a secret agreement between the papacy and the financial-Masonic powers of Europe, to allow the Vatican access to the West's banking system.

As for the current transparency, it is in my opinion all mere window-dressing and soutaine-shuffling, as the Vatican's reaction to the book indicates.

See you on the flip side.