Joseph continues his series of video blogs in response to readers and listeners, this time focusing on an article in THe Daily Bell about the quiet collapse of the Euro:

Is the Euro Slowly Dying?

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Mike on May 5, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    The Collapse of the Euro is “the plan”, but not driven by the financial elites who just keep kicking the can down.

    You are right there are increasing instances of defiance are taking place. In my native Spain people are simply refusing to pay for public transportation and basic services…. gradually scalating into outright refusal to pay local and state taxes.

    Again, the financial elites are not running the show…events have been engineered to turn against them. The Euro zone was good for as long as it spurred internal consumption within its borders and companies “and those holding the patents” could reap the profits. It was good for them while it lasted…but the engine is exhausted, and those who have benefitted fully are now pulling the plug… and I am not referring about to the anglo-american bankers stuck with with 65 trillion sized balance sheets and only 15 trillion in annual GDP capacity.

    The European market/Single Currency plan was put in place after The Suez Crisis, when Eisenhower turned its back on its former allies and allowed for a series of regimes to be put in place accross the Middle east, in outright defiance of the Anglo-American controlled energy-political map that emerged out of WWII: Nasser, Mossadegh (later Ayatollahs)PLO Arafat with claims against Israel, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Gulf Monarchies who had to share the oil spoils with the local “fundamentalist” clerics…. all of them were a new factor in the global equation.

    Someone thought that as it was no longer possible to have absolute control over US war machine resources, since a new force was gaining control; the single European market and control over that political space with a single currency; would be a good countervailing force…

    We are now at the point in the global Casino Royale movie when Le Chiffre is getting shot down by those who entrusted him with their monies.

  2. Robert Barricklow on May 4, 2012 at 11:47 am

    The Plan was to put in place for WW1: 1) the workers around the world were gaining in organized numbers, so they wanted wobblies pointing at one another with bayonets 2) to move move toward a petroleum closed/based energy system as the dicoveries in physics were mving toward an eventual open/based system.

  3. Walter Bosley on May 3, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    On the one hand, it sounds good — but then there’s always that damned other hand, isn’t there? There’s got to be some way to entice Germany to not be so fast to embrace Russia…

  4. marcos anthony toledo on May 3, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Only a state can issue money not a federation of states.

  5. legioXIV on May 3, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Good call about the plans Dr Farrell. As a former soldier and keen student of military history I have well learned that it is all well and good to have a ‘master’ plan. however plans always change at the first contact with the enemy. The question is how good are the elites at thinking ‘on the fly’ when plans inevitably go awry.

    • paul degagne on May 5, 2012 at 4:19 am


      ON THE FLY —-

      fleet footed as I would say. ( or BLINK CONSCIOUSNESS — I am not always in total agreement with this kind of decision-making (cognating) or worshiping the ‘wolf” called CONTINGENCY in “sheep’s” clothing but it’s very difficult to argue with it? (similar to this I once heard this bit of trivia == trial lawyers are paid the way they are because they can think on their FEET and have the proper ORATORY skills (something vitally-missing in our Age) and most lawyers or people in general cant. ( they become ‘pencil-pushers and Memo KIte fliers where instead of chucking SPEARS AT EACH OTHER they throw MEMOS up the “CUE’ to each other instead – between those tall buildings you see downtown? Squimming little bureaucrats that make soldiers lose banker-wars)

      In a way it’s sort of related to the debate between Synchronic (static structure) and Diachronic (dynamic structure) Systems —As far as I am concerned = take your pick which side but nobody has permanent answered or PROVED THIS WITHOUT a DOUBT?

      (cybernetics has won the battle but this is not generally known for obvious reasons for “if your my opponent why should I inform you of your using a losing-system for it wouldn’t make much sense to me or one using a ‘goal oriented’ system or as they say in the business world —- MBO to do so?)

      What interests me is the WINGS sometimes depicted on icons or representations of the Greek God Hermes’ SANDALS?( I considered this symbol of fleet-footedness to be like lighting for it is representing a form of communication that is just as FAST! (combine his ‘Helmet’ of Invisibility and who can beat such tools or weapons?)

      But something I like the most = the symbol of the ability of Hermes as the the one who can slip or “cross’ BORDERS/BOUNDARIES. (for without borders or boundaries ‘humans’ will have entered another AGE where wars are TOTALLY UN-NECCESSARY! (well people are finding this out by the droves but the sic -‘people’ aren’t the ones who make the ‘decisions” that matter. ( sure they have a choice between pink high-heeled shoes or black high-heeled spiked-shoes but so what for that doesn’t matter.

      Consumerism is just those at the TOP telling us at the BOTTOM — here’s some consideration in exchange for the FREEDOM of decision making one just gave up and will never have again if we can help it —- as one of the early founders of Modern Psychology (Dostoyski (spelt wrong) stated on the side of the Inquisitor —- PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS —- CHOSE—– the ‘BREAD over FREEDOM. ( in a sense this is ALMOST true for empty-bellies do make for revolutions but not successful ones?)

      We are in the Hands of some pretty WACKY PEOPLE who haven’t the faintest idea what is happening to them because they are overwhelm by the necessity of immediate contingency —- don’t let them fool you.

      Like opportunistic FARRELL they ‘secretly” believe in the last act or the end-game some ‘IRON HAND (substitute some secret weapon or technology —works almost as well)’ will come along to rescue or save us all. (Unconsciously this is still a ‘will the power’ kind of thing to watch out for (they really hide this very well. So well some of them don’t even know what the left-hand is doing —- but NOT WELL ENOUGH?)

      The most DANGEROUS are the (sic) so-called people who only have our best interest in mind (notice I didn’t also use the word HEART? (Some have heart which greatly matters but NO-BRAINS—they screw up as well with their Know it all ISMS).

      Do-gooders are sometimes degenerates for they do not have a sense of their own ‘talents’ but have the need to ROB US (of the ability to generate one’s own solutions) so as to have no COMPETITORS of equal or higher strength!

      How in the world can anyone expect to improve fighting against SUPERIORS?????

      (THE TRICK IS = if they survive doing so – THEN they will learn something great about COURAGE and not be ‘stuck’ only beating up on liliputans! (slap a bully who finally trepassed against you and watch him start to cry like a baby but be entirely sure the bully is not a psychopath for that is another matter but then a psychopath not just released out of some ‘STATE PEN’ knows and will not generally bully someone who isn’t a PUNK! )

      People have done just about anything you can think of to me (that’s a slight-exageration on my part but I did pay-my-dues) and I’m still around? What’s even better:

      instead of losing my humanity which unfortunately and most understandably most people do — I am even more convinced of the need to remember my some-what less than Pure ‘sense of humanity?”

      My old catholic high school mascot was the symbol of a GREEK SPARTAN but I was sick as hell of hearing that old myth/story of the Spartan who had so much Intestinal Fortitude that when he was caught STEALING a fox he hid the fox underneath his robe where the fox commenced to eat his stomach but the Spartan showed no sign of the pain because he was (what – STOIC????)

      (in Spartain Society it was ALL RIGHT TO STEAL as long as you didn’t get CAUGHT. ( i would say the Pope is the master expert at STEALING! So much for living up to the almost ‘high jewish moral standards and feeling quilty about not doing so or not being SUPRA-HUMAN like Socrates and an Others?

      I am a little —ttted which is par for the course – but not that much over the subtle word BANNED FROM THE SITE. This is so rediculess because if this would to have to be

      It would be such a RELIEF for I spend way too much time in here and it is SUB-tracting from other better things. I do this in the false hope of hearing a certain something from others. ( I spend most of my time encouraging people’s certain IDEAS by Affirming some of their IDEAS in a way I already am familiar with or know just might lead me to help develop their ideas. (there are some really bright people around but bright as they are one needs emotionally as well as intellectual or it just ends up like —SOME EXPLODED BLIMP THAT JUST BARELY MADE IT OFF THE GROUND!

      Now if it was something TOTALLY UNKNOWN like Farrell ‘bill-of-goods he is constantly attempting to sell (is it? or is it just the ‘same idea’ floating around the circuit dressed in fancier more sic- technical words used to explain CHAOS THEORY as if he never ever heard of a strange french person named ALFRED JAREY and his college of PATAPHYSICS but people in the PENTAGON MOST CERTAINLY HAVE ==== FOR PATAPHYSICS IS REALLY JUST THE —–the idea of similation. So if you don’t use GET THIS our form (scientific language) of describing CHAOS then THE BOOT OR OUT YOU GO but then they haven’t studied THE TYRANNY OF SCIENCE written by Paul Feyerabend —-



      NO ONE would. (but after wards on the second, third or thousanth exposure they would but after the first showing it would be “logically” not the UNknown.

      Instincts would probably dictate have us–run away or flight but then again how could we learn when we’re RUNNING FROM SUCH —–ALIEN CONCEPTS/

      A ‘CONNUDRUM if I must say so!!!!!!

  6. Bill Rebar on May 3, 2012 at 8:24 am


  7. SSNaga on May 3, 2012 at 6:25 am

    Endless misapprehension. The maneuver is well planned. The unwary fall into the pit.

    • paul degagne on May 5, 2012 at 4:50 am


      I can see your up to your tricks as usually.

      Pro-Con is great but watch out for the BALANCE?????

      One can be so balanced (serene) one can begin to think they have the ‘problem of opposites’ finally resolved like you at least demmo-strate or imply in your writings. (this just might be a rush to flush out the game but that doesn’t matter nor neither is one’s opponents positioning?)

      Naga — did you forgot the floor or geometic PLANE sic -BENEATH your feet is slightly ’tilted” and one day you may find yourself out the door ROLLIng into the ‘abyss?”

      So continue if you so chose to be where your AT speaking from the top to us who are BENEATH YOU but after you had all your fun doing the debating style-crime (ha, ha!) then do the time and I think I hear some FIDDLE PLAYING on Farrell’s Roof (possibly the honor of being EXCOMMUNICATED for us) and this time it aint some Russian JEW? (heads up?)

      • SSNaga on May 5, 2012 at 5:26 am

        “In the quest for learning I take no pleasure, nor envy the pedant whose intellect plods. But I hold it ever my loftiest duty to seek the infallible wisdom arcane revealed in the Mysteries, shown in their beauty, but veiled discreetly from eyes profane.” (“Adorers of Dionysos,” James Pryse, 1925; his cap) … Soaring is what the Eagle can do, but it makes its roost upon the square, as others do. In equilibrium, there is no high & low, no superior & inferior, no better nor worse. The solar self in all its Glory is first sustained by the lowly larval (wormlike) condition. Only a fool would misperceive this; yet so it is done, by billions, under the Suns. … Recommend you reread your “chatter,” then perhaps you’ll see who said “what.” … PS – You see no Chaos theory expounded by the pedant; strictly Order theoretics, hounded to its lair, which isn’t “there.” … As for the fiddle in the air, thats the sounding of retreat from the Unknown; one’s closet is their lair.

        • paul degagne on May 5, 2012 at 6:46 am

          Interesting style of fencing? ARCHAIC SOUNDING LANGUAGE as Jung stated is a indication of Unconscious Processes at work. ( lets hope their not unconscious in your case?)

        • paul degagne on May 5, 2012 at 7:07 am

          Naga — your posts Sounds like the image of George Bataille’s decentralized, headless figure art figure which he calls his solar ANUS! Ha, ha!

          A scatological expulsion representation or symbol of the force AT THE BEGINNING (????) of the BIG-BANG. I wish this outward force would reach it’s limits so then i could just sit on my buff and let the CONTRACTING FORCE pull me into at a million miles a second — BACK HOME where I just think I belong> (in hospitals they have this instrument that measures the amount of force your ‘heart’ is using to sic expel the blood which automatically draws in the new circulating blood. (as above, so below)

          Circulation my dear Watson, elementary. ( or in language Farrell FROWNS apon FOOD IS CONTRACTed OR SUCKED IN THE MOUTH and WAIST IS EXPELLED THE OTHER END!! Ha, ha!

          No wonder everybody worships the slogan THE MEDIA IS THE MESSAGE because who wants to look at the FINAL CONTENTS —-HA, HA!

          HAVE A NICE SCATOLOGICAL SHREWN DAY — THIS DAY ===== TODAY —–THE FIFTH OF MAY—-OR MEXICAN’S fourth of july. I am now going out to watch the grand parade for the procession in here is beginning to be a real DRAG?

        • paul degagne on May 5, 2012 at 9:56 am


          You Say,

          Strickly Order-Theoretics — very interesting.


          Struggling with it will make us more AWAKE!

          I think I am going to stop posting or visiting this web-site? (just live and let die) I think I can hear someone in the background saying GOOD RIDDANCE —– But that is just me hearing my own echo?

          Naga, I am on Facebook and so is my e-mail address.

          it’s just an open invitation. I quit wasting my time leading the Blind! ( forgive me folks but your not really blind in YOUR OWN WAY — the site is just a PLACE I have been before == been there, done that so why expend anymore energy. I never was good working with people trying to show them how to tie their own shoelaces?

          My advice — listen to Naga’s EGOTISM because some of the words or phrases he uses —- just might get you where you want to go. (then again — a sham????) Ask yourself that but I read enough or sense this is not so >>>> It’s just Naga isn’t where he would like TO BE!

          it helps to keep one’s mind focus on it but you need to use THE EYES THAT ARE BEHIND YOUR HEAD!!!!!

          Ta -Ta!!!!!

  8. Brandon on May 3, 2012 at 6:21 am

    Dr. Farrell. I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the video blog format a lot. Keep up the good work!

    • paul degagne on May 5, 2012 at 6:37 am

      Hey — I like some of Farrell’s stuff but does that mean I have to be a ‘toady?” (a true educator’s aim is for the student to surpass the teacher — or at least for me who is this part-time idealistic/humanist believer/STUDENT?)

      It’s nice to be ‘sweet and polite’ and have manners too.” Wouldn’t you agree?

      But it’s another thing when this show of proper FACE ‘blocks” conscious or unconscious — the view of these mysterious little somethings (contents)” slipping past us through the back door??????

      I agree with this fashionable slogan – “The Media is the Message” but unlike I sadly ‘have to’ say the MEDIA IS NOT THE ONLY MESSAGE —-( or lets forget about ‘CONTENT?”)


      Now if Farrell and with his Elitist Diploma believes his PHD is from a Fraudulent University then what LOGICALLY does that mean? I think it means logically — he has passed the fraudulent STANDARDS and as a result or henceforth has a FRAUDULENT DEGREE IN FRAUDULENCE — HA, HA! ( this sounds very screwy but measure and weigh the ‘meaning’ and you will find it makes clear sense after one gets rid of their ‘customary way” of thinking? ( OR THIS secret belief that where he studied over in England is not INCLUDED in this Fraudulent University Business then he’s lying to us gullible souls? Do you like lairs? )

      I am not ACCUSING ANYONE — just exploring possibilities which is not the same thing. (too bad if something comes out or arises from the PROBES? Tough Luck or tough love?

      This is not a sense of (brushing me off) false-superiority on my part. This is the RIGHT I HAVE to examine further the source of the information I am receiving!!!!!

      If someone says in another form — you cant or aren’t allowed WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU! He/she either has no patience or isn’t aware or both and if so WHY SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO LISTEN TO SLANDER?

      WORD TRAVELS FAST ON THE ALTERNATE THEORY INTERNET? ( you are not the only one who can make not so subtle threats for I don’t scare easy. )

      So I ask this question to members— Why is it in presentations where Farrell meets the public and some ANNOUNCER never forgets this selling point of mentioning where the famous place where he got his PHD?

      If I have a degree earned under a fraudulent conditions do you think I would go about ADVERTISING IT? (that’s the entire purpose of display> I would substitute that I attended that great BULLSHIT INSTITUTION and I might immediately earn the respect of similar graduates rather than the AWE of the little trusting sheeps who fork over their hard-earn cash from their wallets. By the way no one’s hands are ALLOWED IN MY WALLET which is kind like the secret CAPITAL ONE advertizing message!)

      So either it’s a counterfeit (somehow my in good nature view of people I trust it isn’t) or Farrell isn’t true to his principles ( I can really say it for what are his true principles besides the ones he sic – implies or states or sic advertises in his writings/)

      Does he want us to believe he’s a nice guy which is OK if honest or is it he doesn’t want to come out of the closet (for obvious reasons) and let us know he is like “those” HARVARD OR YALE BOOBS OR ENGLISH SNNNNOOOOOBBBBBSSSSS!

      You decide for yourself which is only the right way of going about it.

      As for my self — This oral roberts( MA )IS PROBLEMATIC? (hey —everyone is entitled to make mistakes in their past but that RACIST INSTITUTION is one big WHOPPER of a mistake! If he attended this institution pre-civil rights days maybe but he didn’t which leads me to question his own sense of superiority and he is superior than his moral decision making …( I ask that question myself — Paul if Oral Robert’s university paid every expense imaginable for me and my wife included all for free would I sign up. It was tempting but screw that — I decided only if this was the year 1952 otherwise you can keep your ‘BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK!”

      Well I still obviously want to see if I can learn and grow but now I am not too sure. I read everything on all sides for the people we most disagree with sometimes but rarely are the carriers of imformation which is the MOST IMPORTANT! (but they start to be LIMITS to what is proper and what isn’t proper and just because someone OWNS something like a WEBSITE doesn’t mean they OWN ME as well?

      Why would a Theologian whom I assume is an—- get this ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN —work in a sinful/godless place, wait, a place where Gold is God—- place (ha,ha) as a Casino — only SHARKS DO and future prey of SHARKS DO. ( but i still can see where it is a good ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING GROUND for future wanna be post-modern MARCHIVELLEEEEESSS! ( ha, ha!)

      FARRELL’S VERY SHARP —-don’t get me wrong — he just needs to lay low and maybe let someone else take over his web-site for a while — he’s been bean counting the proceeds of book sales to see if the site and all the aggravation it entails is really worth his time>

      No real hard-feelings and I wish you success.

      I think back at all my FAILURES and realize I would not be the man I am today (changed cognition ) if it wasnt for all those FAILURE INDUCING SMART ALLECKS (HA, HA) Luckly I have a guardian angel (or rabbi as they say in some Police Detective Departments who is watching out for me.)

      • paul degagne on May 5, 2012 at 6:44 am

        Kind of like the broadway musical ‘My Fair Lady” which in the end She the cockney woman puts the slippers on the Class-conscious husband (notice this was after he agrees to marry someone who at first was get this FARRELL = SSO BENEATH THEM!

        So the chauvinest sees her stooping ( perfect ) to put slippers on the CONQUERED! ha, ha!!!!!!!! (hal — some of us have what is called ANIMA figures and know the POWER of SEDUCTION — frilly Baulrillard too?)

        Ha, ha! (so go right on under-estimating girls for they really appreciate this masculine weakness, ha,ha!

      • SSNaga on May 5, 2012 at 6:54 am

        Well struck; the nail is head-sunk. Couldn’t have clarified the underlaying elements of the op better. Groupies are unable to think ‘outside their box.” … The zebra is spotted. Bravo!

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