1. I don’t care which format you use, as long as you include all the ideas in a book sooner or later.

    Need that complete collection of Farrell hard copy.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    It’s already in private hands – the International banking financial terrorist cabal.
    Monopoly is their game; War is their solution.

  3. There is a difference between the atomic bomb and today’s “secret” technology, in that with nuclear power, almost all of the science was already in the public domain before the bomb was produced. Also, Russia’s big break was that they got what they needed to know through spies. A bit simplistic, but I think mostly accurate. Sure some of the science is out there, like LaViolette’s book, but the real hard-core “how to make the science work in your own basement” type of literature is not out there (that I know of).

    When the science and technology is 100% secret, not only do you not have all the journal articles you need for the basic science, you don’t even know where to send your spies, or what they should look for. Again simplistic, but I think fair to say that today’s secret technology is a whole order of magnitude more secret than atomic bomb science was in 1945.

    Personally I would guess (please note that word) that in fact, it is not and will not be that difficult to keep secret whatever they want to keep secret. And you are arguing, even if not intentionally, that this will be a good thing: with international politics being what it is (and “who is at fault” is irrelevant here), “they” damn well better keep this technology secret! There are too many people who, if they had the power to do so, would blow up the planet if they did not get their way.

    I wouldn’t want some of my neighbors to have access to lethal technology that could kill millions of people, much less people willing to die for their cause, whether that cause be revenge (justified or not), or the desire to force their will on whole populations.

    I’m not saying that I know I’m right and you are wrong, just that the atomic bomb analogy doesn’t quite hold up (imho).

    1. “Also, Russia’s big break was that they got what they needed to know through spies”

      Half correct. They got whatever they wanted though willing traitors. Everyone McCarthy accused of being a Communist spy, was found to be on the KGB payroll, when the Iron Curtain came down and the archives opened. Of course the controlled media will never talk about it, nor will Hollywood ever make movies about it, because of their sympathies.

      “I wouldn’t want some of my neighbors to have access to lethal technology that could kill millions of people”

      On the bright side, it would remove those that can’t mind their own business. America for instance would be annihilated, same with Britain and any other country, that believes it is its holy mission, to impose its way of life on others.

      The bible says, Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

      More like, the meek will be the only ones left.

      1. I don’t think weapons are what the elite are scared of. Its that we will make our own electricity, transportation energy, food, houseing and technalogical toys. They fear us becomeing independant and working to better our lifestyles and not slaveing for them, enabling them to live carefree and high on the hog. They fear looseing their prestige and power. They fear haveing to labor for what they need and want like the rest of us. Independant selfsuficient people are the most carefree and non-violent people anywheres and have no desire to harm or enslave others and thus no intent to create super weapons. Only lazy, dependant so called elite control freaks have a desire for weapons to force others to serve them out of fear and to kill others for what they have. The average world citizen doesn’t possess the elite’s mental socialogical disorders but the elite being as sick as they are likely don’t realise this. They likely believe everyone just pretends to be nice to one another until they see a weakness they can exploit. Nope most of us really are peace loving and care about our neighbors and want to see everybody be successful and aren’t out to trick and swindle eachother whenever we see the opertunity.

  4. Joseph,

    The elite has already demonstrated its ability to stifle technological progress. Free energy, antigravity propulsion, radionics just to mention a few. To control the technological advances by the general populous control their education. Dumb them down with genetic modifications inserted through retroviruses in mass vaccination programs. Lower their standard of living through inflation and economic collapse of the job market so that they don’t have the leisure to pursue bigger issues than day-to-day survival.

    It’s already been done, quite successfully. Except for computers and the Internet the technology we use in our personal lives hasn’t changed significantly is 60 years or more.

    It would be interesting to know how the Breakaway civilization lives….

    1. Exactly.

      The last truly major discovery in physics was the laser around 1960, most other (public) advances are just “engineering refinement,” tweaking to get a few percentage points of effeciency etc. Particle physics does not count here: none of that is useful (to the general public anyway). The discovery of quarks does not improve anyone’s life.

      God knows what they have hidden away.

  5. Dr. Farrell, I really enjoy your work, but I wish you’d go back to a written blog format. Not only do I have no speakers at work, but I read so much faster than I can listen–it’s just a much more efficient format…. 🙂

    1. Farrell writes on so many topics “it’s ‘as if’ he wants to write a little something to PLEASE EVERYBODY?

      Try and please everyone and you end up feeling like the CITY DUMP!

      (something about HUMAN NATURE in the way people rather say — “I FOUND OUT THIS FOR MYSELF!!!! —- no matter what evidence one presents to the contrary. I think this is because having MOTHER DO IT FOR US — robs us of the EXPERIENCE of DOING FOR OURSELVES (that is ==== falling flat on our faces which usually ends the game but some of us to manage to survive in Humpy-Dumpy fragments this IMPLOSION or POSITIVE DISINTEGRATION but it’s very RISKYI

      Better to be a TURTLE with its tail in the mud than some PROUD BEAUTIFULLY PAINTED (Confucian) TURTLE SHELL IN SOME MUSEUM? ( if I can only realize this then maybe I will finally have some PEACE – but no — the SHIT FAIRY keeps on hanging around my existential doorstep?)

      I WISH I was the bumbling ‘FOOL’ who ends up getting the princess and the treasure and the king-dumb? ( I read not long ago that the reason the fool get all that is that her/his internal ‘sense’ of MORALITY is so superior it looks like idiocy to us who lack this kind of emotional intelligence or maturity? (I am not entirely convinced of this but it makes for a GOOD ARGUMENT?)

      Throw it up to the THEOLOGIANS?

    2. Some like the video blog format as they can listen driving, some like the written…it is much less times consuming for me to do video blogs but I intend on mixing the formats up…right now I have had to make do with some videos because something came up rather suddenly that required some traveling on my part and that’s why the video blogs

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