May 11, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's a good one folks, from The Daily Bell last month, concerning the implosion - or at least, seeming implosion - of the "vaccine industry":

Is the Vaccine Industry Beginning to Fail?

You just got to love this stuff:

"This is what the elites have feared above all, that the intelligentsia would begin to turn on their prefabricated promotional memes. This is why the elites spent so much time and energy in the 20th century creating thought magazines such as the New Yorker, the Economist, the Atlantic, etc. ...

"The intelligentsia is key to cultural domination. If you can get your best and brightest to voluntarily espouse your command-and-control societal themes, then your work is done for you. But now the intelligentsia is falling away.

"This seems obvious to us. The alternative media itself is jammed with blogs and websites that provide alternative opinions to the phony narratives of entrapment that the power elite has cultivated especially in the past century.

"Here at the Daily Bell, we track these dominant social themes that are used to frighten people into giving up power and control to the globalist institutions that are meant to run the world. We're not sure why the dynastic central banking families apparently want one-world government, but they sure seem to.

"And while they're at it, they want control over our minds, habitats and above all, our bodies. Vaccines were a big part of that control. But this meme is falling to pieces."

I'm reminded of the whole scandal over the polio vaccines - the Salk and Sabin vaccines - that were raging when I was a young boy, for I'm old enough to remember the polio vaccine, and back then, my mother and father faced a choice (note that word), and that choice was, which one, if any, did they want me to get? Thankfully, they did their homework, consulted an honest physician, and I avoided the Salk vaccine and all the complications that stemmed from it.

I look now, at all the crud and poison they are putting into these vaccines, then mandating by city or state law that local schools must buy the vaccines and line the pockets of their manufacturers, that I wonder, had the same "logic"been applied to me when I was a boy, and coerced by state power to be given the wretched Salk vaccine, from which so many have suffered consequences, if I would be alive now, writing... it's that bad folks, and it's time to send a message to these corporate goons and their doctored "science": we have the right to our own bodies: we do not need Nancy Pelosi and the Dummycrooks passing bills in the middle of the night to "find out what's in it..."  Nor do we need to take a vaccine to "find out what's in it." We already know: poison, side effects, doctored science and statistics, and corrupt corporations and goony goofy globalists.