Conspiracy Theater


June 13, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

June 2, 2012, I took time to listen to friend and colleague, Richard Dolan's new internet radio show, and to join in on the discussion in his chatroom. It was, as one might expect from Mr. Dolan, a fun and wide-ranging discussion, and it turned to one of my favorite topics toward the end of the broadcast, when Mr. Dolan mentioned the following interesting article on the amount of documents still classified, nearly half a century after the assassination:

Is the Government Holding Back Crucial Documents?

The article speaks for itself: why is Mr. Sustein in charge of President Obama's "open government" initiative? Implied answer: because he distrusts those who have alternative narratives of events like 9/11....and the JFK assassination. But more importantly, why would the government still be classifying records concerning the JFK assassination? Mr. Dolan's answer to this question was very proximate to one I suspect many others, including myself, would give: because there is still something to hide concerning the conspiracy of interests and cabals behind it, not the least of which is that at least some of those elements are still in existence. To this, one might also add, that there are aspects of this conspiracy that have not yet come to light.

I listened to Mr. Dolan's on-air musings with some interests, because I had long entertained similar suspicions, but further reflection on what he was saying, and what Russ Baker was saying in his article, gave me pause, and should give you pause too.

The reason why is rather simple. Consider only the history of JFK assassination and revisionist research. It is safe to say that what began as a "fringe conspiracy theory" in the first two to three years after the release of the Warren Report is now the ruling interpretation of most Americans and, for that matter, most of the rest of the world. In other words, the careful research of early Warren Report critics like Harold Weisburg and even Mae Brussel bore, in the long run, fruit, as other researchers, over time, uncovered more and more details and inconsistencies in the official version, a testament to the fact that the alternative research community can make a difference and indeed influence perceptions of events.

Over that period, of course, there was the Garrison investigation, which quickly zeroed in on the intelligence community connections, Eastern European exilee organizations tied to General Reinhard Gehlen's Fremde Heere Ost, and their further connections with the Texas oilmen. Other researchers uncovered astonishing connections to the Mafia, inconsistencies and even wholesale editing of the Zapruder film, and on and on it went. At the end of it, as I outlined in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, we had a coalescence of interests that included all these groups, and, as Jack ruby himself noted, a vast tapestry of intertwined groups, each with powerful motives to murder the president, and each the the means of doing so, but few with the means of continuing a coverup and falsifying and tampering with evidence.

Which brings us to what I think is the hidden point of this article:  if one can make a case for the involvement of Nazis, Eastern European Fascists, intelligence, banks, Mafia, and even UFOs in connection to the Kennedy murder, then what is still being hidden?

Perhaps more corroboration of each one of those things, perhaps suggestions of other groups and motivations. But one thing seems clear, and I suggested it in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, the template of those coalescing interests that were represented by each of the Warren Commissioners themselves, may still be in existence, and its existence has to be covered up to this day. As Mr. Dolan rightly observed on his radio show, that means that the idea that the assassination was really the instrumentality of a coup d'etat is still the likeliest explanation to date.

See you on the flip side.