June 4, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was emailed to me, and there are things in it that require some commentary:

The Next Genetic Assembly Line

I am not at all surprised, nor, I suspect, are you, that DARPA (the Defense Advanced research Projects Agency) would be, once again, on the cutting edge of advocating a "genetic assembly line" for reproducing a "new" kind of human being, born in an Ehrlenmeyer flask and nurtured in a laboratory culture, as it were. After all, DARPA gave us the internet, and with it, gave us a huge and massive cultural transformation which we are still in the midst of, and which no one really knows the conclusion of. That DARPA would seek this latest combination of genetic with social engineering should come as no surprise, for it is an essentially transhumanist goal, and if Dr. de Hart and I are correct in our forthcoming transhumanism book, it would seem that this "philosophy" has been adopted by that agency, or at least, by parties and elements within it.

My first concern is a moral and ethical one, and it was touched off by this paragraph:

"The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) has partnered with Venter Launch Assembly Line for Genetic Engineering to begin what could be called the next generation of smart beings. I will refrain from calling them humans, because it is unclear at this point how is it that a being born in a lab will resemble one of us. Instead, it seems, the adventure DARPA is envisioning appears to be all about using biology and genetic engineering to produce living cells which will then be turned into some kind of living beings; perhaps humans."(Emphasis added)

While it is disturbing enough that this latest venture is being conducted in part with Dr. Craig Venter, I was greatly disturbed by the implications of the statement I have italicized in the above quotation. The implication of the statement is that someone brought into life through processes of genetic engineering - cloning perhaps - is somehow "unhuman" or perhaps, "sub-human." I can well recall conversations I had with various people in churchianity almost two decades ago, where some of my interlocutors actually maintained that a clone would not have a soul since it was brought into life by methods "other than the usual," a position that would seem to ignore their own religious texts, and certain patristic doctrines (one thinks of Tertullian's traducianism here).

The idea is profoundly disturbing for an obvious reason: to say that someone is less-than-human or questionably human simply because f the intervention of technological processes (or anything else for that matter), would seem to embark us on that slippery slope we've been down before, with the Nazis. IN order for them to get their stooges to murder on a genocidal scale, certain groups of people had to be "redefined" as "sub-human": Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs, black people....on and on the list went, as we well know.  We hear resonances of this doctrine already in certain fundamentalist Christian quarters, with the idea - popularized by the Dake Study Bible - that all those murders in the Old Testament ordered by Yahweh were because the people being slaughtered were of Nephilimic bloodlines... of course, the people taking this "theological" view never seem to notice that there was no basis in genetic science to back up this assertion. Nor, for that matter, did the Nazis have any beyond the pseudo-scientific "proofs" of their "anthropologists" taking phrenological and physiological measurements. "High cheekbone? Woops! You're a Slav... and ergo, sub-human". We are watching the potential birth of a new kind of fundamentalism here, one that would argue, on the slimmest basis, that such creations are "not human."

But the quotation - and my logic in its examination - also raises other profound questions, chief among them, this: you'll note that the essence of the implied logic of the quotation is that "human" is defined in primarily materialist and environmental terms: a certain genetic code brought into existence by certain methods (sex), and raised in a certain kind of environment (families, neighborhoods, etc), and that anything else is not "human." Well, I'm all for families, nurture, and everything else, but by the same token, we do not classify children of broken homes (the "non-normal" environment) as sub-human.  In short, we are, like it or not, being compelled by technological advances - and what certain people want to do with them - to scrutinize our humanity, and if the implications of the quotation are any indicator, we're off to a very bad start.

...Now then, all that said, on to a completely different problem: Morgellon's disease. I draw your attention to these significant statements:

"Enter a new field of study and application known as Transbiology. This is the manipulation of naturally occurring biological beings through nanotechnology or biotechnology as well as the creation of new living things using advanced techniques from genetic engineering. Nowadays, we have scientific advancements that not only allow knowledgeable people to sequence human DNA, from which they can begin to ‘innovate’ , but who also the proven applications to turn such knowledge into products. As in the case of Morgellons Disease, scientists developed  crystals which develop filaments or fibers that create their own red blood cells capable of resisting extreme conditions such as heat, high levels of chemicals, cold, acid, and so on. These fibers even have the capacity to grow outside the human body in a laboratory environment. Similar fibers are found in patients with Morgellons Disease.

Accomplishing this vision requires an approach that is more than multidisciplinary – it requires a new engineering discipline built upon the integration of new ideas, approaches and tools from fields spanning computer science and electrical engineering to chemistry and the biological sciences.  The best innovations will introduce new architectures and tools into an open technology platform to rapidly move new designs from conception to execution.” This is perhaps the best statement to confirm what DARPA is up to, except that it is not a project that will be completed in the future, but one that is well underway. Note the involvement the project requires and how the application of different techniques confirms what Morgellons researchers have found to be genetically engineered, human-like products.

There it is, yet another indicator of a possible link between this bizarre "transhumanist" agenda and Morgellons' disease, a disease that the CDC confidently tells us does not exist.

Well, I have news for them: I have a friend with this disease: I have seen his suffering, and I have seen those fibers... the sad thing is, that it may be yet another one of those laboratory-engineered phenomena - perhaps gone awry, perhaps not - and all the official wheels of government and big corporate medicine are grinding out a never-ending stream of propaganda to deny it: yet another perversion of science, the same corporations that now advertise drugs on television where half the commercial is spent listing side effects, most of which seem to be death by a variety of means: stroke, heart attack, cancers, terminal flatulence, etc. It is a sad commentary on our culture, society, and "medicine" that we even have to stop and think: "Is he really human? or was he born in a laboratory? Will this pill really work? or give me a stroke? These fibers growing out of these lesions can't be real: the CDC says so...."

See you on the flip side.