Babylon's Bankers


Well, now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive (s)electee of the Republithugs, and our long circus primaries and "debates" are(thankfully) over and the national theater can get on with the usual round of mud-slinging, promise-making, and shenanigans by each party's respective Wall Street sponsored sock puppet can begin ("Don't hold back Farrell, tell us what you really think of them!" "I would, if such language were acceptable in polite company.") It's worth having a little look at some of the "two" parties' candidates respective financing:

Top Mitt Romney Donors: Update

Oh golly oh gee, I am so shocked and disappointed: Goldman Sachs has contributed to Romney, and Morgan has contributed to B.O.

So... Government of Wall Street, By Wall Street, and for the military-industrial-finance-security-intelligence complex continues smoothly and unabated. My disgust at the inability of either political party to represent the public good, but only the good of the narrow financial, corporate, and military interests, is well known, and nothing in the recent race has convinces me otherwise. We're in another presidential selection process, and judging from the comments I receive from those of you in Europe, the U.K., Australia, and elsewhere, you're equally disgusted, not only at our home-grown American brand of political comedy noir, but at your own as well.

Once again, for me at least, the decision is clear: a vote of no confidence: no to all the above. Don't get me wrong here: none of us has "the answer" and I certainly don't begrudge those who continue to work "inside the system" for "change." But I hope those of you doing so have equal tolerance and respect for those of us - and we are a growing number - that consider the need to send a vote of no confidence in these political parties, and their corporate elite backers. I made up my mind when Soros "endorsed" Obummer, and the Bushes endorsed Romney...

And then there's this:

Indiana Governor On Bilderberg “Short List”

...nuff said, see you on the flip side.



  1. In regard to the Morman Bishop, aka Mitt Romney, I suggest going to Webster Tarpley’s website at and listen to the August 18th broadcast of world crisis radio and you will get an eye opening view of what Mormanism is and it’s connection to British intelligence going as far back to pre-civil war. Also he covers “shelf doctrine as opposed to doctrine that is for the masses” and lists many other researchers and their books on the Morman Church.

    The fundies are racing toward the Bishop’s arms….thinking that the roots of the Morman church are Christian….it is not.

  2. As an eighth generation Republic of Texas Texan, natural born citizen born to two natural born citizens, I must say there is no contest between the two selectees.

    Let Mitt have it unless the dollar crashes before November and Ron Paul is drafted to lead the way out of financial chaos which seems to be the plan.

    The foreign born communist Bummer-in-chief, narcissistic personal disorder poster child and usurping impostor staining our White House, must be handcuffed by his own security detail and deported back to wherever he came.

    The next president should rightly become our 44th president as the current guy putting his feet on White House furniture, yes this very one B O, must have his name expunged from the presidential roll and all history books of presidents.

  3. bdw….yes perhaps “positive” propaganda in the way of music with lyrics that are really catchy…people remember those better than most anything else…

    …really don’t like violence either…but trying to think of a write in…Is “no confidence” a possible write in?

  4. Watching the globalist machine go to work in America during this Republican charade has been no picnic and I feel for those of you who are awake to the grand deception going on.

  5. Want your vote to make a difference? Want on!

    Anyone remember the W Bush elections? You know he lost both elections and yet “served” two terms. How’d that happen? His people controled the electronic voting machines in key areas of Ohio and Florida.

    With Romney’s millions you can be assured a similar ploy will be in play this time around. Those who think Romney is “the better of two evils” are kidding themselves. Both of these men gave assurances to the Bilderberg Group of their loyalty. So, go ahead and vote oh nieve ones for your choice, as it means nothing. The count has already been tabulated on the electronic voting machines.

  6. conservatives get in the way of collectivists who yurn for utopia because they trust power less and yurn for there own self reliance instead .free will still over rides the dog and pony show in the grand scheme IMO.

  7. I do not understand why people still bother with this voting / “changing the system from within” stuff.
    Nobody can change “the system”. Ever.
    You can only just do what you do and hope to make a slight contribution to your immediate environment. dont worry about “the system”.
    just ignore the elections. it really doesn’t matter. it never has mattered.

  8. …along long time ago in a galaxy far far away…the social contract has been broken……unfortunately the fluoridated masses are about too enter the hate week and decide the pre selected one.

  9. Umm … Dr Farrell (my regards by the way!) … why do you give Obama the epithet(?), “Obummer” and leave Romney alone?? Just wondering … since … umm … maybe its because the only thing you can do with Romney’s name is to change the “o” into an “i” … and then it becomes rather umm … more unfortunate and R18??? 😀 … just a thought!

  10. Well all I can say that is during the next Australian General Election I will be voting for Mickey Mouse. I think his policies are far more credible and coherent than the others.

    1. Hi Luke- hope you are well-

      can’t blame your decision 🙂

      Julia Gillard’s aura scares the shit out of me- the only thing I can see in this woman’s face/eyes is evil- just my gut instinct which has never betrayed me- then I try to apply “logic”… 🙁

      1. G’day Larry,
        I am well thank you and hope you are the same.

        Madame Julia is a scary being indeed. All Fabian socialists are. Her policies aren’t much better than her aura, after all our breathing tax kicks in on July 1. Yay!!!!!

        Unfortunately the “Mad Monk” Tony Abbott is not much better. May the gods help Australia if that bumbling buffoon becomes PM.

        But as we say here, “Its all the same s**t, just a different bucket”.

        Have a good day mate,

    2. I tried that for a few elections back when, legio.
      You have to do a write-in, of course, but it still doesn’t work.
      It seems that no one donates to his campaign.

      Ah, such is life on a dead planet.

      1. “It seems that no one donates to his campaign.”

        Perhaps because the MSM ignores him HAL838.

    3. I was thinking of ‘The Count’ for Prime Minister myself. The guy is always right, has a good sense of humour (for a Bavarian…) and is very efficient. He is great with numbers and with people. I haven’t seen him lie yet-unlike Elmo and co.

      Yep I have decided-The Count for Prime Minister of Australia.

      1. Ah yes indeed, a candidate with a strong economic policy. I think I will change my vote. The Count.

  11. we all know the voting system is rigged so I have grave doubts about how a majority vote of “no confidence” will do much good-

    the only solution is a complete boycott of the polls and general, non-violent strikes (a.k.a. non-compliance) to anything connected to the Korporatocracy (deliberate spelling)-

    only then will/can the present be changed- a belief in the power of our vote is a belief in the tooth fairy

    1. The last few decades have proven that “non-violent” protests will be ignored. Completely.

      Look at the anti-war demonstrations of 2002-2003 in the US. These were to my (non-expert) eyes the largest public demonstrations in US history: and were completely ignored.

      I am not really an advocate of violence. And yet, I am always amazed at how so many people thing that “non-violence” is some sort of magic wand that can accomplish anything you wish for, like in a children’s movie.

      Propaganda: that’s something that that might just be a magic wand . . . .

  12. Robert Barricklow

    Tarpley’s been pitching Mitch Daniels, as vp, for several weeks, especially with the Bilderberg presence.
    His Indiana fascist record ist sehr gut.
    An up & coming fascist Wunderbar!

    1. Robert, I don’t that much about Daniels even though he’s the governor of our sister state, but he did recently sign into law the right of citizens to use deadly force against cops who illegally intrude upon their property. Of course the cops are up in arms (no pun intended) as one would expect. I agree with Tarpley on many issues. I would say he is a classic liberal which I would put myself into if I JUST had to absolutely label myself.


  13. There are only two types that would try to change the system from the inside, the patently naive and the abysmally stupid. Naivete doesn’t last long in politics….but stupid seems to last forever. Hey, do you think we could build a weatherproof coating out of stupidity? Talk about guaranteed for life! What was it the Church and Stalin said about, “Give me a child til 7”?

    In most countries they get them for 12-20 years.

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