June 12, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive (s)electee of the Republithugs, and our long circus primaries and "debates" are(thankfully) over and the national theater can get on with the usual round of mud-slinging, promise-making, and shenanigans by each party's respective Wall Street sponsored sock puppet can begin ("Don't hold back Farrell, tell us what you really think of them!" "I would, if such language were acceptable in polite company.") It's worth having a little look at some of the "two" parties' candidates respective financing:

Top Mitt Romney Donors: Update

Oh golly oh gee, I am so shocked and disappointed: Goldman Sachs has contributed to Romney, and Morgan has contributed to B.O.

So... Government of Wall Street, By Wall Street, and for the military-industrial-finance-security-intelligence complex continues smoothly and unabated. My disgust at the inability of either political party to represent the public good, but only the good of the narrow financial, corporate, and military interests, is well known, and nothing in the recent race has convinces me otherwise. We're in another presidential selection process, and judging from the comments I receive from those of you in Europe, the U.K., Australia, and elsewhere, you're equally disgusted, not only at our home-grown American brand of political comedy noir, but at your own as well.

Once again, for me at least, the decision is clear: a vote of no confidence: no to all the above. Don't get me wrong here: none of us has "the answer" and I certainly don't begrudge those who continue to work "inside the system" for "change." But I hope those of you doing so have equal tolerance and respect for those of us - and we are a growing number - that consider the need to send a vote of no confidence in these political parties, and their corporate elite backers. I made up my mind when Soros "endorsed" Obummer, and the Bushes endorsed Romney...

And then there's this:

Indiana Governor On Bilderberg โ€œShort Listโ€

...nuff said, see you on the flip side.