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A friend of mine emailed this one to me, and I had to laugh at it, because it shows the duplicity of the press as does no other. Consider how the French press, through Moniteur, covered the escape of Napoleon Bonaparte from his exile on Elbe, and his return to Paris:

 Moniteur, March 1815

The following headlines appeared in the French newspaper Moniteur in March of 1815. These banners announced Napoleon's return from Elba to Paris. What do they tell you about the return of Napoleon?

March 9 The Monster has escaped from his place of banishment.
March 10 The Corsican Orge has landed at Cape Juan
March 11 TheTiger has shown himself at Gap. The Troops are advancing on all sides to arrest his progress. He will conclude his miserable adventure by becoming a wanderer among the mountains.
March 12 The Monster has actually advanced as far as Grenoble
March 13 The Tyrant is now at Lyon. Fear and Terror seized all at his appearance.
March 18 The Usurper has ventured to approach to within 60 hours' march of the capital.
March 19 Bonaparte is advancing by forced marches, but it is impossible he can reach Paris.
March 20 Napoleon will arrive under the walls of Paris tomorrow.
March 21 The Emperor Napoleon is at Fountainbleau
March 22 Yesteday evening His Majesty the Emperor made his public entry and arrived at the Tuileries. Nothing can exceed the universal joy.

8 thoughts on “I HAD TO LAUGH AT THIS ONE”

  1. LOL they seem to have been keeping the traditions for a long time. And people still seems to have extra short memories… sad.

    1. That is quite a turnaround, from monster to universally loved emperor in 14 days. Very impressive.

  2. Haha, this was a good one, thank you for posting this Dr. Farrell.
    I must say however that i expected such “turn of events” from them (the French press). This is part of human nature after all, you can see such thing many times in history.

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