1. What’s so sad is the justices don’t even write their own opinions. The clerks do. I clerked for a short period of time but decided that I wasn’t going to do their work, and that doesn’t sit to well with these self righteous ghouls. Also it puts a crimp in your career. In law school the professors make these people out to be gods. The only justices I looked up to were Black and Douglas, both strong civil libertarians. Yes, and for you “dime store’ liberals, I’m aware Black was associated with the KKK in his younger days but he more than made up for it on the court. Same with Earl Warren. He imprisoned the Japanese during the Second World War, but he did make up for it with many decisions that put a damper on police overreach… but that has been distinguished by recent opinions. So much for freedom, huh?


  2. Robert Barricklow

    A long winded rapp artical.
    But basically setting the stage for the upcoming play is a good analogy. In other words, outer limits control.
    With an economy that is centrally planned, this is a no brainer.
    The mentally-impaired being programmed into the systyem is a great observation.

    This insurance-care law is NOT for us,
    It’s for them.

  3. And again almost everything Rappaport has posted is demonstrably untrue and when slightly true has nothing to do with RomneyCare.

    1. is that right jay? and is the starfield report out of johns hopkins made up too??the one that determined that the medical system is the 3d leading cause of death in this country.

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