cosmic war


June 10, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I had to laugh when I ran across this one at, a site I respect for its consistent rationality. Well, we all have our hiccups from time to time, and it appears that just had a hiccup...or maybe, something else is going on. We'll get to the "something else" in a minute, but anyway, here's the article:

Soviet find of water on the Moon in the 1970s ignored by the West

The Soviets, just to refresh everybody's memory, were indeed saying a lot of strange things back during the "space-race" days, things like..."Gee, the Moon is an awfully big satellite to be where it is, doing what it does, in a nearly perfect circular orbit at just the right distance from the sun to block out its body and leave only the corona showing during eclipses. Why, if indeed the Moon was 'captured' as it flew by the Earth, or fissioned from the Earth aeons ago, its orbit wouldn't be doing that, its orbit would be very elliptical, after all, things don't slow down when they enter a planetary gravity well, they accelerate. Sure looks to us like the Moon was parked there...heck, it might even be artificial." Behind the snickers and chuckles however, everyone with a modicum of physical mechanics knew the Russians had a point. Even Newton complained that the Moon was the only thing that gave him a headache. It simply shouldn't be there doing what it is doing. Such thoughts no doubt were shoved deeply down, out of view, discussed only in huddled worried conferences...for the implications.... and, after all, we had just been there. Of course, all this was met with ingenious, nifty explanations that it was all perfectly explainable and that the public needn't worry about all the nonsensical implications spilling out from such ridiculous and "obvious Commie propaganda." We can look forward to even more ingenious explanations in the future, I'll bet.

But back to the Russians. They followed that one up with another whopper, though, and that was the Martian Moon Phobos, which, once again, should not be where it is doing what it is doing, and this time the Soviets brazenly offered the suggestion - now all but forgotten - that the whole blamed thing might be artificial, or at least, once again, parked there. One Soviet scientist even noted that the whole discovery of Phobos and Deimos - Mars' two moons - was itself very odd, since they weren't discovered until the late 19th century, when the telescopic technology certainly existed before that to discover them, and when Mars was such an object of fascination to astronomers of the 19th century. His conclusion? They weren't discovered because they simply weren't there...

Then came the announcements about water on our dear neighbor Selene, which announcements, we are told, the West ignored. Really? Do we really believe the West, and particularly, the USA and the goods folks at the then ARPA (predecessor to DARPA), at the Pentagon, at NASA and a host of other agencies, just had a good chuckle about water on the Moon and then forgot about it? If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Cheap.

No, I rather suspect the Soviets and their announcements and finds were taken very seriously, and very secretly.  And it does still give me pause that with the recent announcements by Russia, the ESA, and China that they want to send manned missions to our planetary neighbor, that the USA and NASA's statements that they want our landing sites to be regarded as "historic sites" with "zones of exclusion" around them to be about a bit more than just protecting some sites... I rather suspect that the real reason might be to protect some technologies, or to keep secret whatever we might have found up there, or both...

...and we can bet that behind the assurances of those nations that they will respect those "historic sites", that they will not do so...

So what about this strange article? Well, my opinion is it's more "meming," a distraction, in other words, to deflect attention away from the probability that these findings were most likely not ignored, they merely went deeply black. Let's not forget that NASA, by its own charter, as Richard Hoagland and others have so often pointed out, falls under the department of defense, and that its findings, if affecting the national security, would perforce be classified.

The space race is on again folks. It may be quiet, it may not even be talked about all that much given the craziness going on right here on terra firma, but it's definitely on again... and the reasons and implications are really all too clear.

See you on the flip side.