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June 9, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

We've all heard of the Internet revolution and are all  aware of how it is a big thorn in the side of the various elites and their schemes for globalism. As a consequence, they created a number of to reign in the freedom and control what kind of information flows, and where it flows to.  I ran across this story from Austraila in my surfing, and several of you actually emailed it to me, and indeed, it's a disturbing look at the responses that I've talked about before, that humans will invariably pursue, particularly when they are engaged in illegal or questionable activity:

The new underbelly

I find this disturbing for a whole variety of reasons, yet, I have no doubts - human nature being what it is - that it exists. But here's the part I found the most disturbing:

"Drugs are the most common items for sale, but there are also online markets for weapons and explosives, false passports, entire new identities, counterfeit cash and fake diplomas. There are sites that claim to sell human organs that the buyer can collect from a Third World country and those that promise to procure exotic animals. Then there are the services; on offer are contract killings, hackers for hire, money laundering, theft-to-order, university papers and match-fixing.

"Other sites offer porn that cannot be found on the regular internet — or "clearnet" in Dark Web speak. This includes child porn (prepubescent children), "jailbait" porn (young teens), zoophilia or bestiality and "hurt porn",' which shows children and adults being subjected to pain."

And then there was this:

"'Hidden services' that enable people and organisations to host or access illegal material while their identity and location remains secret come bundled with anonymity software. Tor, originally developed in conjunction with the US Navy to protect government communications, is the most widely used, with more than 36 million downloads last year and between half a million and a million daily users.

"'We are pretty familiar with the Tor network, because a lot of the criminals use that,' Gamble says.

"Andrew Lewman, executive director of The Tor Project, says its positive applications outweigh the negative. 'Tor's original design was to give users privacy and anonymity online and that's still the core of what we do.'

"'We produce software that we give away free [so that] anyone anywhere in the world who needs their privacy online can have it.'

"This includes whistleblowers (WikiLeaks recommends it for releasing sensitive information) and human rights workers in hostile regimes, but Lewman says the vast majority of Tor usage is by 'normal people who are just looking to not give out all their information: who they are, where they are and every website they visit'." (Emphasis added)

Beyond the obvious revulsion that anyone would feel to the use of the "dark web" for contracting killings, or accessing human traffic, I sense something else going on here, and bear with me here.

We've seen the recent Penn State scandal, where powerful men used and abused younger men in a "football" program. Conveniently, its legendary coach, Joe Paterno, died just as the scandal broke, and, predictably, it all went away. Years before that, it was a similar child sex ring surrounding the Franklin Savings and Loan in Omaha, a scandal that soon led to some corridors of power in Washington DC, and just as predictably, the scandal faded. Many years before that, it was similar allegations surrounding the Nazi Cologna Dignidad compound in Chile....years before that the Wineville Chicken Coup murders...and in each instance, powerful - and very wicked - people were allegedly behind it or somehow implicated in it.Even in the case of the Wineville Chicken Coop murders, Gordon Northcutt, who was eventually convicted and hung for his part in them, stated that he was made to do it by some very wealthy and powerful people in the background. No one took him seriously. Perhaps they should have.

I have long suspected that each of these things are somehow connected, and not just by dint of being an underground criminal activity, but rather, connected in the sense of being sponsored by some very powerful people, with very dark agendas.  Now this article subtly introduces the idea that all this activity is occurring, and "how do we regulate it?" But the article also gives a strong hint of who may have been behind it in the first place, for much of the software in use and that allows this network to exist was developed precisely by the same powerful people now seeking to regulate this activity, some of which I have no doubt is being conducted by they themselves.

Speculation? Sure. Wild speculation? Sure. But I am reminded of the late Fr. Malachi Martin's often repeated statements that, indeed, many very famous and wealthy families were, at the very top, involved in some very dark activities. This is a story, I think, that bears watching, if indeed we hear anything more about it at all.

See you on the flip side.