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July 19, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

People know I'm fascinated with physics, and those who've read between the lines of my books, or followed some of my blogs on physics topics, know I have a few problems with aspects of the standard model of physics, one of them being The Big Bang. Well, an Oxford mathematician and scientist is now saying that an entire universe may have existed prior to "the Big Bang." First, the article, then, my commentary:

Big Bang theory a bust: Scientist claims there's something out there Read more:

Now, I was really excited to read this article, for two reasons, the first being that Professor Penrose is one of my favorite authors on things mathematical-and-philosophical (see for example The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind). Penrose, indeed, elaborated on the theory of twistors, and thus I was very intrigued to find Penrose involved in this discovery, which, if verified, may prove to be highly significant.

But there is a second reason I am rather excited about this discovery... this is the discovery of circles of background radiation that apparently pre-existed our Big Bang, and the fact that in some instances there are five sets of rings, indicating "five events".

This, it seems to me, requires some wild speculation, for indeed, ancient cultures and traditions about cosmic aeons or ages, the Hindus with their four yugas, or the Mayans and Aztecs with their "five suns", would seem to be talking, not just of mere galactic events, but indeed, as their lore states, with cosmic ages or aeons.

If this speculation bears any fruit, then it will mean thatall of us engaged in this paleo-physics interpretation of ancient texts will to a certain extent be forced back to the drawing board, and in my own personal case, it will add yet another level of interpretation-speculation to what I have called the "unified intention of symbol" operating in those myths.

See you on the flip side...