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People know I'm fascinated with physics, and those who've read between the lines of my books, or followed some of my blogs on physics topics, know I have a few problems with aspects of the standard model of physics, one of them being The Big Bang. Well, an Oxford mathematician and scientist is now saying that an entire universe may have existed prior to "the Big Bang." First, the article, then, my commentary:

Big Bang theory a bust: Scientist claims there's something out there Read more: http://www.news.com.au/technology/sci-tech/big-bang-theory-a-bust-scientist-claims-theres-something-out-there/story-fn5fsgyc-1226393063285#ixzz1zt1FvyiR

Now, I was really excited to read this article, for two reasons, the first being that Professor Penrose is one of my favorite authors on things mathematical-and-philosophical (see for example The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind). Penrose, indeed, elaborated on the theory of twistors, and thus I was very intrigued to find Penrose involved in this discovery, which, if verified, may prove to be highly significant.

But there is a second reason I am rather excited about this discovery... this is the discovery of circles of background radiation that apparently pre-existed our Big Bang, and the fact that in some instances there are five sets of rings, indicating "five events".

This, it seems to me, requires some wild speculation, for indeed, ancient cultures and traditions about cosmic aeons or ages, the Hindus with their four yugas, or the Mayans and Aztecs with their "five suns", would seem to be talking, not just of mere galactic events, but indeed, as their lore states, with cosmic ages or aeons.

If this speculation bears any fruit, then it will mean thatall of us engaged in this paleo-physics interpretation of ancient texts will to a certain extent be forced back to the drawing board, and in my own personal case, it will add yet another level of interpretation-speculation to what I have called the "unified intention of symbol" operating in those myths.

See you on the flip side...


  1. Can the math.

    THAT is a creation of man,
    which, the higher he [tries] to go,
    the more he seems to screw it up,
    probably deliberately, such as the
    “renormalization” process.

    Math is a ‘contruct’ [language]
    to better understand aspects of science
    and communication, and for technology and building purposes.

    Those infinities are a very important part of the story.

    Think in the abstract.
    Your Oxford education was/is very “lamestream”
    and therefore a ‘con’ as well as a ‘pro.’

    Is it possible that, like my father, you don’t ‘like’ anyone
    smarter than you (?)
    Our style of learning cannot be compared.
    You are as necessary as I am.
    We all are.

  2. If you still don’t understand what I have been posting here Joseph,
    then you don’t have an appreciative command of
    Quantum Physics and how
    this science dictates a fully conscious universe
    that can take care of itself
    and must certainly have bypassed the Big Bang.

    I am older than the Universe !
    but so are you !

    Quantum creation flowers at the wave function collapse
    ‘creating’ a past as well as a future.

    What has happened to put ‘it’ in danger is the one
    thing in its entirety that is impossible, which in this case, proves
    out the rule that everything really is.

    So what went ‘wrong?’
    The answer to that is in the massive earth
    literature somewhere, that can still be accessed.
    A book ?
    My writing days are essentially in the ‘past.’
    I have other things to do from now/here.

    Again, in other words, this whole mess very nearly did ‘end’ it
    and was NOT planned.

    Keeping “free will” fully intact very nearly destroyed it.

    How do I know any of this (?)
    Everyone chooses their path

  3. Joey Kundalini

    Investigate Nassim Haramein’s theories before orthodox physics steals them and claims them for their own. Its a tidal wave they can no longer stop. He is the true Einstein (and by Einstein I mean the High Priest of Physics and not the little creature who worked in the patent office and pilfered his ideas and then was cast into superstardom by an elite who wanted to dead end physics and human progress).

  4. for a rather humorous (well, actually rather sarcastic) view of the big-bang theory being de-bunked (as well as many other topics such as the hideous scams behind Polio/AIDS, etc.) do check out Liam Scheff’s recently published “Official Stories”- it’s easy reading but with a big dash of Tobasco sauce

  5. David Dampier

    “The Road to Reality” is a survey of theoretical physics by Roger Penrose that would be of interest to readers of Dr. Farrell. The book was written in such a way that the required mathematics is included but can be skipped over by those wanting a more descriptive approach. Very good background material for the lay reader wanting a deeper understanding of modern physics.

      1. Again, Math HELPS us understand our surroundings
        and is extremely important in many ways,
        but it can narrow your focus just like the old style blinders
        on a horse.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Penrose is also one of my favorites.
    (w/cavear, he is within some inner circles of intelligence/govt)
    Like other journey’s, the big bang brought some tools & discoveries with it.
    Like you I’ve never “taken” to the big bang theory. But like Leno & Letterman, it has had it’s flip side(humorous word play).
    The number 5 has had special meaning for me, when looking deep into the “universe”, since my college days of study.

      1. Boredintheward

        Dear Mr. Barricklow,

        I cannot access this youtube vid you hath posted. 🙁


    1. the number 23 has had special meaning to me, i dropped out of college after considering to switch too ballet as a major…..half baked banger that i am.

        1. my father died on fathers day….a sad reminder for me every year.
          I was born on a lunar eclipse during the cusp of Leo, my brother on 9 11, my oldest brother on the winter Equinox….all coincidence of course

          1. Robert Barricklow

            Observing synchronous phenomenaare likr flaws in the fabric of reality-brief fissures that allow us a glimpse of the extensive underlying unity of the universe.

          2. the only thing i am sure of is i am not sure of anything…..nice world, a violent one, but nice none the less..

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