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By now we've all heard of the tragic bombing of a bus in Bulgaria which claimed the lives of Israeli tourists. And, predictably, this has already been blamed on Iran. I'm sorry, but for the moment, I'm just not buying it. Don't get me wrong here, radical Islamic terrorist organizations do exist, they do target "infidel" westerners and Israelis. But...

... the rush is on not to blame radical Islamic terrorist organizations, but Iran.

So let's pause, here, and reflect: why would  Iran do such a thing, knowing full well that there are forces in the upper echelons of oligarchical power in the West, and in Israel, that would like nothing better than to be handed a pretext to end Iran's nuclear program.  Nutty as the regime in Tehran is, I simply do not buy it; they have no reason to do so, even if they were given a "green light" for all sorts of such operations by their backers in Moscow and Beijing, who would be more inclined, I think, to keep Iran on a short leash in that respect.

So...that leaves a "false flag" operation.

I can at this juncture, and without knowing any more about the bombing (and assuming the Western controlled lamestream media would ever present the fact, and not the oligarchical spin of their masters), entertain only two reasonable possibilities as to who might be behind such a despicable deed: (1) the West itself, for reasons all too obvious - after all, they're the ones who want to have their war with Iran - or 92) someone else, who wants to involve the West in a war, a war that could eventually become global, involving China, and Russia.

For the moment, and barring any additional evidence, I opt for the first explanation as being the most likely. It is interesting to note, that as this event transpires, and already the internet articles - including this one - appear that call it into question, and that propose the ""false flag" interpretation, that former Republithug presidential candidate Michelle Bachman has questioned the presence on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's staff of a person whose family has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which raises that other possibility, namely, that we're watching the deliberate exacerbation and manipulation of religious tensions, for it has ever been the hallmark operational paradigm of the power elite that they play both sides of a conflict.

See you on the flip side.



  1. Your debate is futile…
    EVERYTHING wrong with this world
    is a product of those giant ants from New Mexico
    ane their voracious GREED for all things evil
    everything is wrong with this world !!!

      1. It was a B Sci Fi back in the fifties,
        giant ant hills in the desert filled
        with mutated giant ants.
        The movie was simply called, “THEM.”

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Remember the movie.
          There was a recent fiction novel along the same lines I read. It had some good reviews, but it all was just “sales-hype”.
          (can’t rember title or author)

          Sometimes the classics are in a world of their own.

          1. Well, THEY can’t give us any more good SciFi
            because THEY have it all for real, but horror serves
            their interests better, anyway.

            If you go back into the genre, it all seems so primitive.
            And most of the SciFi was based on themself
            and themselves, as an insane collective.

            They think they are over 5000 years old and therefore
            entitled to inherit the planet……….
            almost made it……….you will see.

            That’s the simplified version, VERY simplified.
            For one thing, THEY don’t think, of course.
            Their hosts do, but with THEIR insanity.

            Gotta go on this one.

            My air conditioner is still ringing.
            YEAH !
            I could probably talk to it and have a ……….?

  2. What kind of Israelis were they that died? Were they Ethiopian Israelis? Filipino guest workers indentured in Bulgaria? Bulgarian slave girls with Israeli passports? If they were real Israelis, were they they taken out by a rival Israeli orgainzed crime faction operating in Bulgaria who conveniently used “jihadists/Iranians” as cover for the deed? Or, were they Israelis running a sloppy child kidnapping operation in Bulgaria and drawing too much attention?

    When real “innocent” Israeli tourists die, then I concede there always is a possibility that a third party is involved but I do believe the talmud allows for the sacrifice of a small percentage of those who are Chosen, if it is serves the Greater Evil.

    1. Hal Hichler:

      Got any verifiable evidence that those killed in Bulgaria were anything other than Israeli tourists?

      Got any evidence that Israel the country is somehow more “evil” than say the USA? Particularly in the 1900th century, the US sure killed a lot of Indians in the name of divine rights. Or there’s the early twentieth century variation pursued by the US in the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines. Then there’s bombing to death at least a million Vietnamese is an effort to win hearts and minds? All this death and abuse at the hands of the USA sure seems inspired by a sense of importance, an sense you’ve implied, inaccurately, as somehow particular to Israel.

          1. i am the best of the good guys the honey pot, and …i am simply a witness, the messengers you have ignored

          1. The days start getting shorter…thus the creation is over by the 7th month…and the harvest begins.

            That is (metaphorically) that the lord created the earth (heaven) in 6 days and rested on the 7th.

            They were very smart people that wrote the bible.

          2. Have a listen too the song sunny….why does it make him feel 10 feet tall?

            Have a nice sunday…

          3. No Jedi
            I didn’t ignore the messengers………….

            I did have to wait though
            for acknowledgements

  3. the Aurora shooting was most definately a psy-ops of some sort (which public massacre shooting isn’t?)-

    but for an alternative viewpoint do check out Jim Stone’s stance on this available at:


    I’m not saying I believe Stone’s insight is 100% correct but I haven’t ruled him out a 100%- in any case it seems like a police drill was happening at the same time as the incident (sort of like the NORAD drill on 9/11 or the police drill on 7/7)-

    we all know the MSM invents the news at times (I remember the CNN anchor-team’s “exclusive” interview in June of 2001 after finding Osama bin Deadawhile in his secret hide-out cave in Afghanistan where the CIA before hadn’t a clue about his whereabouts and couldn’t find him- but CNN miraculously could)-

    read Stone’s testimonies and decide for yourself

  4. Everything you say makes perfect sense and is so consistent with so much that we already know that it is inevitable that …our major media will totally ignore this possibility and instead parrot the official line.
    You have tactfully omitted the most likely culprit in this, but mentioning it would only lead to the usual name-calling from the usual quarters.

  5. David B. Schuster

    Might be coincidence, but the Clinton staff member in question is the wife of shamed ex-Congressman Anthony Wiener.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Again, the “False Flag signature” is being writ LARGE and c l e a r across many-faceted paradigms, and in an in-your-face arrogance, that borders on stupidity.
    Thus, one scratches his or her head and wonders, is it that I’ve become so accustomed to your face(elite’s signature)?
    Or, is it really getting more & more obvious, to more & more people?

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