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July 10, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I put "NATO" in quotation marks because, as this little blog hopefully will show, NATO has transformed itself into the mechanism of maintaining Western power, and increasing that power over areas of the globe not originally a part of the conception which led to its formation. Let's recall what those two principle reasons were: (1) to present a united economic and military coalition against the forces of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact. It will be recalled that Mr. Gorbachev, during the period of the Soviet Union's and Warsaw pact's collapse, elicited a promise from the West that NATO would not be expanded to include the former states of the Warsaw pact and the emerging states of the former Soviet Federated Socialist Republics - like the Ukraine or Byelorussia - that formed part of the Soviet Union. But there was a second, more hidden reason: (2) to deal with, as Zbgnw Brzznsk said in his book The Grand Chessboard, the reality of German power in the 20th (and we should also have to say, 21st) century.

Well, obviously, the West reneged on the first, and quickly began to expand NATO into eastern Europe and into the former republics of little Russia. Now let's be clear here what is really going on - and at the risk of inflaming nationalist passions of Byelorussians or Ukrainians - note that these two states, at least, were for a very long period a part of the Russian empire, and their histories and cultures bound up with it. The Nazis were the first to attempt to use the nascent nationalism in these states in their anti-communist crusade, and NATO, to a certain extent has simply followed suit (may that's why the Nato logo is a stylized swastika?) But that expansion likewise probably had as much to do with keeping Germany firmly corralled, as Russia, and effort that in any case may not prove to be effective in either instance. Indeed, I firmly believe the current financial crisis in Europe is as much about geopolitics as it is about finances, and that again, the hidden goal of what I've been calling the  Wallashinglondontonstreet oligarchs (it's so hard to keep the British and American versions apart any more) is to prevent a break of of the EU, since in any breakup, Germany will inevitably gravitate to the BRICS nations, and indeed, the signs are there for all to read that it is already doing so.

Add to this the growing discontent among countries that would normally be considered at least friendly countries, if not outright allies, of the West, the "adjuncts" so to speak, of western power. Yesterday I blogged about the growing ties between Brazil, and now Argentina, with China. There is, in other words, a growing geopolitical realignment taking place in the world, with Russia and China forming the core of that realignment that has perhaps been mis-named the "BRICS" nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). What it might more aptly be called is the "fed-up-at-the-western-oligarchs" nations, and hence, the strange amalgam of a nationalist state (Russia), an authoritarian state (China), an Eastern democracy (India) and a western one (Brazil). Indeed, with the addition of Argentina into the mix, and growing expansion of bilateral economic and military cooperation between those two countries, we might even perhaps call this emerging bloc the BRICA nations.

If there is any doubt as to this geopolitical reality, that doubt must surely be dispelled somewhat by the fact that NATO now sees itself in a global role. In other words, they're reading the tea leaves in Wallashinglondontonstreet, and responding accordingly:

NATO Expands Military Network to All Continents

Let's all remember a little lesson of history...the last time a financial oligarchicy got so out of control, and attempted to dominate global affairs through assassination, trickery, spies, and financial manipulation to sustain a maritime empire, it resulted in everyone else pretty much becoming upset with that oligarchy and its base of operations, and, led by a particularly byzantine Pope, formed an alliance of all European powers - France, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, the Papal states, against it. That war was the War of the League of Cambrai, and the oligarchical empire was based in Venice.

We are, even geopolitically, becoming Venice.

See you on the flip sidce.