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Here's a bit of news that a friend just informed me of: CERN is possibly getting ready to announce the discovery of the Higgs Boson:

God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2167188/God-particle-Scientists-Cern-expected-announce-Higgs-boson-particle-discovered-Wednesday.html#ixzz1zPFBk1Zh


  1. Let me guess, these ‘particles’ will act in a way the mimics ‘consciousness’. Then we will have every atheist/materialist in the universe saying ‘see there is no god, just a funny piece of the universe’

      1. lol. And then we will have various deists saying ‘we have found the hand of God’…..not me lol

  2. well. thats it. i offered dawkins a pudding cause im sick of hearing about primordial soup. im a raelian now. pudding? -like whats between my ears now?

      1. Here’s a comment from a friend of mine on Facebook, and my response to this issue:

        Dr Farrell, care to comment?

        Particle physicists like to say that their work with accelerators resembles smashing two mechanical clocks together and then deducing how the clocks were built by the gears and escapements that fly out. But given enough velocity on the collision, individual teeth from those gears can fly out as individual units, even though they were not individual parts of the original clock. In other words, given the intense energy of the collisions in modern accelerators, one cannot rule out that the physicists are not discovering new particles but creating them!

        Even if the scientists at CERN have created a HIGGs boson, there is no evidence that it ever existed before that moment, let alone had anything to do with a mythical Big bang
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        Joseph Patrick Farrell lol…well… you jumped the gun on me, but this type of thinking is one of the problems I have with the standard model, namely, that it seems like a particle is invented to cover every specific interaction in atomic physics… much of what modern theory is – to my former theologian’s eye – looks like a reveist of the nominalist-realist debate of the high Middle Ages.

  3. once the God particle is found the next step will be discovering/researching the particles of the components of the God particle, etc., etc.-

    if God is only a ‘particle’ then I’m reminded of the query “if there’s a universal mind must it be sane?” (attributed to Charles Fort)- or did God lose the same single particle Isis could not find after piecing Osiris back together (and we all know which particle that was) before she sent him down the river…

    only God’s particle knows what’s really going on at CERN and if it’s not for the benefit of it’s financers I’ll eat my living room- and why is the symbol of CERN Shiva, the “destroyer of worlds”?!-

    I have very little respect for articles written for/posted by the UK DailyMail but do appreciate it’s generosity in allowing an Irishman’s commentary on ‘God’s particle’: “let’s hope its not Catholic”-

    if God’s particle has been discovered and subsequently announced then let’s just sit back and ask ourselves “cui bono”?- I’ll bet it won’t be God’s particle

    1. You know, there is something that sends me on a
      thinking tangent(?) about the Queen of Myth
      and her counterparts all over the ancient world.

      Why do the myths open with her husband
      and father of her twin boys,
      pretty much already dead ?

  4. what is this going to mean to paul laviolette and subquantum kenetics and the electric universe or are they (present physics model) that desperate? will there be an alliance left with natural philosophy alliance?where is string theory now?
    read the god particle long time ago .not as much progress as i thought would be made by this time.maybe the main stream physics cult of pathology can’t keep there eye on the ball ? what now? looks like present day politics.IMO.

    1. The vibration/frequency [thought]
      creates the ‘strings.’

      This is the basis of all ancient eastern philosophy
      and religion.
      And they were right all along !

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Sorry to say I find this suspect from a number of perspectives.
    It all comes down to illusion, and the Higgs Boson is likely simular to Osausage bin Hiden.

    1. The lame stream media is pretty ridiculous.

      pretty funny….in a knee and thor kind of way..the hidden sausage remark

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