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July 18, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Remember that geopolitical-economic realignment I've been talking about in the past few months? Well, apparently, the light bulb went on - well, it probably just flickered - in Hillary Rodham Clinton's cackling head. Here's an interesting article about her comments regarding the Chinese and Russian cores of that realignment at a recent summit meeting called "Friends of Syria":

Clinton threatens Russia and China at “Friends of Syria” Meeting.

Now, first off, we can immediately deduce a "law of 21st century geopolitics" from this article, and from the elite behavior:

Law of Reverse Intention: "When the west's power brokers form societies, clubs, cabals, conventicles, congresses, or canards for the purpose of befriending the oppressed people of a nation, they are likely the ones ultimately behind the oppressors, so they then have a pretext for covert operations, coups d'etat, assassination, terror, and invasion, to further their own power."

But that's beside the point here. Hillary, according to the article, was huffing and puffing and threatening to blow the Russian and Chinese house down:

No military intervention in Syria, no foreign interference, no solution that is dictated from abroad is acceptable” was the loud and clear message from those uncivilized human rights violating, warmongering, tyrant supporting maniacal countries Russia and China.

Peaceful and kindhearted human beings like Clinton and Obama and all the other real friends of Syria are naturally appalled and outraged by such bad behavior. Consequently, Hillary Clinton stated at the “Friends of Syria Meeting” in Paris, that Russia and China “will pay a price“. Right Hillary, give it to them !

And just exactly what price are China and Russia supposed to pay? Are we going to take our treasury bonds and sell them to someone else? If so, who? the only other country with any money to speak of, is Germany, and the powers that be are busily trying to make Germany bail out the rest of Europe.So what are we threatening here? Not to send any more of what little remains of our manufacturing base in this country to China?

Well, then that leaves the war option. We already have grounds troops in...well, just about everywhere... and are already badly extended, and our financial system(as the article makes clear), was brought to the snapping point just by the war against such powerhouses as Afghanistan and Iraq... and now we're threatening Russia and China? Uhm....Memo to Hillary here: Ever hear of a little 'police action" called Operation Barbarossa? and you want to threaten Russian and China?

This brings us to my real point: the oligarchy of the West is either saying such things, not for Russia's and China's benefit, but for our benefit, in an effort to convince us they have things "firmly under control" and that our security"secure" in their wise, all-powerful, and omniscient hands, or they are so insane that they really believe what they're saying.

Sadly, for anyone who has plowed through the awful exercises in geopolitical delusion and cultural analysis that Zbgnw Brzznsk publishes on occasion, I am inclined to believe they really believe what they're saying.

(MEMO TO VLAD AND HU: Please keep a level head when dealing with these people. We realize you're both "authoritarian tyrants" according to our lamestream media, so remain calm...)

See you on the flip side.