July 2012 Support Notices

  • MEMBER ACCESS: If anyone is a paid member with a current account, but cannot access/view the members only materials (after logging in), such as [these documents] or [these videos], please fill out a support ticket using the Support drop-down on the site. If all you get is a member options page, and you're definitely logged in, then the system doesn't think you're a paid member. On occasion, the transaction is not fully updating the site, either because the final click isn't made or because of an issue with the Paypal account transmitting the data. We'd like to know if you're a member but can't see member materials. It's usually a simple account update we can do on this end.
  • AUGUST SUPPORT: August will be a skeleton support month. We normally strive for 24-hr turn around time on support tickets, but for August this will be adjusted to a goal of same week for tickets submitted early in the week, and early next week for tickets submitted later in the week. This is so we can give the support apparatchiks a much needed break. Things remain as they are for July and should be back to normal in September, it's just the dog days of support that will be affected.
  • SITE SPEED: We seem to be fully recovered from the global server issues that took place 8-9 days ago, and all major functions are restored (e.g. comments are visible again on the home page).  To test giza's site speed, if you are still experiencing slowness, you can visit google's site speed test and enter www.gizadeathstar.com - any score in the 70s-90s is good and means the site itself is delivering appropriate speeds, allowing you to look at your ISP or local PC for a possible cause. To test your internet latency and speed (both scores can affect your experience on some parts of the web, depending on the routes taken by your ISP), visit speedtest.net. High latency is common on satellite connections or 3G/4G routers (e.g. Mifi). Broadband speeds are roughly something above 1.75mbps. Running 3 tests and getting an average for latency and speed can give you a clear picture of how your connection is doing.
  • NEW CALENDAR FEATURE: The event calendar not only allows you to monitor upcoming events from the web site, but *also* allows you to add them your own Google Calendar and, we think, iCal (Apple-compatible) Calendars and even Outlook. If you have a gmail or google login, you already have google calendar, and can add as many calendars to it as you wish, including setting up event alerts for e-mail, etc. Instructions available from Google via Google. The +Google Calendar button at the bottom of the event calendar is the mechanism to add the Giza Calendar to your roster of calendars. We added this feature to a) make updating, for Dr. Farrell, as simple as clicking on the appropriate day or dragging and dropping an event to move it, and b) to allow site users to set reminders, etc. Again, help on that is available via Google and isn't directly provided by Giza.
  • VARIOUS TIPS: Want to quickly locate a topic? Try the Tags cloud at the very bottom of the home page. Want to personalize/change your photo/avatar that shows up with your comments? Visit gravatar.com and set up an account with the same e-mail you use on Giza. The site automatically uses your gravatar - "globally recognized avatar" - (takes a few minutes to update) - if you have one.
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