cosmic war


July 13, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one is a topic I commented recently on aByte Show interview, and that is the US military's new "plasma cannon," and I thought it would be worth a more detailed look here. Here is Russian TV that brings you this bit of news:

US Army to smite enemies with Tesla-like lightning bolts?

The basic idea here is very simple. The laser acts as a conductive channel for a plasma, or, an electrically charged gas, toward its target.  The laser heats a gas, ionizing the air through which it passes, and thus creates a column or channel taht is not electrically neutral. In other words, the column becomes a kind of "wire of air" through which a short, sharp, electrical pulse is shot: essentially,  a lightning bolt.

Now, there are two paragraphs here that I hope you noticed:

"Theoretically, it can be used to take out a specific object in its entirety – an enemy SUV or a plane – without having to destroy everything around it."

And this:

"Engineers are now working on turning the prototype into a mobile cannon that can be mounted on aircraft and trucks, but the US Army has not yet ordered any devices."

Now all this provokes in my mind the "scaled up version" of this whole concept that we saw in Independence Day, which epitomized the basic concept behind a laser-induced plasma channel weapon for millions of movie-goers to see, that is, in one sense, that there is no real limit to the size of "plasma cannon" that might be constructed.

So that leads me to my next question: isn't building a laser-induced plasma cannon merely to take out an airplane, or a tank, or a squad of soldiers, a bit cost-ineffective? After all, won't a standard shell from a cannon, or missile, work just as effectively, with much less cost, and nearly the same accuracy?

Of course it would, and to answer that is to suggest that another agenda entirely is being sought here, precisely the agenda that I implied by the reference to the laser-induced-plasma cannon as depicted in Independence Day: I suspect what "they" are after is a strategic capability of such a weapon, based in space, and able to rain down accurate "lightning bolts" on the surface of the earth using such electrically conductive channels from the upper to the lower atmosphere, and the extraordinary amount of electrical energy in the atmosphere itself.

A few years ago, Dr. Carol Rosin informed the world of Dr. Wehrner von Braun's alleged statements to her, that first Communism was the enemy, then terrorists, then "nations of concern"(which which we appear to be dealing now), then it would be asteroids, and then, finally, extra-terrestrials, all trotted forth as the "most favored enemy" status for the goal of weaponizing space.

So where is the inspiration for these ideas coming from? In the "electric universe" model being promoted in some alternative circles - and rest assured, I have some problems with that model, not the least of which is its inherent catastrophism - there are signs within our own solar system of massive electrical discharges: the Higenus Rille on the Moon, the Vallee Marineris on Mars... all this, so the electric universe theory maintains were the results of natural discharges between the then-electrically polarized planets, which discharges were memorialized in our human myths as the thunderbolts of the Gods, be the Marduk, Zeus, or Thor. But those myths are clear, these were wars, not "discharges", and in Marduk's case, stars themselves were turned into the sources of the plasmas for the electrical current. So once again, it would appear that modern weapons, by way of modern science and technology, are making possible the technologies of the gods, for from Marduk to Independence Day to this very real modern weapons technology, the fundamental principle remains the same, all that is really different is the scale at which is is executed, and as I have suggested above, creating a weapon like this for the purposes of taking out tanks or airplanes, when far cheaper technologies already exist, strongly suggests that the real goal is something much larger, and much more sinister...

...and that means that some mad scientist, in some laboratory somewhere, working for DIARPA (Dreadfully Insane Advanced Research Projects Agency), has already understood that weaponizing an entire star is theoretically possible, simply by creating the proper resonance effects and electrical channels... one could, so to speak, order M class solar flares for delivery on such and such a day, at such and such a time, like ordering a pizza...

See you on the flip side...