July 7, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well now this gets curiouser and curiouser. Just for kicks, I decided to get driving directions from Las Vegas, NV, to "unnamed road", NV, where this curious tetrahedron-pyramidal structure is located. The results returned were these:

Directions from Las Vegas to Unnamed Road, "Area 51" pyramid

As you can see by the map, you are not entering what is typically called Area 51, since you're entering the whole federal military reservation area in southern NV from the SOUTH. Enlarging the map will show you that the location of this installation is actually somewhat southwest of Groom Lake (the actual Area 51), and due West of Papoose Lake (site of Bob Lazar's alleged S-4 installation). Clearly, one is inside the restricted area here, but exactly where and what project this represents is anyone's guess. When one enlarges what I'll call the "urban area" to the east of Mesa road, one does indeed find a veritable "urban area" of installations and some self-evident signs of craters and test areas. This may, indeed, represent some sort of very very very loose corroboration of the idea that this pyramidal structure may be for the purposes of testing or measuring longitudinal waves, both within the P wave structure of nuclear detonations, and within the medium itself. Such waves would "ping" the structure and allow scientists to measure interferometry patterns, and so on, within the structure, and that, in turn, would indicate they are doing research along the lines of the Soviets, and into so-called "pyramid power," using nuclear detonations to create the necessary(seismic) conditions to do so.

I admit folks, I find this whole thing very intriguing, especially as it is found in the middle of the test ranges to the west, and the actual Area 51 to the northeast. (Also note: the road leading to "unnamed road" is now Mercury road... and for those who remember, the Mercury site was according to some old alternative space program lore and unsubstantiated rumor, the home of a secret space program and anti-gravity research, and so on....)

See you on the flip side...