July 7, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well I had been hearing rumors of this, and someone here emailed me a picture of it, and I googled <"Area 51" pyramid>, and sure enough, I got this link:

Report: Area 51 Builds Massive Alien Pyramid

Well, turning down the "noise" level in this article about extraterrestrials and what not, and concentrating only on the images, if they are real and not just photoshopped(and duly note the questionable "source" here folks), it does raise the question of why the good folks at DIARPA (Dreadfully Insane Advanced Research Projects Agency) would be building such a (tetrahedral) pyramid. Surely not as a sarcophagus for dead Communications? power?  or..., as I've been arguing all along, a weapon? If so, then the USA has apparently joined the (short) list of nations that have been secretly investigating pyramids, and, presumably, pyramid power(like Russia)....

It all depends on if that is a genuine photo....

See you on the flip side...


Well, this is interesting. Shortly after I posted this little tidbit, someone else was able to find the photo from google satellite imagery and sent it to me, just as I was looking through google images too, so, it looks like we can proceed on the assumption that this is not photoshopped, and do so on the basis of a kind of "assuming this is true for the sake of argument, then what are they doing?" If we grant that assumption, then why the pyramid? Well, one answer would be that it is a phased radar array of some sort, perhaps built to test radar cross sections of stealth materials and/or black projects stealth aircraft....that would be  my first guess. Anyway, here's the photograph:

But something in my gut tells me this is not the only or deepest reason for what is done here(again, assuming any of this is genuine). The sheer scale of this construction would, to my mind, not be necessary for the kind of radar cross-section stealth testing purposes that I propose above. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Maybe it equally represents some sort of program similar in nature to that which the former Soviet Union undertook to investigate pyramids. It is interesting that this image appears to be dated 1998, which, again, if true, would mean that whatever this construction represents, it does represent a project and expenditure that had been going on for some time.

But now for the other possibilities...

There are also a number of articles on this subject on the internet, most apparently stemming from one or two sources (from what I can tell at this juncture), and even more interestingly, a bunch of gobbledegook that turns up if one googles 37 05 45" N 116 05 34 W, as noted in the picture above, and searches under images(try it, and have fun...some of the images returned are of NASA solar eclipse tracking and projection data!). Doing so under Google maps returns the curious result of "unnamed road" in "Nevada"(hmmm!), and when you click on the "satellite" imagery, sure enough, up pops the picture, with some very intriguing scenery in the area around it. INterestingly enough, this "unnamed road" appears to be off Mesa road, and there does not appear to be any limitation of access to the "unnamed" road. (Here's the link to that picture):

"Pyramid" Wider Context

So, assuming we're not just dealing with a bit of fun being had on us all by the boys at DIARPA, then possibly this is a radar array of some sort, perhaps for stealth research. But there is also the deeper possibility that they are experimenting with those "longitudinal waves" in the medium. Which brings me to the articles. One internet article is suggesting that HAARP and EISCAT have "turned on" some of these ancient pyramids. Again, I find this a very suggestive and even intriguing idea. I even suggested the idea of EM interferometry in the pyramids books. But the problem here is, assuming again that this isn't DIARPA having a bit of internet fun, we have no idea what this structure is made out of, if it's hollow, solid, chambered, etc. Knowing all those things would broaden the base from which to speculate.

A final question: Is anyone else getting such variable results under google searchers with these coordinates?

See you on the flip side....