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For the past two days I have been blogging about the growing ties between Russia and China, ties that include sweeping trade agreements, vast energy deals between the two countries, and as indicated yesterday, a determination between the two countries to conduct trade in their own currencies and by-pass the US dollar entirely. Yesterday, moreover, I noted Mr. Putin's open letter prior to his Chinese visit, and its clear message to the West to abandon its post-Cold War assumptions of a "unipolar" world, and the expanding role of the Shanghai Accords nations.

Now RT TV reported a couple of weeks ago this important bit of news, and there's no "spin" here folks, other than that of another message being sent to "Wallashinglondonton":

Russia and China pull together to counter US Asia drive

Note that first statement very carefully, for there is no fuzzy "politician-speak" here: "President Vladimir Putin has said Russia will cement its military alliance with China, including an increase in joint exercises in the Asia-Pacific. The move follows a US pledge to step up its naval presence in Asia in a bid to extend its influence."(Emphasis added).

And that's straight from RT TV, folks.

Yesterday I implied that we were entering "Act Two" of a new kind of Cold War. Act One ended with the fall of the Soviet Union, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, and the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe and former Soviet republics such as the Ukraine, in spite of Western guarantees to Russia that this would not happen... yet another "scrap of paper." This was followed, of course, by two invasions of Iraq and projections of American and Western military power into Eurasia in Afghanistan and into the Middle East.

Thus, what Mr. Putin may be signalling here is something that I have long suspected, and intimated in various posts and statements on interviews, and that is we may be watching the emergence of the Shanghai Accords as the basis for a new military and economic alliance in Asia, one that might eventually reach out and encompass other BRICs nations. In short, we may be witnessing the birth of "Warsaw Pact: Version Two: East".

There are of course geopolitical pundits who will advance all sorts of reasons that this really can't happen, or that, conversely, I am advancing a new form of the old "domino" theory. Well, like it or not, Mr. Putin is not the genocidal Mr. Djugashvili, and Mr. Jintao is not the genocidal Mr. Mao, and their geopolitics is in response to the overreaching delusional ambition that has held sway in the West since the collapse of the Soviet Union. And given the rate at which the West is quickly gaining enemies among its own people - think of all those farmers in Europe, North, and South America fed up with the bozos at Duponzanto - then the script will become predictable: if Russia and China begin to court the disaffected elements within Western societies, then indeed, the curtain will have gone up on The Cold War: Act Two."

See you on the flip side.


  1. Robert Barricklow

    At the core of this is the private money power(issuing its own currency) which the “corporatizes” the energy monopoly(oil), and in turn monopolizes foeed(financial oligarcghs are now in the process of buying up all the available farm land/also monsanto terminating seeds).
    He who control the oil, controls the nations
    He who controls the rood, controls the people
    He who controls the money, controls the world.
    Henry Kissinger(paraphrasing).

    The Chinese & Russians have their oligarchs.
    The financial oligarchs should be in the crosshairs of all nation-states.

    Sovereignty is issuing one’s own currency.
    If a nation abdicates that, it loses its sovereignty.

    1. 13 eye light house pyramid elite (can you figure it out?)

      hint the Arch enemy of the red one.

      The zen masters of the burning bush have entrapped themselves ….again.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        If it belongs (it/)in, why figure it/(out)?
        Of course, to go against the grain(eat meat?).

        1. only you could get the flower from the ice cube.

          It has Bean A pleasure too of been acquainted with U

  2. Mr Putin is a KGB man, and those “boys of November” are brainwashed in the “special schools”.

    A superman waiting for his phone calls.

    Interestingly, China and Russia are homogenous countries, as the good book says a house divided will fall….and well with China in control of manufacturing, the shim sham economic theories are about ready for a spectacular fall of biblical proportions.

    You can only use and abuse mother for so long.

    1. Neither Russia nor China (China in particular) is an homogeneous country.

      In China for example there are two hugely different languages spoken by very large parts of the population–that’s just the obvious.

      1. I am of course referring to genetics as the homogenous link, not language….that is obvious. You are not one of those that beeLIEves race as a social construct.

        Do not commit adultery…adulter your dna is what the lord was referring too….he only had 10 commandments, and he certainly wouldn’t stutter too his chosen people…(whomever that may be)
        Too destroy Babylions the last time around she changed the languages too divide the people….worked pretty well the last century wouldn’t you say.
        you’ll always have the HATFIELDS and McCOYs going at it that’s a given.

        This is the calm before the perfect storm.

    2. And Bush headed the CIA and still calls them “my boys.”

      I wonder if the Russian people remember Bush all the time,
      as CIA, and forget their own, Putin, as KGB (?)

      We / US left the guy no choice, did we / US ?
      Deliberately sinking the Kursk didn’t help much either.

      Putin very quietly shot down 2 of our fighter jets quarding
      1/3 of our Star Wars umbrella over an island off of Scotland,
      but did not touch the facility, itself.

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