July 21, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

By now we've heard of the sex abuse scandal at Penn State that has now landed former football coach Jerry Sandusky in jail, and which apparently engulfed even the late and legendary coach Joe Paterno. Now, anyone who knows me well will tell you, I could care less about professional - or college - well, really, any sports. But as the story began to break, the first thing I thought of was the Franklin Scandal, the story of rich Omaha financier Larry King, who himself became involved in a child sex abuse ring, and scandal, that ran all the way from Nebraska's famous Boys' Town, to Los Angeles and sex-abuse parties for the wealthy and powerful, to Washington, D.C., where the scandal reached into Congress and, some argue, into the White House of then President George Herbert Walker Bush.

I realize that this is the second time in a few weeks that I have written about this, but I find the story so profoundly disturbing thatย  I had to share my suspicions, which now seem to be growing out there among others. When I first wrote about this story, I had the suspicion that the Penn State Scandal was but one manifestation of what I suspect - and still do to this day - is a world wide, old, and coordinated phenomenon, orchestrated by the wealthy and powerful for a variety of purposes.ย  These suspicions I shared with a colleague in the alternative research community, Walter Bosley (co-author of Empire of the Wheel, a study of similar murky goings-on in southern California after the turn of the last century, and again, implicating the wealthy and powerful in bizarre games of ritual and murder). Walter then informed me of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders in southern California, involving a Canadian - Gordon Northcutt - who lured adolescent boys to his farm, and murdered them. At his trial, Northcutt maintained he had been put up to it by hidden wealthy and powerful men. No one at the time believed him, and Northcutt took whatever secrets he had with him after he was hung for the murders. Then, more recently, the famous child actor of the 1980s, Corey Feldman, now a grown man, gave an interview outlining his own abuse at the hands of Hollywood's rich and powerful:


And now, there is this article - brought to my attention courtesy of a friend, P.H. - which again mentions a connection between the Franklin Scandal, and Penn State:

'The Franklin Cover-Up' author talks about how he linked Sandusky and Penn State abuse scandal years ago

What I find profoundly disturbing here is that what began for me as a vague intuition that these things were all somehow connected (and permit me to crawl way out on a limb here, and suggest that the infamous Zodiac serial murders are somehow connected - call it another intuition folks), now seems to be born out by at least one connection, and, let us be clear, the Franklin Scandal, for anyone who has researched it, does have vague, suggestive, connections to Hollywood, and the types of allegations Mr. Feldman made in his interview.

So I'm going to go way out on the limb of speculation here once again, and just put out there what I think may be going on, and this may be boiled down to a rather disturbing series of interrelated hypoheses:

1) there is a worldwide network of the rich and powerful, a kind of global Wealth-Sex-Ritual oligarchy,ย  secretly engaged in these activities;

2) these activities involve, at the deepest level of motivation, at least some aspect of ritual, or ceremonial, magic of the blackest kind, and that the perpetrators of these types of deeds and not confined their activity to sexual abuse, but also torture, or ritual abuse;

3) at alower level of motivation, these activities are promoted to ensnare corrupt politicians, business executives, and so on, to do the bidding of those very high in the power pyramid, through blackmail, doubtless through covert films, pictures, and audio recordings of their activities in these types of rings;

4) at yet another level, this ring also traffics, on a global basis, in human beings for all the above purposes (and possibly more, i.e., to gain human subjects for barbaric experimentation in truly black covert projects).

I am reminded also of the disturbing beginning to the late Malachi Martin's Windswept House, his last book, and a novel, which begins with a ritual sex abuse and torture (and implied murder), for the purposes of accomplishing nakedly satanic black magic. Martin makes it clear that this was being done by wealthy and powerful men, including those in the highest positions of power within his own church. We need only think of all the sex abuse scandals rocking the Roman Catholic and other churches.

While I am not about to jump on the bandwagon of those fundamentalist "christian" preachers who have been advocating nephilim mothers and hybrid offspring, and who practice what appears to me to be their own bizarre sort of ritual abuse, it does appear at least to this hack from South Dakota, that something profoundly black, dark, and widespread is going on. We need to quite viewing these stories - whether in the playing courts of Penn State or the papal courts of the Vatican - as isolated phenomenon, and begin, in my opinion, to start digging for the threads that might possibly connect them all, for I don't know about you, but I deeply sense - and it is at this juncture nothing more than an intuition - that these things are deeply connected.

See you on the flip side...