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It is not often I dare on this site to disagree with a man whose views, lucidity, and rationality I deeply respect, but today I must do so with Lew Rockwell. The article I have in mind, which apparently is not by Mr. Rockwell but by Mr Michael S Rozleff, is here:

U.S. Protectorates in Asia Cost a Great Deal

Mr. Rozleff is, of course, correct, the US Asian bases cost a great deal to maintain, and the implicit implication is that it would make good political (and fiscal) sense to shut some of them down and scale back others.

But this, of course, won't be allowed to happen, for the power elite in this country will insist that it is necessary not only to maintain these bases, but to expand our military presence in the region as a response to the growing projections of power - economic, military, and otherwise - of China and Russia into the region, and to counter the threat of regimes such as North Korea.

At the deeper level, of course, the financial and military-industrial complex reap huge profits from maintaining such bases. But there is, I would argue, avery deep level of geopolitical reasoning operating here, and that  has to do with the realignment taking place that I have commented on here and elsewhere over the past few months: in my opinion the "Wallashinglondonton" elite are pushing hard for their unipolar global new world order, using the economic and military power of the USA as the front for their activities. As a result, they have managed to alienate long term allies and friends, particularly in Latin America. But the pillar of that elite's system of power has always been the "trilateral" interlocked arrangements between Europe, North America, and, in the Pacific, Australia, the Philippines, and Japan.

When the Japanese government two years ago changed from the party that had ruled Japan for decades as a client state of the West, to a party that began to float trial balloons of a rapprochement with China - planned state visits of the Japanese Emperor to Beijing, requests for the USA to close its military base on Okinawa - it was hit with a tsunami and an earthquake, the effects of which we are still living with, and that after then US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates delivered a stern warning to Japan that this course of action was unacceptable. (In other words, yes, I still entertain the possibility that the Fukushima disaster was the result of a deliberate action). Add to this the suggestive - though certainly not conclusive - evidence that Japan may have been pursuing a secret nuclear weapons program, doubtless in aid of precisely that agenda of Asian rapprochement, and one gets the picture. In the end, this isn't even about sustaining the American empire in the face of increasing fissures within the post-World War Two structures and coalitions of power. This is about expanding that base of control. As in Europe, where the debt crisis is in part - and in my opinion - being engineered to keep Germany locked within the Western orbit and to forestall any greater Russo-German cooperation, the same cane be said of Japan (and, since we're talking about American debt in this context), China.

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  1. The asian people dont take kindly too seeing thier daughters being raped around the bases…it is not about the money and its influence….which comes from trees btw.

    The elite are just a bunch of shake down artist….their end justifys the destruction of the earth……”behold the men have become as gods”

    1. Robert Barricklow

      ‘Shakedown Jackson’ is who I think of.
      The Jesse [james] of shakedowns.

  2. США нанесли ударне только по Фукусиме, но и в России Краснодарском крае. Когда Путин аступил н первый президесткй срок США потопил российскую подлодку, и вот теперь наводнение! Аналогии очевидны.

  3. seems a bit extreme to destroy Japan just to ensure they dont switch sides. wouldnt a few wellplaced assassinations have done the trick?

    1. “Insanity is more often found collectively rather than individually.”
      Friedrich Nietzsche
      And HE should know [have known] since he was one of
      the VERY ELITE Germans
      who chose to philosophize about it instead.

      1. I would imagine so,
        since “normal” is definitely a ‘relative’ term
        and deserves the quotation marks.

        Life and age has made you wise, Robert,
        not dumbed down like so many others.

        It ‘used’ to be like that ‘normally.’

        People weren’t shunt aside for being olf,
        ‘stupid,’ out of fahion, unmodern…….tech-less

        well, you get the idea

        1. “tech-less” and not knowing how to spell or
          remember how to type [old]

          Keep smiling 😉

  4. The American People are the only ones around the world
    that have no clue as to what the hell is really going on.
    At least on a world wide scale………….

    The ‘Whistle Blowers’ are still more concerned with
    so-called ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ to the
    US Constitution when hardly anyone has cared almost
    since the ink dried !!!

    What those who profess to care don’t seem to get
    is that the USA cannot exist in a vaccum or in the midst
    of a dead/dying planet already on life support and
    now dependent solely on Mother Nature
    because all that insanity knows is “crush, kill destroy,”
    even if it includes itself/themselves.

    The same tech is known by all the Elites and major
    governments so, as I said earlier, “retaliation” is
    just a tad useless, don’t you think?

      1. um
        that’s with a ‘c’ Robert;
        but then,
        everyone is getting ‘dense [r]’ these days

        Well, almost everyone 🙂

          1. Even though I still have one,
            I don’t laugh at the same things
            or find the same things funny.

            Their so-called comedy is profane and
            I prefer profound.

            As to music,
            the band and the audience
            can’t seem to stop tuning their instruments
            to play with ANY harmony whatsoever,
            or ‘perform’ properly……….

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