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July 23, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well...this one truly scares me folks, because the implications are that a little home-grown, "bible-believing" Schutzstaffel is being created before our very eyes, if this article from the United Kingdom's Guardian is to be believed(and, having moved in evangelical circles - though never identifying with it - earlier in my life, I, for one, can believe it):

How Christian fundamentalists plan to teach genocide to schoolchildren

(Double take): Say what? Did I just read that?

The story of the Amalekites, as the article indeed points out, has been used to justify genocide. But here's what made me do the double take, to read, and then re-read, and then re-re-read, this:

The first thing the curriculum makes clear is that if God gives instructions to kill a group of people, you must kill every last one:

"You are to go and completely destroy the Amalekites (AM-uh-leck-ites) – people, animals, every living thing. Nothing shall be left."
"That was pretty clear, wasn't it?" the manual tells the teachers to say to the kids.
Even more important, the Good News Club wants the children to know, the Amalakites were targeted for destruction on account of their religion, or lack of it. The instruction manual reads:
"The Amalekites had heard about Israel's true and living God many years before, but they refused to believe in him. The Amalekites refused to believe in God and God had promised punishment."
The instruction manual goes on to champion obedience in all things. In fact, pretty much every lesson that the Good News Club gives involves reminding children that they must, at all costs, obey. If God tells you to kill nonbelievers, he really wants you to kill them all. No questions asked, no exceptions allowed.
No questions asked? No exceptions allowed? Apparently not, the article informs us, for consider King Saul: "'If only Saul had been willing to seek God for strength to obey!' the lesson concludes."  I am reminded of equally pathetic, nauseatingly similar "pious" remarks made by one Heinrich Himmler to the killers in the death camps, bemoaning how onerous their tasks were and how they had to be strong, and even rely on the fact that they were doing the work of the Almighty.
The real problem here - besides anyone openly spouting such vileness, much less wanting to "convert" children to it in some sort of Yahwehjugend or Yahwehbund - is that one can imagine all sorts of horrifying possibilities: a massively deceptive "New World Order" where such barbarians actually imagine - through some careful stage managing of "fulfillment of prophecy" - that they are doing "god's" will, slaughtering a Jew here, a Muslim there, maybe a Catholic or two, toss in a few Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics for good measure. And of course, if the "fulfillment" doesn't go quite according to the  latest latest updated revised and newly annotated version of
of the Rapture doctrine, things are always be explained and interpreted according to the situation of the moment by some willing televangelists..."Woops, we mis-interpreted that all these's what it really meant...."
See you on the flip side, but first I have to make a trip to the bathroom, because I'm going to be sick...