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July 15, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

The prediction business is alive and well, and no, I don't meant the latest evangelical Christian codswallop predicting the rapture, a doctrine which in any case was never a component of any historical Christian confession. No, the prediction business is alive and well within the alternative media scene, and doubtless by now you've heard about it: famous Ufologist Nick Pope, who once worked for the British Ministry of Defence  made statements about the London Olympics being possibly the venue of choice of a major UFO demonstration.  While we're at it, we might as well throw in Iran's Press TV reporting of the incident, just to make up the Wackiness Value of it all. Sit down, breathe deeply, and take a good long pull at three fingers of scotch. All done, then let me reproduce the paragraphs that concern us here:

"Pope who investigated UFO reports between 1991 and 1994, says his studies convinced him that the sightings raised important defense for national security and air safety issues.

“I't has been a widely held belief in Ministry of Defense circles that 'aliens' have been able to detect us for decades via TV and radio broadcasts,' he said adding that mass summer events would be a prime time for alien crafts to present themselves to mankind.

“'If aliens have studied our psychology, they may choose to appear in our skies on a significant date - the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games is one date being widely circulated by conspiracy groups.'

"Pope said aliens would come in a spirit of warmth, friendship and shared learning, but the government was also prepared for the worst scenarios such as alien attack and invasion.

“'If UFOs came into our atmosphere, RAF jets such as the Eurofighter Typhoons, and missiles such as the Rapiers guarding the Olympic Games would be well equipped to enter the fray,' he said."

Now since many of my colleagues -most notably Richard Dolan - have already weighed in on Mr. Pope's pronouncement(fortunately not made ex cathedra), I figured I might as well too.

First, I concur, this is at best a marketing ploy (for what, or who, however, is debatable, unless it's for the Games themselves..."Come to beautiful London, watch the games! Meet ET! Buy a Diamond Jubilee souvenir! (Of course, the British will be much more elegant about it, but that's what it amounts to).

But beyond the shameless quasi-prediction game-playing going on here, I find some of Mr. Pope's statements profoundly disturbing for other reasons. First off, there is the assertion, without any corroborating evidence, that the ETs "would come in a spirit of warmth, friendship, and shared learning" (shades of George Adamski). Equally disturbing is the statement that the British government - and therefore presumably the governments of other world powers - are "prepared for" the worst scenarios of attack and invasion, and again, there is no corroborating evidence mentioned as to why they would contemplate that scenario either. IN short, those governments - as Mr. Dolan has so ably demonstrated in his magisterial books UFOs and the National Security State - are withholding things.

Mr. Pope, obviously, signed security oaths to obtain his position within the British Ministry of Defence, but surely at least some mention could have been made of why ET would greet us at the Olympics in a spirit of warmth and friendship, while the British government is apparently willing to shoot them down for Queen and country. In short, it's the cognitive dissonance here that is truly disturbing.

All this leads to the final statement, that the Royal Air Force would be "well-equipped" to deal with such an ET Olympic Games invasion using Eurofighters and Rapier missiles.

Say what? I thought ET was supposed to be super advanced, having interstellar travel technologies and other cool stuff (and therefore, probably some pretty fancy weaponry). Are we really to believe they traveled all the way here, venturing past the Pirates of the Barbary Nebula, without weapons, only to be shot down by the jet airplanes and missiles of the RAF? More cognitive dissonance. Or, conversely, is this a subtle way of saying "If we can shoot down ET with jets and missiles, then their technology really isn't sophisticated enough to be ET."

Don't get me wrong, I believe the subject of UFOs - and the implications it raises - is a serious subject, but that's really my point here: the cognitive dissonance in these few short paragraphs, plus the connections of the one making the statements, raise the disturbing possibility that the cognitive dissonance is what the powers that be desire to be in place within the UFOlogy community.

(For the complete Iranian Press TV article on Mr. Pope, see: Expert warns of UFO activity during London Olympics)

See you on the flip side...