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Some of you may recall that Mr. Nick Pope, famous UFOlogist and former member of Britain's Ministry of Defence responsible for UFO related matters there, made a statement a few days ago, prior to the (bizarre and quasi-occultic) opening "ceremonies" and H.M. Elizabeth II's dour expressions, that the games would be the perfect time for ET to show up. Mr. Pope, you'll recall, then went on to make statements that were a lesson in the subtleties of cognitive dissonance, saying on the one hand that the ETs would be warm and friendly, but that the RAF had the means to shoot them down (presumably in case they were not so friendly), thus initiating interplanetary and perhaps interstellar hostilities against an enemy whose potential we know next to nothing about, and making one wonder just what they're teaching the British military at Sandhurst any more, or, for that matter, putting into the food and coffee in London....

Well, according to the Huffington Post, the "event" has indeed happened...well, at least part of it anyway, and a UFO (or a badly photoshopped photograph at least) has made its appearance over London (not,mind you, that London has been bereft of UFO reports in the past):

UFO Over Olympics Opening Ceremony: A Classic Flying Saucer [VIDEO]

Honestly, is it just me, or does anyone else think world events are starting to resemble that great dog of a movie (honestly folks, it's so bad  it's almost good), Plan Nine from Outer Space, whose special effects of blowing up planets should have given George Lucas some inspirations, or the one where the Three Stooges foiled an invasion from Mars with a flying submarine(I kid you not)?




  1. Seemed like a gen X hologram experimental demonstration I witnessed near a research facility in Southern Oregon circa 2000.

  2. Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space is delightfully bad. It is listed as one of the ten worst movies of all time. Some of the lines are hilarious, and in one scene a seasoned police officer scratches his face with the muzzle of his loaded revolver. There are random appearances by Bela Lugosi dressed as Count Dracula, but no references to him in the plot. He is just there. When Bela Lugosi passed away during filming, Ed got his wife’s chiropractor to put on the cape and fill in to complete the movie.

  3. I was a big fan of the Three Stooges too. Still am I guess. But at least for me, anything dramatic, or melodramatic, that happens these days, which is hyped by the mainstream media, is immediately suspect in my mind. One can almost predict false flag events, even ones where one would not think they would occur. I`m referring to Gabrielle Giffords who it seems was on the trail of “fast and furious”, and could have made problems for the rich and famous. But now, if a ufo invasion does take place during the Olympics, a lot of people will believe it`s fake. And they will be right. I`ve been following UFOs since the Sputnick when I first saw one wihile looking for the Sputnick. I was four years old. It did the same thing I saw another one do twenty years later while camping on a beach in Maui with my girlfriend on the fourth of July. Zig zagging, stopping, speeding away. I am more of the opinion that these things are not from outer space.At least not beyond Mars. I think they are of this planet. Somebody coined the term, “crypto-terrestrials”. These things appear in all forms of art throughout human civilization. Maybe they`re hiding underwater. There is a great sight with documented dates of UFO sightings . It`s called water ufos. check it out. There is a chronology of documented sightings of UFOs in and near water for hundreds of years.

  4. Sometimes it does indeed feel like I’m an “extra” involved in the cheesiest B-movie of all time, only the B-movie happens to be called Reality. Cheap pay check and all.

      1. Whew! The Rapier SAMs and Eurofighter Typhoons should definitely “be well equipped to enter the fray” against that!

    1. I can’t speak for everyone but I was hoping to finaly experience going down the yellow brick road (yep, “The Wizzard of Oz”- truly a political commentary- was most probably the first official ‘road movie’ 🙂 ) to experience a final unveiling of the world’s grotesque financial system (I can dream, can’t I?) but instead I think we’re being treated to “The Little Shop of Horrors II” (and it’s a poor re-make) just to keep us distracted… 🙁


      1. Robert Barricklow

        I tend to lean more in the direction the,
        “The Body Snatchers” modus operandi.

    1. They actually are claiming that was her…and the only person who could verify it, mr 007 is going to say she did jump…the movie and reality were cut together…did you realize we are FULLY inside the movie now? As in, LAST ACTION HERO? What is it they say, THE MOVIE IS THE MESSAGE!

      Can’t wait till 8/12…


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