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July 3, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, sooner or later I knew I had to comment on this, though I've been delaying it for almost a month, because, quite frankly, I'm more than just "sort of" disgusted at the left-right, liberal-conservative (with "moderates" as the convenient synthesis) theme we're hearing again this year between Mitt Blandney and the Republithugs and Barack Ohblahma and the Dummycrooks.

First, of course, we're treated to the usual vetting of candidates by this lobby or that lobby, in this case, by Isreal apparently:

Netanyahu vets possible Romney VP

This wasn't just another trip to Israel

And of course, accompanying this umpteenth performance of the political version of Beethoven's fifth, the political left is, on cue, outraged by the amount of influence Israel has over American politics ("how dare Israelis be concerned for their national survival!!!"), and the political right is, on cue, outraged that anyone should question any aspect of that relationship or that maybe, just maybe, there have been outrages against Arab Christians and Muslims as well, and by golly, Isreal should have even more nuclear weapons and a blank check to do whatever it wants (Shades of Bettman-Hollweg...look it up if you don't know it...).

But now Alex Jones and info wars are raising the question that "insider sources" (who won't be named of course), have placed Mitt Blandney at the opening of the recent Bilderberger meeting in Virginia:

Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012

And the story was even picked up by RT TV:

Mitt Romney attended Bilderberg 2012?

Now, I have two very modest proposals to put forward here in respect to the Blandney-Bilderberger aspect of this current Presidential (s)election process (hopefully we'll be able to avoid hanging chad this time around).


I'd really like it if someone could sneak into the already-being-planned and carefully managed "debates" that we'll be subjected to between Barack Ohblahma and Mitt Blandney, and that they would ask the first candidate just exactly how much money he gets from George Soros et al, and that they would ask the second candidate, on air, publicly, to state whether or not he was invited, whether he did in fact attend, and what he and "the boys" talked about. It would at least be interesting, and doubtless provoke one of those rare moments of genuine human reaction as each candidate might have to answer a real question as they stammer through their brainless responses. Ok ok, I know there's little chance of that... but it's fun to contemplate.


This one's addressed to you, Mr. Putin. Why not take some time out of your busy schedule of writing open letters, holding summit meetings, and chairing cabinet meetings and running a very large country, and contact some of your former associates in the Preobrazensky, I mean, the MGB, no, correct that, the FSI, or whatever it's calling itself these days - you know what I mean - and see if you can't slip a few bugs and people into one of those Bilderberger meetings and tape the sessions, would you? You could then make these transcripts publicly available (or part of them), on RT TV's webpage, and we could all have a laugh or two over all the silly things that "the boys" discuss in their secret meetings which wouldn't be so secret any more. For that matter, I'm sure that probably the MGB/KGB probably already has done so, and that there are probably lots of analyses and so on collecting dust in filing boxes in the archives, so maybe release a few of those just for fun?  I ask because we're getting awfully sick of MSNBC, See BS, CNN, and Faux News over here. Just a thought.

If I hear back from President Putin, I'll be sure and keep everyone posted.

See you on the flip side.